Women’s spring blazers 2014

A short history of the blazer (jacket)
“Jacket” comes from the German “Sakko” but the term fashion “blazer” has its origins in 1825 in Cambridge. Two rows of button jackets were born with the Navy uniforms. At first the black buttons of bone, these blazers jackets evolved into the modern dark shape with a row or two of metal buttons. Striped blazers, so called, “boating Blazers” became popular throughout Great Britain in 1960, with a revival of the trend in 1970.

Blazer is a very important element in women’s clothes today. It became a masterpiece of any wardrobe, being adopted by women with different clothing styles, not only those job compel them. And following catwalk trends imposed by the designers, blazer becomes a very versatile piece of clothing that can be worn with anything from jeans to dresses for day and even evening gowns. So either go to the job, walking, shopping or meeting with fiancé, the blazer is always in your attention. If you ask me, blazers are a clear example of the versatile piece of outfit. It helps you tremendously to give an air of casual smart to any outfit.

boyfriend blazer 2015

Are certainly many types of blazers thousand, because, then, as mentioned above, is an extremely versatile element of our wardrobe. However, personally identify three main types of blazers in this spring of 2014: tuxedo, boyfriend type blazer and classic blazer.

Tuxedo blazer

tuxedo blazer 2015

A tuxedo is a little shorter than the pelvis, but it goes up to the waist! Tuxedo is sharp lapels and back longer than the front. Extremely elegant and versatile and can be worn in very casual outfits but the addendum over an elegant evening outfit.

Classic blazer

This type of jacket is the top of a “deux-pieces”either composed of trousers or skirt bottom. Classic blazer, dark 2 or 3 buttons, help create an hourglass silhouette type that emphasizes the waist, emphasizing her better.

Checkered Blazer

Women’s Checkered Blazer is inspired by men’s fashion and implemented with great success for this kind of blazers are very chic. Used mainly in office outfits wear it with a pair of pants assorted business attire.

Boyfriend blazer type

Boyfriend blazer is the latest wrinkle of fashion in this spring. Signature style Stella McCartney collections already, oversized jacket is inspired by the male wardrobe, but do not understand it must be a great jacket size. No, or in a case. This blazer is broad, classic, but the shoulders fit perfectly the feminine silhouette. So do not try to buy a jacket two sizes too large prancing to cut it for themselves and not by size.

How you can wear a women’s spring blazers :
– Over silk dresses – elegant and sophisticated
– Over cashmere sweaters with long sleeves – casual and warm for a chilly night
– Wear it with jeans, boyfriend jeans and striped shirts, as we explain above
– Over jacket jeans, yes this is a nonconformist idea
– Throw It Over a Maxi Dress – is here is another nonconformist idea, but it will give you a casual-rebel look
– Wear it over a blouse – classic but efficient
– Over a fitted hoodie and boyfriend jeans – indeed , this a nice casual image
– Over cardigans with long skirts that will touch your knees.

Blazers for women – Spring trends 2014

Spring and others (in fact, throughout the whole year) is the perfect time to think about purchasing a blazer. This is an extremely useful piece outfit and which you use is either going to work, shopping or walk.

Every woman should have a few jackets elegant, classic, perfect in any season for a refined appearance and fashionable. Although there are many ways in which you can freshen the new look of spring, a very practical idea is to wear the piece must have a classic jacket. Such a jacket is always welcomed, and do not think that you’re not a business women, and why? The jacket is not just for business woman he can represent every woman who knows how to dress with style.


Some experts even say that any spring wardrobe starts with a few coats. For their choice piece dress silhouette and its versatility are essential. This season we can indulge with a choice of jackets, most of them with a line decomposed. This makes them suitable for bound set of overlap – you can wear a thin sweater or a cardigan under it – or a thin coat over the spring.



There are many ways that you can wear a blazer. I have identified three major ways in which you can wear a blazer:
1. At the office - obviously there is the best and most easiest to wear and matching blazer. You can choose the classic combination with a black blazer, black skirt or trousers and a shirt / blouse silk dresses or you can provide a business day air, throwing over an arched black blazer.
2. Casual – shopping or walk, it is pointless to go into training, you can choose the fashion – a jacket.
3.Chic – Blazer can be one of the sexiest pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. An arched black blazer worn with a short skirt and a pair of boots will make up the stylish look if you wager on power accessories and choose trendy pieces.

Along side with accessories like scarves and brooches, you can wear underneath dresses, skirts, shirts, pants blazer is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe.