Do you like to wear a bow tie? Hope the answer is yes! But, what is a bow tie? It’s a kind of tie actually and it’s made of a ribbon of fabric tied around the collar in a symmetrical manner.

The history of this clothing accessory begins with the 17th century when the Croat mercenaries used to wear a scarf to close their shirts during the Prussian wars. A century later, the bow tie becomes known due to a famous fashion trend setter of that time – Beau Brummel.

Since 1886, the bow tie is crossing a new stage of his evolution. Pierre Lorillard V proposes the suit instead of the tails and introduces the black silk bow tie as until then only white bow ties were worn.
The next stage in his evolution comes along around 1950 when Channel is promoting the bow tie to be an elegant accessory and suited even for ladies.

XXIth century brings the bow tie in the center of everyone’s attention to be an accessory which offers elegance and style to every outfit.
Whatever the season, the bow tie is definitely one interesting accessory which brings a lot of credit to your clothing style.

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There is a current of opinion, I consider wrong, according to which if you want to have an outfit with bow tie must invest more money. Well yeah, totally wrong, if you wear bow tie outfit does not mean that’s the rest must necessarily be expensive. You can do absolutely surprising combinations affordable clothes. And speaking of costs and combinations of clothes, I must refer to the way a bit and bow tie to wear casual clothing.
In fact, it’s about dressing cool, yeah bow tie was discovered by Croatian mercenaries but it is very fashionable today, it’s important to know how to wear it. Exactly how to wear it not just where you wear.

My opinion is that if you want to start to dress tastefully, but  cool in the same time try introducing bow ties into your every day outfits. Latest collection of bow tie and generally this wonderful accessory offers great opportunity to create an individual look for yourself.

You must be creative, yes, that’s the answer, here are Some ways of incorporating the bow tie into your wardrobe:
– Bow ties go perfectly with the plaid shirt. Be careful if you’re wearing a red and black shirt THEN stick to the red and / or black tie. I think if you’re bow tie is too loud it looks extremely distasteful. You’re wearing a bow tie OK, no need to be ridiculous and look like a fool.
– Why not pair Another old-school item with Another? Obviously the tie bar is out of the question so why not reach for Some braces?
– Simple, simplicity and creativity, so a pair of sneakers and a pair of jeans are perfect … perfect combination is jeans, shirt and tie.

The specialists are warning us on how we should choose a bow tie. You have to be careful where and when you plan to wear it and at what outfit you will use it.

Tie is an alternative for those who do not wear tie, but will be properly dressed, at least in terms of formal outfits. In addition, today’s tie is so unusual that it is an accessory that attracts immediate attention. Despite this, most who try it for yourself, then tend to abandon, oblivious to the fact that it is very versatile.

Warren St John, The New York Times:
• “Perhaps no male enhancement causes no emotion as large as that on wearing bow tie. People wearing bow tie in love with him for life.”

Did you know that?
Among the personalities who marked the human history in many vast and complex domains there are some bow tie addicts like: Sigmund Freud, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein and Harry Truman.

Accessory of the week – Oversized Bag

Over-sized bag is not just a trend followed by more or less ladies. This type of bag is very practical and appreciated by a lot of people for her qualities. We are talking about an extremely large bag and terrible useful no matter if we are using it for going to work, paying a visit to our closest friend or at the supermarket. Having one bag like this one in your closet is absolutely mandatory.

Over-sized bag is in trends for a while, since 3 years ago when she started conquering the American market and also the European one.

Women adore this type of bag not only because their outfit becomes more interesting when wearing one or even more chic, but also because there isn’t a better friend for an agitated corporate -style life. Think how useful she is , how many things you can take with you:

make ups
– some pills for headaches
a perfume
– tissues

And sometimes, if we are talking about a very big bag you can even take with you your gym equipment.

So , this model of bag will suit your need very well. When you can choose an XXL bag:

1. When you leave somewhere far with a plane or a train this bag is a real help. Think how important it is to have so close all your things when you need them.

2. At the office; well yes, your job occupies a lot of your time so your tablet, paper works, and in some cases even your laptop can be carried in this bag.

3. Day by day, a woman’s schedule in this era is dominated by speed it’s absolutely insane how fast is going one our lives. We are always in a hurry, we arrive home only to change our clothes for the next meeting or to get out on a girls night.

Whatever your reason might be, don’t forget that an XXL bag is not just a caprice or a trend , it’s a necessity. How many times you felt sorry your bag is not too large enough to carry all the things you might need? I hate having to carry all the stuff I need in three different bags at once , so one over-sized bag it’s my favorite choice.

Although it’s nice to have everything you might need with you to be prepared for every situation at all times, carrying all that stuff with you all the time might harm your shoulder so you must pay attention how your bag can minimize the risk. Choose bags with wide holders to disperse the weight more properly. Also postman’s kind of bag with one long holder across your chest it’s a good choice.

In the end , be aware that this king of bag doesn’t suit with just every outfit so wear it properly.


Accessory of the week – Tie pins, do you wear them?

It’s very important to always be elegant and to accomplish this, a shirt, a tie and a jacket do wonders. But, many times when you’re outside and the wind is blowing, your tie starts flying and this absolutely drives you crazy. So I found at least one reason (but there are also others of course) to wear a tie pin. This accessory has a very important role – to positionate and stretch out your tie. The tie pin is an accessory which, along with the above-mentioned role, it shows style, distinction and good taste.

Types of tie pins:

a. tie chain – formed from a fixed metal part and a chain. The fixed part of this accessory goes through a clip and the chain is at sight.

b. tie tack – two parts : the decorative one which is like a earring and the safety part which is formed from a chain and a piece of metal.

c. tie clip – has a rib which helps to a horizontal bind to the tie and the shirt.

The accessories defines the man’s personality who is wearing them, It’s not important only what outfit you have , but also what accessories completes it.

More over , some specialists are saying that if the clothes obey the trends ( are in trends or not ), well accessories are the most stable ones which can define best someones personality and will have the personal touch of the one who’s wearing them.

Make sure you match the color of the tie pins with the ones your tie and shirt has. You don’t want to wear orange pin with red tie on a pink shirt, trust me! Also be careful the metals you choose for your tie pins. If you have enough money , there are pins made of gold or silver, with or without precious stones, it really depends on how much you want to spend on this accessory. Since men don’t have too many options like women have in matter of accessories , tie pins could be a very good solution to brighten your outfit.

Actually I consider we are speaking about style, about everyone’s personal style and this can be personalized (as I’ve said above ) with the help of a quality accessory. And yes, in this article I’ve talked about tie pins which in my opinion pulls you out of anonymity and gives you elegance.

Accessory of the week – hand watches for ladies

If you imagined that you have the clock on your mobile phone and you don’t need a watch, well… you are wrong.

Watches are very trendy and remember there are a must. No matter if you buy a lot of them with different colors to match them with your outfits, or if you decide on one which could match to almost every outfit , well definitely you need a watch.

Everybody knows that men are very passionate about watches. When wou see a man who has a certain job or social standard , you almost expect to have a confirmation about that by the watch he’s wearing. Women are more detailed oriented so thay will pretty sure be more careful with this accessory in order to match it perfectly to their outfit. Even if you are a lady , you can try some famous brands.

A lot of fashion specialists consider the hand watch the most chic accessory ever. I thought to share with you five criteria for choosing your hand watch, having in mind several things which I considered important: the quality, the fabrics, the comfort and the style.

1. The shape – the shape is very important because sometimes a model might not match harmoniously with your body shape (the size of your wrist , the shape of your hand). If a watch has a big display, definitely it won’t match with a small wrist.
2. The style – where will you wear the watch and what’s your personality like. Those two will dictate the style of the watch: sport , casual or elegant.
3. The comfort – it is a must when you try a watch that it doesn’t have to be only elegant , but also to fit your hand perfectly. You don’t want to cause you any discomfort, don’t you?
4. The color – well, yes, don’t laugh, the color isn’t important it is very important because depending on that you could wear it with different outfits.
5. Characteristics – what characteristics we want for our hand watch? This question we also have to have in mind when we go shopping for a watch. For example , you might want a waterproof one or a one who can show the data, or one who has a compass or lights and so on.


Watches are accessories that will represent the complete and perfect outfit that will help you never late. This accessory can give an outfit a unique elegance and class, as can ruin as well. The hand watch is an integrating part in the way we accessorize ourselves so I hope my advices might have helped you.

Accessory of the week – Your bag may become your favorite accessory?

If we talk about bags (purse) two aspects are coming out: office and casual outfits.

For office outfits specialists claim that bags are a must and I agree. If it is well choosen a bag can successfully add up to your outfit.
Usually, a business outfit is sober and much much serious than a casual one. Well this austerity doesn’t help your mood but a nice bag can make your day brighter.

Here are some interesting bags:

As for casual outfits, here comes your ability to choose the bags accordingly to every situation: a party, a walk , shopping, visiting a friend…

Whatever purpose might be to buy this accessory, the bags role isn’t just practical but also esthetic and good for your mood. As I’ve said before , a well choosed accessory can make your day.

Accessory of the week – mens belt

Accessories, as you know are of great importance both women and men. This week the star is men belt.

The most important rule that you have to remember is mandatory matching belt to shoes.

If you are thinking to buy a belt to wear that outfit to multiple sites, it would be wise to choose one versatile. This should be a simple black or brown leather with a simple buckle.

A belt is also perfect for gift a man never has enough belts and if it is a universal color (brown, black) will definitely help.

Accessory of the week

We open a new section in our site called Accessory of the week. It will be presented each week an accessory which we appreciate very much, of course it is about Fashion Week Accessories not other accessories.
You will find what we say, what we think about that item, a complete review.

This week, taking advantage of the cold season in full swing I want to introduce a muffler.

Some time ago I was talking to a detailed article about mufflers and scarves for proper men. Today here came time to bend attention to this kind accessory for ladies. It is more than an accessory is a cold weather essential. Made by Capelli, this traditional scarf is crafted of soft acrylic knit fabric with a marled fringe for added style. It’s the perfect winter scarf to finish any seasonal look – and provide plenty of warmth.

A muffler is extremely welcome that, if chosen properly can be a great addition to your outfit.