High heels benefits

High heels were and will remain fashionable, there’s no doubt about it. Very few women can stand them, most of them wear them just because their look advantages because it’s clear that there are a lot of disadvantages too (and I’m talking about the medical ones of course).
But today I’d like to talk about the benefits of wearing high heels:
– First of all, they help you look better because they lengthen your silhouette
– They make your legs look longer
– Obvious they make you look taller
– They give an elegant note to your outfit
– They make you look thinner

Ankle boots for women 2014

Ankle boots for women

Ankle boots are extremely versatile and practical for every lady. Much more, you can wear them in different seasons, except summer, of course.
Ankle boots can be worn also with many types of outfits. They fit not only smart-casual outfits but also the elegant ones.
It’s important to choose your ankle boots with much care so respect the following:
– Choose the right size
– The boots must respect your personal style
– Buy quality boots since they aren’t one usage only
Here are some trendy ankle boots models for 2014:

Boots for ladies 2015-2016

Winter came and, what’s more important, low temperature came also, so it’s very important for you to keep your feet away from cold. Actually, there is a saying: if you are cold to your feet, you will more likely catch a cold.
Extremely chic, comfortable, but also warm are the well-known boots.

An extraordinary advantage of boots it’s that they allow you to don’t give up on dresses and skirts while still remaining in trends.
Flat boots

This is the type of boots I like a lot, because of the simple reason that they are very comfortable. They are simple, elegant and they match to a lot of outfits, from office to walking and shopping.
Boots that reach your ankle

They are extremely comfortable and appropriate for leisure time. If you have in your wardrobe a leather jacket or a trench then you’ll have a perfect combination.
High heel boots

Obvious, if you want to be always ultra elegant, to look good even when you go to the shop next door, then don’t hesitate wearing high heel boots.
In the end, I’m reminding you that it is not only important to be in the trends, but also to protect yourself from cold so when you want to make an investment in boots, remember this advice.

Advantages of over the knee boots

If you choose a pair of over the knee boots then you will find out that you’ve chosen a very demanding but highly elegant and fashionable footwear.

Definitely, over the knee boots are a challenge. A lot of ladies jump in wearing this kind of boots with any pants, but my advice is a very clear one: avoid large pants and the stripped ones. If you want to be stylish try to match the over the knee boots with the following:

–         Dresses: if you can, as hot as possible

–         Skinny jeans

–         Tights

Summarizing, the over the knee boots have the following advantages:

–         They make you feel more attractive – no doubt this kind of boots make you feel very hot

–         Can be easy to match, important is to keep in mind some simple rules about we’ve talked already

–         They will help you a lot to protect yourself from cold during the cold season

–         They create the illusion of a tall and slender silhouette because they make your feet seem longer

Enjoy as much as you can the over the knee boots because they are extraordinary fashionable and can make you feel great.

Boots – our friends during the cold season

The cold season has arrived, but this isn’t a reason to depress. Well, no, just the opposite, let’s see what to wear in order to feel more comfortable.

Maybe the most important thing I can share with you it’s to encourage you to make your choice according to your personality and personal ideas. In this aspect you can find on the market a wide range of products which can satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes. Definitely, the boots are our inseparable friends in this time of the year.
Some of the finest fashion specialists are saying that, while the spring and the summer are full of cute styles and colorful trends, the fall and winter season takes the cake when it comes to glamor. So, there you go, exactly what I was saying at the beginning, we should make the most of it and live to the full, without depressing that winter came.
If we think about colors, black, brown and red are the trendiest ones, no matter the year, and they are a must have for our boots during the cold season.
Speaking about designs, we have already discussed about different types of boots, but the choice is yours since you’ll have some months to enjoy your “relationship” with your favorite boots.

Knee High Boots – latest trends for 2014

Knee high boots are a must this season. Winter is in full swing and you’re practically forced to have such a pair of boots in the closet. This kind of boots are extremely useful, they’re very well protected from the cold but you and help to shape a stylish and trendy outfit.

Knee high boots are trendy and 2014, in fact this was expected, they, in my opinion were never forgotten always in fashion ring women managed to retain the charm and usefulness over the years. This you can easily see on the street or at work or on campus as shod women.

Below are some interesting patterns:

Knee high boots advantages are:
– Very warm – helps you protect yourself from the cold
– Give a touch of elegance – have been and will always be stylish
– Are extremely versatile – can be combined with a variety of outfits
– You can wear it a large period of year
– The one with high heels help you create an attractive silhouette

Whatever the reasons for which they are worn remain a constant fact of the fashion.

How We Wear Over The Knee Boots Depending On Body Conformation

In winter, put your fashion foot some powerful seduction weapon: over the knee boots. Present on all the fashion runways in all boutiques that respect and all fashion magazines, they are absolute must-haves of autumn in shoes closet.
A fantastic advantage of these types of boots is that they can wear in any season. Well yes it is a great advantage – we wear when it’s sunny with a short dress and stockings color, and it rains a pair of jeans and a cardigan.

Here are some interesting models of over the knee boots in my opinion:

Women’s Knee High Foldable Fashion Boots

Bandolino Women’s Broady Knee-High Boot

Women’s Seduce-3000 Boot

Women’s Seduce-3024 Tigh High Boot

Steve Madden Women’s Boot

Indeed, many models and very beautiful but how we we wear according to our body conformation?

How to wear over the knee boots when I’m short and thick shins?
Over the knee boots may have the opposite effect to that desired, so the best thing would be to avoid heel boots over the knee. If we do not want to give up this model means the boots can wear them with a pair of leather leggings or a skirt that follows the classical body, but never without heels. We must be careful to not fragmented too much flesh.
So choose boots elastic or zipper, not very large because they make it more difficult appearance.

How to wear over the knee boots that are tall and have thin shins?
If you are very tall and lean when long-heeled boots will do nothing but further elongate the silhouette so strongly my advice is to choose a pair of over the knee boots without heels. We must be careful that the boots should not be too loose. We do not want to float in them or look like it would be 3 numbers higher. We must choose boots that come right to the calves.

Over the knee boots are undoubtedly extremely versatile ready to help you jump when you are out of ideas regarding your outfit.

Winter Boots for Women 2013-2014

Dear and beloved ladies winter has come. It is really not exactly the most desirable season, but you have to deal with it successfully.
And because fashion is our passion we need to honor the cold season with stylish fashionable and warmly wardrobe.
The first thing I can think of when winter comes are boots. Diversity patterns of shoes and boots this season is amazing and once you step into a shop, you are seized by the feminine detail of bright colors, comfortable materials and elegant heels. But before you rush to buy the first model winks you better inform yourself so as to make a good investment.

In my opinion you must be careful when choosing a pair of winter boots, and when I say that I mean to be on fashion, and to fit you very well, otherwise you will suffer from cold.
In this respect, here are some tips to help you orient yourself to a pair of boots, shoes or boots to suit not only your taste but also your feet:

If you have thin ankles – Choose any shoes that involves flexibility around ankles – buckles, lace, stretch – so to highlight their flexibility. You can highlight the beautiful curve of the legs and boots or boots in strong colors or dimensional details. Try to wear with skirts and dresses close to the body.

If you have thick ankles – trying to line exceeding ankle boots, or boots that are cut in V on the ankle to give the impression of a thinner ankles. High boots should be in a straight line so that no mold on the ankle and to highlight thickness.

If you have short legs – Choose shoes with heels as tall clump for comfort. And wedges is advantageous but comfortable. Avoid over-the-knee boots for that, as I said do not favor at all in this case.

If you have long legs – then you are lucky … Seriously, in this case your job is quite easy. Because you can very good to wearing heels higher or lower or try variant comfortable boots without heels at all. Or if you want to be very “hot” in a cold winter day you can try over the knee boots.

Whatever model you choose, try to make you happy in your skin and protect it from the cold.Good Luck!

Advantages of Wearing Flat Shoes

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A while ago I told you that my favorites are Mary Jane shoes, today I remember a discussion with a friend about how great it is to wear flat shoes. So let’s see how important and great to wear flat shoes.

You may be wondering which are the reasons why women wear this kind of shoes. Basically the comfort that it offers is the main answer to this question. But it’s good to mention that you can get an elegant and stylish and with this kind of shoes should not despair about believing in sacrificing style for comfort.

A pair of women’s loafers can relieve the feet and bring a touch of originality for example. Closely resembles a flat shoe. The entire shoe is constructed out of soft leather or suede. The featured design is based on the traditional moccasins worn by the Native American Indians.

Besides being very nice and can be extraordinarily stylish, they are also more gentle on your wallet. Ballet shoes are the friendliest possible. Comfortable materials are used in their manufacture and that will force the foot to stand as difficult and awkward position, make ballet shoes will not ever cause health problems. But you’re probably wondering what these problems so grave.Well, first column you can suffer the most from wearing foot footwear that will require such as high heel shoes. Besides, your ankle and torn tendons are basically negative effects heels. The price of a pair of flat shoes is much smaller than the one of shoes or sandals.

So let’s summarize some advantages:

practical – job when you’re on your feet all day, going to the seaside, or to a long walk, things you can do with these shoes.
no injuries – no risk injury, as with high-heeled shoes.
comfortable – health are extremely comfortable for your feet.
price - much smaller than other shoes – a good value for the money.

Now let’s see a few medical reasons to wear flat shoes:

Corns - Studies have shown that high heels cause corns that can cause pain and inflammation. So you must look for a flat shoe to avoid that.
Rash ankles – when you choose to wear heels higher than 5 cm, put pressure on the ankles, which can cause serious problems while installing.
pressure on the joints and knees – researchers at Harvard University have found that women who wear heels about 7 cm shows 24% more knee problems than women who do not wear heels. They have shown that heels put much pressure or sprain on the tendons and knee joints which is somehow connected to the knee cap into the thigh bone oppressing the thigh muscles to work harder. This situation leads to the increasing of pressure in the knee that could result to the circumstances called osteoarthritis.
Back pain - high heels force you to walk with curved pelvis forward, a phenomenon that causes hyperlordosis in the lumbar spine.

So as you see, if you were not already decided to wear flat shoes, reading problems that high heels bring I think I gave you a hand.

Tips for wearing flat shoes

Be aware that not only grandmothers wear flat shoes, this is a wrong misconception. You’re beautiful, and you have the look, but while this type of shoes you like, fine, here are some tips that will help :
– Could be a good buddy slippers during the summer season. So do not avoid. Slippers Give your feet the comfort it deserves That during the hot season. Your feet need freshness as well, therefore putting on slippers during the summer period could be pleasurable.
– Wear flat shoes and you go to work without any problem. If you like to do it, it’s okay. Important is pairing them properly, for example with a decent and comfortable skirt paired with a cardigan. Choose for the job could be pointed flats furnished with a good choice colored leathers. It could also be a good idea to choose flats having details of grommets and buckles.
– Why not look “hot”, so flats could look better with a shorter skirt. Above the knee skirt or year in. Could be perfect. Wearing flat shoes fitting below the knee skirt could make your legs look shorter.

Of course you can also find other benefits, some deriving from the above, others entirely new. Important is to really see the real value of these shoes for us, for our style.

What should I choose: over the knee boots or knee high?

Boots are definitely an important piece of resistance from our closet. They have always saved us when we’re running out of time and don’t know what to wear no matter the season, but especially during the winter. Moreover, once with the starting of the autumn, boots become a usual accessory for us.

We are talking today about a choice we’ll have to make at some point – over the knee boots vs knee high boots. Let’s take them one at a time, to learn a little of each one, in order to be able in the end to take a decision.

If you are young and have a high self-esteem, over the knee boots will fit you perfectly. Some specialists are saying that this is the most streamlined option when wearing boots with a skirt. Definitely men will be very delighted by such an image. Also, they match perfectly with a pair of skinny jeans.

Besides the style and elegance that you require, over the knee boots also bring something else. First, it says they are very comfortable. Although at first sight would seem awkward walking is a totally wrong opinion. Moreover, they are very hot. Who invented them thought very well before. Knees are often exposed to cold, especially in winter when they wear dresses or skirts. Aside from that keep us warm, we help them hide and damage. It can happen that a simple knock to appear as a bruise on his knees and managed to hide. Also, over the knee boots creates the impression of long legs. Those can become useful for ladies who just lost weight and who have left “marks” on the knee.

If you are thinking to invest in a pair of over the knee boots, you will thank yourself over the years since they will always get you out of trouble when you don’t know what to wear.

I don’t want to avoid telling you another important aspect: don’t use baby doll dresses to this type of boots.

            Ladies choose to wear knee-high boots for various reasons such as: the occasion they attend to, lifestyle or even their body structure. Regarding this last aspect, the specialists especially recommend to wear knee-high boots if you are short and to avoid over the knee boots. Those kinds of boots are usually tighter around the leg .

          One of the most impressive advantages of this boots is that they are acceptable for the most professional dress codes. So, this is a huge reason for you to be in love with them. Still, be careful with the height of the heels: as a general rule – nothing over 4 inches when you are at the office.

I hope you found my opinions helpful and enjoy the landscape of this fall…

Latest trends for women’s shoes – summer of 2013

For me summer it’s my favorite season. It’s warm, everything it’s full of life, sun makes us all happier and we are enjoying life more. What shoes should we wear? Options, we have to admit, are a lot, this is why we need to be careful to make the decision which is in our best interest.
Shoes history
Our first footwear was made of animal skin. Their design wasn’t too complicated; on the contrary, it was a very simple one, following only the practical purposes.

For the warm season it was used a piece of leather tied up with strips and for the cold season fur was added.
Further on, the history line, in Ancient Greece, shoes had distinctive marks for each social category (color and sole height). Women’s footwear was very rich in accessories, being very elegant and even extravagant.



In the Roman Empire, the consuls wore white footwear, senators wore brown footwear and soldiers wore short boots with open toes.



In Asia, representative it’s the traditional Japanese footwear which had a variety of models. Shoes sole was made of wood and it was supported by two horizontal sticks from the same material and they were called geta. The shoe cords for men were black and red for women.

Speaking of today, the shoe models are various. They represent fashion trends, the personality of the one who wear them and also their tastes.

Summer 2013 trends

Specialists are saying that the shoes represent many times the key element around the entire outfit is built. This season brings into the trends a variety of shoes from the ones with high heel to the transparent ones.

Shoes with metallic elements

Shoes with metallic elements are back in trends this season no matter if we are talking about golden, silver or more bold colors. Moschino, Armani or Chloe are fashion designers who are using them in their shows.

 Pointed toe shoes

Pointed toe shoes are still in the 2013 summer trends and it seems that also in the following years.

Printed shoes

This type of shoes is very chic and brings color and youth to your outfit.


Flats or Mary Jane shoes as they are also known, are a must-have for some seasons lately. They are extremely comfortable  and versatile so don’t avoid them.

Transparent shoes

Transparent shoes are a highly appreciated and special trend. I’ve seen them used by Valentino, Donna Karan, Michael Kors and Stella McCartney in their fashion collections.

Lady like sandals

They are very hot especially if you choose them with thin heels and straps. These sandals are perfect for drawing all the attention and complete an amazing outfit.

Running shoes for women

Health must be a priority for you. If it’s not already, it should be from now on because if you concern about your health you will look and feel better.
An extraordinary exercise which it’s very easy for you girls it’s jogging.

There are two ways to practice this wonderful exercise: in the park and on the running band. Personally I prefer running in the park during the summer and on the running band during the cold season.

Running at the gym, on the running band it’s for more cozy ladies. The advantage it’s obviously during the winter or when it’s raining. Having in mind the versatility of gym, you can choose this way of running.

You will need special running shoes if you’re going to gym because they are specially designed for this type of exercise. There are plenty of options, but I recommend these running shoes:

If you decide to run into the park I congratulate you for the idea because it’s extremely healthy for your body and you get the chance to breathe fresh air.

For jogging into the park I recommend the following running shoes:

The benefits of running are:

–         prevents some illness and increases immunity

–         strengthens the cardio-vascular system

–          reduces cholesterol

–         reduces the stress level and helps to a psychic comfort

–         increases the endorphins (the happiness hormone)

–         increases the brain performances

–         strengthens the bones and prevents osteoporosis

–         regulates the metabolism

–         burns out a lot of calories

If you just discovered jogging, try to be moderate. Specialists recommend not to run every day of the week, but to give your body some days to recover. Many are also recommending alternating the jogging time (easy running) with the sprints for a better effect on your body.

If you practice jogging, you will have a great tonus and an invigorated body. Don’t forget to choose the right shoes no matter if you are jogging, walking or going to work.