Fashionable Women’s Sunglasses 2015

The sunglasses are for a long time now an essential accessory within the wardrobe of any woman. For sure everybody is already aware that sunglasses also have a medical importance, the reasons to wear sunglasses are many and most of them consist on protecting the health of your eyes. Still, for a woman who wants to be trendy, the sunglasses are also perfectly completing an outfit in trends.
We can practically say that, during the summer, the sunglasses are really a staple for your look therefore this is why it is so necessary for you to give them the proper importance, of course.

Women’s Sunglasses 2015-2016

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Women’s Sunglasses For Summer 2016

Sunglasses are no longer a caprice, it becames mandatory. The same way your skin needs care when is exposed to the sun your eyes need protection also. There are so many reasons for which every women should definitely have a pair of sunglasses.
I just want to mention a few issues: sunglasses help you avoid skin and eyelid cancer, help you avoid cataract also, and not to mention that they prevent the early appearance of wrinkles.

Accessory or necessity, sunglasses are always present lately. Unfortunately, it is not an easy task to choose them, especially as models continue to change.
Therefore, whenever we buy sunglasses we should do in accordance with our face shape. People with an oval face and forehead, cheekbones and jaw well proportioned can choose almost any type of sunglasses. However, an angular glasses angular seems to be the perfect solution. If you have a heart-shaped face, it is likely to have broad forehead and slightly smaller chin. So, it would be recommended to wear sunglasses with frames that resembles with cat’s eyes. For people with a slightly elongated face a curved oversized sunglasses are strongly recommended.

Here are some women’s sunglasses which are going to be in style next summer 2015 season:

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Actually the most important thing is that you must fell comfortable with the sunglasses, and you and only you is the person who should decide which sunglasses are perfect or not. Try to remember that this accessory is also perfect to complete any kind of outfit (they have a huge versatility) and could be easily worn in any kind of circumstances. Also, sunglasses are extraordinary because they make you look very chic, no matter where you go: to the market, in your campus, at the office or even when you make sport.
So, a few pair of sunglasses are for sure a must for every woman.

Women’s Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses 2015-2016

Sunglasses are a very important accessory for a woman. How should I choose sunglasses I saw a little while ago. Personally I consider very special aviator sunglasses Ray Ban.

womens Ray Ban aviator sunglasses 2014

Ray Ban is one of the most popular brands of sunglasses have emerged out of necessity, as the equipment “required” for American pilots. The famous General MacArthur used to wear them permanently and then and most of Hollywood stars.

History of the brand RAY BAN

Ray Ban story begins in the 1930s. Specifically, May 7, 1937. Date on which the first pair of Ray-Ban glasses baptized Anti-Glare opticians is patented by Bausch & Lomb. The requirement came some time before an American army lieutenant, who was in search of glasses able to protect your eyes from the scorching rays of the sun dressed in a pleasing design. The first sunglasses with anti-reflective lens had a light metal frame with gold plated. The lenses were green and infrared filters and UV successfully. Members of the aviation immediately adopted the new equipment and hence the nickname: Aviator Glasses, a term that defines all of the glasses today with this type of design.

womens Ray Ban aviator sunglasses

International recognition follows during the Second World War, when General Douglas MacArthur arrives on the beach in the Philippines wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses , as I said above . After the ’50 brand extend his philosophy towards fashion and launch the first pair of sunglasses with plastic frame . The new invention receives the name Wayfarer. Becomes an overnight success , especially among women, despite the fact that initially at least , the brand was a rather dedicated men. A moment of glory brings the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s ” in 1961 , where Audrey Hepburn proudly wear a pair of Wayfarer .

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List of celebrities who adopt the style of Ray- Ban increase from day to day, from Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol and James Dean Marilyn Monroe to John Lennon . Practically everyone loves the idea of ​​sunglasses disco style only was 1970 brings a cloud shadow on the mark. At least success pales before Wayfarer design more extravagant proposals from some fashion designers such as Dior or Yves Saint Laurent . Ray- Ban is trying to cope entry fashion houses in the sunglasses market , but new products fail.

After the year of 2000 Ray-Ban understand that the answer is all in history and decided to return with a slightly modified design Wayfarer frames and more colors and prints … Basically, at the end of a period of over 10 years of silence, the brand is stronger than ever. As a sign of the value recognitions, many fashion designers are inspired by Ray-Ban models and especially the silhouette Aviators, an evergreen of contemporary design.

aviator sunglasses for women 2014

Aviator type sunglasses are chic, but extremely sexy. Assorted go both casual wear but also to stylish and glam. Which is a great advantage to recognize. Very few accessories you may find you can wear in many different occasions and in combination with any outfit.

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Why I like this type of sunglasses, or, in other words, the main benefits of this sunglasses in my opinion:
– First of all, they are very cool. There’s no doubt about it since they are the favorite sunglasses of the American aviators
– They protect you very well from the sun which can be often harmful
– They are comfortable – yes, this is an extremely important aspect which makes aviator ray ban sunglasses so special
– As I’ve said before, they are versatile which is also very important

Aviator sunglasses quality is a long term investment that if you choose the right model.