Mini Skirts

Specialists decided , it’s over, after several years of oblivion, mini skirts are back in trends. The last years were dominated with a strong authority by midi and max skirts.Now latest collection of mini skirts started to overcame the top sales of the great clothing retailers.
Mini skirts are those skirts whose length starts from the waist until 8-12 inch before the knee. They seem to be created by fashion designer Mary Quant who , believe it or not, had inspired from a car a MINI COOPER.

Mary used to have a store in Chelsea , London on King’s Street , a commercial area very well known. At the beginning of the 60’s she started creating mini skirts.
France, in the other hand , had Andre Courreges who seems to be the first to introduce them into a collection in 1965. In spite of Old Continent’s trends (Europe trends) , Australia keep a traditional fashion without already the famous and intriguing short skirt. We are already in the mid 60’s and australian skirts refused to get any shorter , remaining long length. Meanwhile , the 1965-1967 were dominated by mini-skirts on the rest of the continents. New York, London, Paris , Prague , any girl who had something to show up will wear a mini skirt.
In the 1967 a real kick for the traditional fashion was the appearance of the belt-skirt who covered only the intimate parts.

After this , in the 70’s , the excesses of the last decade faded and midi and max skirts come back in trends.
Now , back to our days, in the XXI century , mini skirts is wearing in the limits of decency I could tell. Mini skirts made waves because they appeared in a conservatory time, now is just a piece of clothing and that’s all.


Who wears a short skirt, well if you have clean, shaved beautiful legs , you could dare to wear a mini. If you fulfill those conditions but you are a serious woman, a traditional one or a business woman, don’t even think about mini skirts.
What kind of mini skirts you have to choose from? There are a lot of options and the differences comes from their fabrics (denim, cotton, silk) and from their style : tight or not. Another criteria is based on their cuts: if they have buckles or crinkles.

So , OK , but where could you were this kind of skirt? Let’s see:
– at parties, and yes, if it’s a casual party choose a denim mini skirt
– at college, surprisingly but yes, if you choose a elegant skirt matched with a long sleeves shirt and over the knee boots.
– at walks – choose to tease your boyfriend , you will surely give him some nice memories

Many stylists are saying that you have to be extra careful and realistic concerning yourself and not to wear such a skirt unless you have beautiful body. But some other opinion who consider that you could try this no matter your body shape. Important is how you feel when you wear this plus that all men around from work , from school , will feel excellent , except your boyfriend of course.

Advice: Always keep in mind the golden rule: IF YOU WANT TO BE STYLISH you WON’T wear a mini skirt and a deep cleavage in the same time.

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