Over The Knee Boots 2019
October 30, 2016 Women's shoes

If you love to be always on trend, then, for sure you are in love with over the knee boots. Yes, I’m sure about that. They are wonderful boots, but try to be careful when you combine them, the border between elegant and vulgar is very thin.
Some specialists stated that when they refer to over the knee boots, as they are the footwear of the decade. Interesting, isn’t? Well, I don’t know what to say about that, to be honest. Probably this statement is not so far from the truth.

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Worth to say that, if they are correctly combined, and if you have all the necessary info’s they are truly one of the most versatile boots. Wear them in various and interesting combinations like: with denim, with dresses, or even with short skirts. In any combo, over the knee boots are truly wonderful and makes you feel absolutely fantastic.

Sexy and bold, over the knee boots may seem vulgar if they are not worn properly. A successful outfit can be destroyed with a pair of long boots, while a trivial outfit can be turned into a remarkable one if you wear a pair of boots whose length exceeds the knee.

Tall women are the luckiest because these boots do not give them big headaches. If you are very tall, it is recommended to wear boots over knees with oversized dresses, whether cloth or knit. Make sure however that the dress is short enough so that a piece of foot remains uncovered between it and the shoes.

Women with accentuated shapes, bulging posterior and generous bust will be advantaged if they wear these boots with a pair of jeans in the same color and a light blouse.

Women with an athletic, tall and solid body can draw attention to their long legs, making them look thinner, wearing a pair of black jeans, just like boots. They should also wear a belt in the waist, but also a neck scarf.

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ladies over the knee boots 2019

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Over the knee boots are preferred by women from all over the world. It is impossible not to love them because they are very chic and complete any look. Not only sensual and very chic, but also very comfortable, especially if the heels are not very high, of course. This aspect is essential, especially if you have to stand a large part of the day.

The over the knee boots models without high heels work best with a pair of leggings, a shirt and a blazer. On the other hand, over the knee boots with high heels can be matched with a pair of shorts or midi-skirts. Indeed, these boots are versatile enough to give you the liberty to combine it with such a large amount of any other pieces. Be brave, and try to be as much inspired as you can and try to match it with different other outfit pieces.Also over the knee boots are perfect to be used at any moment of the day or evening. Of course try to be focused on the combo’s, because as we speak above, there is some combination which should be avoided. Anyhow, there is enough pieces remained to be used. Just be creative and have trust in your instincts.
Over the knee boots are very trendy and, if you love to be fashionable, this type of boots should definitely be among your favorite because they will get you out of the crowds rapidly. For sure, your wardrobe will suffer a huge boost, which is absolutely amazing.

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