How to Dress to Look Thinner

Every woman wants to look good and be in trend. Current standards of beauty required women to be slim. This is a social convention, if I could say so, despite of the fact that a curvy girl has a special charm. So, in this respect many girls make constant efforts to lose weight or trying to help outfit look more thinner.
Beyond diet, exercise, height and weight standards set by fashion magazines, commercials, reality has its own mirror. We ought to take care of our bodies so that only we will listen and we will help, but what about when the body conformation and we send our steps to the district of outsize … How you dress to look thinner, a difficult question whose solving requires to document and to be creative. So, following this issue I let you stumble in this article a few ideas which I hope it could help you.

So, here are some principles you should bear in mind if you want to look thinner:

– wearing a waist belt – belt can be an accessory of great help. A simple belt worn around the waist can radically change your body shape, and will create the wanted silhouettes.
belt 2014-2015

maxi dresses and skirts elongate the silhouette. A maxi skirt with high waist, which will highlight the waist, while creating the impression of long legs and a skinny body.
maxi dress 2015

– do not wear loose clothing or too tight. Try to have only fit clothes with the right size you are not fooling anyone if you wear a small size on the contrary.
beautiful dress 2015

Clothes and accessories can help you mask some imperfections of your body, and could make you look much thinner. To obtain such an effect, you must first know your body and be aware of the defects you might have in order to hide it.

I want to look thinner. What should I wear?

The society, the world we’re living in, forces you to struggle to look good. From New York to Tokyo, all over the world, everybody does their best to look better and better. If you don’t have the weight of your dreams, I have some tips which I believe you might find interesting.

jeans and blouse for fluffy women

Choose dark colors for your clothes
Well yes, this so well known rule is indeed applicable. It is actually a true myth that dark colors flatter chubby people.

Dress with fit clothes
Exactly, you’ve read it right: dress with clothes that really fits you. If they are larger than you need or smaller, then they are not good for you since either one will make you look chubbier than you are.

Make accessories your BFFs
Accessories are important and you already know that, but more important is for you to know that if you want to hide some extra ponds there are some accessories which can help you. Why? Because of the simple reason that they draw attention on the area you are wearing them. Therefore, everybody will miss the parts of your body which you’ll want to hide. For example, if you have a nice chest but you feel that you’ve put some extra pounds on your lower part of your body, all you have to do is to wear a statement necklace and everybody will focus on what you’re more proud of.

Use the same color for your entire outfit
Using this trick will make you look thinner than you really are and even taller.