Parka For Men 2017
December 26, 2016 Men's clothes

Parka has enjoyed a major comeback in recent years. Inspired by army style, this piece of clothing has managed to conquer the entire world.

Of course there are a lot of outerwear pieces in the market, which is . let’s face, great. Well, a parka is probably the best choice ever. It is so useful in many situations.

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Very warm and very chic, most of the parka designs come with nice and warm hood embellished with fur and, of course cozy pockets (which are very useful). Wear it all day, no matter we are talking about your job, a walk, a day spent it at a bar, a shopping session, running for some errands. So, yes, wear it because it is very comfortable, protects you very nice against cold, wind, snow and rain.
Parka jacket is perfect for outdoor clothing this time of year. It can be found in various colors and styles. The most common color for this type of coat is olive green.

This is because it is the color army, and this model of uniform jacket was inspired by the US Army pilots’ 50s. Apart from military green, another popular color is caramel, which has a perfect harmony with natural fur lining.
Also this year, parka can be found in some more intense colors such as blue, purple plum or cherry. Depending on your favorite color, you have a choice. There is something for everyone.

Parka jacket became a fashion trend a few years after being worn by soldiers. From the 60s on, it was considered synonymous with British fashion, culture, especially that began to be used by bikers, to withstand the cold.
Although it was always fashionable, became so beloved only recently, with the pieces shown on the catwalks of designers, the original colors used and so on. Considered without much shape parka jacket found its place male and female casual wardrobe, hidden next to classic jackets, leather jackets and trenches.

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