Little Black Dress 2019

Little Black Dress should not miss any woman’s wardrobe. It’s the dress that you can rely on any type of event. It’s classical, elegant and it’s good for you even if you do not have model measures. The nugget will thin you and never demote. In addition, it is easy to access, but here you need to be careful.
For maximum versatility, choose a midi or knee-length dress, slightly above the knees. Opt for a cut in your tone with your silhouette – the pencil gowns are for shoulder pads, so if you want to cover your rounds harmoniously, try an A-type, slightly cambered pattern. If you have any doubts about design, just summarize a sleeveless pattern with a round neckline or a lightweight V neck, more delicate. Last but not least, do not render the quality of the material, which has to be stiffer, so that it does not become unsightly, does not siphon and ideally does not enter the water.

How do you properly access the black dress?

A simple black dress can be accessed with shoes, jewelry, bag and / or hat. All this, fixed in the order presented, have the greatest transformation impact of the outfit. And even if you wear them at the same time, it does not mean that each of them, taken individually, should attract special attention. In fact, this is precisely the challenge to wear the black dress properly – how and with what you combine it!


Shoes balance and define style. Whether you’re trying to outline a conservative or elegant, sporty or challenging look, glam or boho, the choice you make reflects who you want to be. With a simple black dress, the statement shoes or simple but challenging colors are the most important. But with an elegant black dress, nude heel shoes are a safer choice. Avoid the very light shades – green or pink, neon or yellow – so do not risk to give a slightly vulgar note to the outfit.

If you go to the office

Opt for a simple jacket or in a lighter color, if you’re more nonconformist when choosing the short black dress for your office. Always wear classic shoes, at least in shape, if not in color. You can also put on a stylish cardigan over the black dress. The nude shades will fit nicely with the black dress.

If you attend an event

Depending on the nature of the event, the short black dress must somewhat be more or less in the shade. You can opt for a male-tuxedo style jacket, which if in another color will be even more interesting with the black dress. You can also build a more non-conformist outfit with a leather jacket. But such a dress, being a statement in itself, can look great only with a pair of nude shoes with platform and heel.

Little black dress is that piece of clothing that is not only obligatory in a woman’s wardrobe, it is the symbol of elegance, fashion, femininity.