Winter fragrance for men 2015-2016
June 23, 2014 Men's fragrances

The cold season can be heated up with a quality perfume. Therefore girls would be more tempted to get close to you if you’ll wear a special fragrance.

1.Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

This is an exclusive perfume which gains more and more field within the men’s favorite fragrances. Even the shape of the bottle is very suggestive: it looks like a grenade indicating the scent explosion given by this perfume.
Is it a head turning perfume?
No doubt yes, it is an extremely special fragrance, a high quality one which will make a lot of ladies to turn their heads after you.

2. One million by Paco Rabanne

1 million by Paco Rabanne

One Million is already an extremely known fragrance by everybody. In a short period of time it has won a huge notoriety. It is an extraordinary hot perfume for winter evenings and nights. This is the type of fragrance which can leave an unmistakable scent.
Is it a head turning perfume?
Oh yes, definitely, has become overused if I may say so, as you enter a bar or a club everyone wear 1 Million.

3. Prada Amber pour home

prada amber

This is an extremely elegant winter perfume. It is specific to classic, elegant men who want to mesmerize the woman next to them. Amber pour home is a classic of winter fragrances.
Is it a head turning perfume?
If you love elegance, yes you will turn your head…

4. Mont Blanc Legend


This is a special perfume, perfect for the cold season even if it has a fruity apple note. If you are a man who respect himself, very elegant and keen to your image then Mont Blanc Legend is the perfect winter fragrance for you.
Is it a head turning perfume?
Classy but hot… and yes it will…for sure…

5. Caroline Herrera VIP men

vip 212 men

Caroline Herrera’s VIP Men is a winter perfume for the young and very active men who enjoy the night life. If you feel that you belong to this category then surely this is the perfect fragrance for you.
Is it a head turning perfume?
In the club you will meet this fragrance… and i guarantee that it will turn your head…

6. Valentino Uomo Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

Valentino Uomo – Valntino for men

Valentine Uomo is the latest fragrance of the Valentino house. Some specialists are saying that this perfume is a little traditionalist but I strongly maintain my opinion supported by many years of experience into the fragrance area (I actually worked into this industry and the perfumes are a part of me now) that this is not true. Valentine Uomo is on the contrary a revolutionary fragrance, seductive and full of mystery. Its amazing scent opens with a strong note of bergamot, then, the amazing coffee, leather and cedar notes are blowing your mind.
Is it a head turning perfume?
Ohhh, yes, for sure it is.

7. Angel Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

A Men Pure Malt thiery mugler

This fragrance is a limited edition from Thierry Mugler. Actually, the connoisseurs know that if I’ve said Thierry Mugler, I’ve also said extraordinary and high quality perfumes. It is very hard not to fall in love with the A men Pure Malt’s amazing scent. I identify a sensual mix of whiskey and caramel, but with a quite interesting coffee notes. All in one, this is a special fragrance, made for the winter nights of a seductive and mysterious man.
Is it a head turning perfume?
It definitely is and it’s doing it successfully.

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