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June 18, 2015 Women's Accessories

A new trend catch increasingly more contour: snapback cap. The floral prints or cartoon characters no matter, just be creative and you will look very chic and trendy.
The snapback became very popular when American baseball players adopted the cap as part of their uniforms in the 1950s. Then the 90s hit, and the snapback officially became a part of pop culture and popular fashion. At that time it was the beginning of the snapback cap rise.

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Snapbacks for women are actually fitted, flat-brimmed baseball caps with an adjustable snap on the back of the hat. The snap allows the user to adjust the size of the hat, (which is very convenient) creating a comfortable fit for most head sizes and shapes.

Snapbacks are typically classified as “one size fits all” or “one size fits most” because they have the adjustable band on the back. The band, however, only allows for about 1.5 inches of adjustability. One-size-fits-all caps typically fit heads between 22 and 23.5 inches in circumference. This range includes fitted hat sizes of 7 to 7.5. Those who wear size medium hats should find that a snapback fits fine. If small hats tend to be loose or large hats tend to be tight, then a snapback might prove to be ill fitting. Shoppers should also pay attention to the snapback’s shaping. Some are fitted while others are boxy.

Remember that a snapback is an extension of your outfit, so it should color coordinate. Snapbacks come in so many colors that it is not difficult to find a hat in a spot-on matching hue. The snapback does not need to be an exact match, though. A snapback can serve as a bright pop of color against neutral clothing. If the snapback has a sporty look with bright team colors, then it should go along with an equally sporty outfit. If a snapback is made from glossy vinyl fabric, it should go with a trendy urban outfit.

A snapback always looks good front facing and placed squarely on the head. This is the classic way to wear the hat. Pull the brim upward on the head for a casual, friendly look. Pull the brim downward over the forehead for an off-putting vibe. Some people choose to wear the hat sideways or backward, with the brim either tilted up or down, depending on their preference.

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