Mini Dress 2019

The mini dress is an extremely sexy piece of clothing that highlights the body of the woman.
When you want to wear mini or micro, you have to take into account some golden rules: if your legs are uncovered, the top should be as covered, more stylish and stylish as possible.

The sweater dress looks exceptional, besides the vogue dresses, which have won the fashion of the street, the mini dresses are also remarkable, especially if they are worn in carefully constructed outfits. Before you know the summer trends in mini dresses, you have to remember one of the main rules of a successful outfit: put yourself in the spotlight. Considering that a mini dress reveals your legs, it is best to avoid mini dresses with too deep tears, with cuts that leave too much skin on sight or from too transparent materials. Here are the trends in short dresses and how you can wear them.

Asymmetries are one of the main trends of this summer. The asymmetries do not only refer to the so popular “train” in 2012, but also to uneven sleeves, fallen struts or uneven cuts. Train gowns can be worn both in day and evening dresses, depending on the preciousness of the fabric, but one shoulder dresses are much more suited for the evening.

Very short dresses that have a mulled look can sometimes look pretty vulgar if they are not assorted in a carefully selected outfit. A too high heel, too bright a strap or too extravagant makeup can offer the mini dress exactly the cheap look you do not want. If you like short dresses but avoid them just for these reasons, you can give up the molded dresses, instead choose some with an easy cut, which are much easier to match and to wear, looking as good in both stylish outfits as and casual ones.

If, for a long time, lace has been one of the typical evening dress materials, here’s the last seasons that designers have been able to bring lace in day dress. It still offers a sensual, feminine and delicate look, remaining one of the favorite dresses for evening gowns, but if you adore lace, you are no longer forced to wear it just for special events. The difference is given by the dress model, the lace fineness and the details on the dress. In both mini dresses, lace, evening and day dresses, the most suitable accessories are the delicate ones that do not eclipse the dress. If you prefer the more daring outfits, you can choose a lace mini dress with a lighter cut and contrasting accessories (boots, fringe bags, denim jacket or leather jacket) to carry your outfit in a rock or boho chic area .