Mini Skirt Outfit 2019

Short skirts are reinventing from season to season and designers always propose new alternatives, aware that there is a large audience for this type of item. After all, what can be more seductive than a short skirt that highlights your legs? In the spring of this year, short skirts are short, asymmetrical, A-shaped or flywheels, from simple patterns to those with applications designed to turn this item into a true style statement.

It is imperative to think well what you wear under your short skirt, so you do not have embarrassing moments. Especially if the skirt is wide, any breeze can make you feel like a Marilyn Monroe type. Instead of lingerie, choose something as sexy, but that gives you more coverage.

When wearing short skirts, low-foot shoes take advantage of you and make your legs longer, according to specialists. But it’s just about shoes or sandals with low soles that leave your ankle visible. But if you want to wear heels, choose the blocks of about five centimeters that are more suitable for a casual look. Other elements that make your legs look longer are long socks to the knee, which helps you get a very sexy look.

If you wear a short skirt without jersey, then it is necessary to cover your arms to swing the look, according to Vogue specialist. A long-sleeved blouse or three-quarter sleeves will better balance your outfit than a top with a deep neckline, for example.

If you match the skirt or short dress with a shoulder bag, then you should also consider the length of the bar.
A handbag that will get close to your hips will lift your skirt while walking, and from here to the embarrassing poses is just one step. Instead choose a mini purse that is much easier and can not move your skirt.

The last thing you want when you wear such a short skirt is to keep pulling the fabric to keep the skirt in place. That’s why it’s important to carefully choose the size, because a smaller or larger number can make the difference between a successful outfit and a total garment failure.