Day: June 1, 2013

Latest Fashion Summer Trends 2013

Every new season of each year brings new trends in fashion. Sometimes we are amazed, sometimes we are shocked by the changes no matter if we are specialists or simple observers. I’ve said it many times before that it’s important to follow the trends in order to be dressed with style but let’s not forget […]

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Latest Trends for Ladies Summer Hats 2015

During the summer, along with the customary sunglasses, it’s mandatory to wear a summer hat. The hat it’s definitely an accessory and if you know to pick it, how and where to wear it, you can change it into the most chic accessory you’ve ever had. The summer hat not only gives you a trendy […]

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Summer Fragrance for Men 2013

The perfume it’s a very important aspect of a man’s image. Let’s not forget that this element it’s the first thing a woman will “feel” when she meets you. So we will talk about the latest tendencies for this summer fragrances for men. During the summer, the nature achieves it’s maximum point of splendor, celebrating […]

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