Winter Footwear for Women 2019
May 29, 2015 Women's shoes

A woman who loves to be always trendy should pay the proper attention to her footwear as well. This happens even more during the winter when the qualities of your shoes become more important. And I’m saying this because during the cold season, the footwear should be not only comfortable and trendy, but it has to protect you more than ever from cold, wind and moist.

Fur Boots

2015-2016 fur boots

2015-2016 bets fur boot

fur boot 2015-2016

Fur boots are very trendy for many years now, the catwalks being overcrowded by this type of boots. The fur is for sure a wonderful fabric, extremely versatile, feminine and fashionable, but also very warm. The fur boots are extremely loved by women from all over the world. There are many models available, from the ones with high heels to the ones without. Their versatility allows you to wear them including with an office attire but you should choose the ones with high heels because they look more elegant. Match them with a suit and a white shirt and you’re good to go. If you enjoy wearing a more relaxed outfit, the fur boots are an equally viable choice.

Over the knee Boots

over the knee boot 2015-2016

2015-2016 best over the knee boot

2015 best over the knee boot

ladies over the knee boot 2015-2016

Over the knee boots express a lot of sensuality, femininity and elegance, qualities that every woman desire to have. Extremely versatile, they fit very well no matter the occasion.

UGG Boots

2015-2016 ugg

best ugg 2015-2016

ladies 2015-2016 ugg

The UGG boots are one of the most comfortable and warm boots available on the market. They can be worn not only with casual outfits but also in combo with jeans, dresses or even skirts.
Keep in mind that UGG can influence a lot your so it is important how you will match them with the rest of your outfit. The combos can be many depending on your inspiration, if you are going to wear them in combo with a pair of jeans for a relaxed look or in combo with a pair of leather pants for a chic outfit. It’s up to you.

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