Most Popular Women’s Perfume 2015-2016

For sure the perfume stopped long ago to be just a beauty accessory. The fragrance can also perfectly express a woman’s personality. Ican define who you are or who you want to be.

Below I’ve tried to make a list with the most popular perfumes for women during the 2015-2016 season:

Tom Ford Private Blend Atelier D’Orient Shanghai Lily
Shanghai Lily 2015-2016

It is well known that Tom Ford creates high quality perfumes and Shanghai Lily does not make an exception. It has amazing floral and very fresh notes. Also, it has some intense notes of vanilla, orange, pepper and vetiver that makes it truly irresistible.

Moschino Couture by Moschino
Moschino Couture by Moschino

Moschino Couture is a great fragrance, a little bit spicy but with a strong scent of musk. It has an amazing scent, impossible not to be recognized once you smell it in the past. In the same time it is very delicate and elegant. It is very popular because it has a special touch, and it is also not too overpowering.

Amor Amor by Cacharel for Women
popular fragrance for women 2015-2016

Amor Amor has a great, fancy, deep and sensual aroma. It specially made for romantic and delicate women, the one who enjoy life. Without any doubt, it is a lovely fragrance, amazing and powerful but without being overbearing.

Bvlgari Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari for Women
Bvlgari Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari for Women

This is another floral fragrance, yet Jasmin Noir is a woody floral one. It is an excellent perfume for a romantic evening for example. Bvlgari Jasmin Noir is also very sensual, specially created for powerful yet sexy women.

Kelly Caleche by Hermes
kelly caleche

Launched in 20017, Kelly Caleche is a fabulous woman’s fragrance with strong notes of rose, iris and lily of the valley. The Hermes house creates perfumes designed to have a sheerer drydown. But Kelly Caleche is linger long, being very pleasant for everyone around you.

Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent
Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent

Do you want to be a movie star? Well, if your answer is yes, choose this perfume because it is really magical. It is elegant, seductive and it makes you feel like a movie star.

Prada L’Eau Ambre by Prada
Prada L’Eau Ambre by Prada

This fragrance is delicate, special, very elegant, yet strong and lasts for many hours. The perfume is a combination of notes of vanilla, patchouli, lemon and amber. It is truly inspired and it’s no wonder that it is one of the most popular fragrances for women.

Guerlain La petite Robe Noir
Guerlain La petite Robe Noir

La Pettite Robe Noir is an incredible fragrance. It has an amazing bottle that looks like a modern Cinderella who in the night sneaks back home (on her gorgeous bottle). Launched in 2013, it became in time one of the most appreciated and loved fragrances for women.

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne
Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

A totally confidence booster, this is the most important characteristic of this perfume. You will feel beautiful, sexy and very attractive while wearing this amazing fragrance.

Samsara Perfume for Women
Samsara Perfume for Women

Launched in 1989, Samsara is already a classic among the women passionate about fragrances. Very sophisticated, sensual, this perfume is perfect for evening.

Best Long Sillage Perfumes for Women 2017-2018

For me, a fragrance’s worth-it-ness is judged on its staying power, or sillage, if you’re fancy, which is French for “wake.” It’s used to describe a scent’s trail, its ability to linger in the air behind you, walking down the street.
Sillage isn’t about whether a scent contains strong or powerful ingredients. Put differently, a perfume can be powerful but not lasting. It comes down to how long it radiates off of your skin.

Here is a list of notes that do last long, at least 8 hours:
– Patchouli
– Woods (cedar, sandalwood, agarwood/oud, guaiac, birch)
– Vetiver
– Resins (frankincense, myrrh, labdanum, opoponax, elemi, amber)
– Musks (civet, ambergris, castoreum)
– Leather
– Coffee
– Tobacco

10. Miss Dior for Women by Dior
Best Long Sillage Perfumes for Women 2017-2018
MISS DIOR CHERIE is a women’s fragrance that possesses a blend of strawberry leaf, patchouli, violet, mandarin, musk, and jasmine. It is recommended for evening wear but not only.

9. Cinema By Yves Saint Laurent For Women
Best Long Sillage Perfumes for Women 2017
Is not very overpowering. However, this quickly transforms into a gorgeous white floral. The drydown is almost beyond words. It is warm amber and white musk with a little balsam to keep it from being too heavy.

8. Max Mara By Max Mara For Women
Best Long Sillage Perfumes for Women 2017-2018
Luxurious and complex, just like the woman who chooses to wear it. Max Mara accentuates your style and individuality. Top notes include, citrus, ginger.

7. Thierry Mugler Angel Eau de Parfum
best sillage fragrance 2017-2018
This perfume is fabulous. ANGEL is a refreshing oriental woody fragrance. This Perfume has a blend of vanilla sandalwood and patchouli. Accompanied by fruity notes of fresh citrus melons peaches and plums.

6. Knowing By Estee Lauder For Women
womens best long lasting perfume 2015-2016
KNOWING is a women’s fragrance that possesses a blend of a light floral, rich with mosses and woods. A great choice if you want a long lasting fragrance.

5. Le Baiser Du Dragon By Cartier For Women
Best Long Sillage Perfumes 2017-2018
Very sexy, sensual and decadent scent. Indeed, this are perfect words which describes perfect Le Baiser Du Dragon. Exotic and intense, it will transport you into the world of fairytale dragons, princesses and princes.

4. Samsara By Guerlain For Women
best long lasting fragrance 2015-2016
Samsara has great notes of amber, sandalwood and jasmine, blended with other oriental florals and vanilla.

3. Jasmin Noir By Bvlgari
2015-2016 fragrance
A fantastic scent with strong sillage, the woodsy base holds a great aroma that lasts and sheds sweet exotic smells of mandarin, sandle wood, and of course jasmine.

2. Thierry Mugler Alien
Alien radiates light from her golden temple, a place of happiness, inundated with a beneficial aura a palace decorated with precious stones of various powers, irradiating fullness and positive energy. The bottle holding this elixir is reminiscent of a sacred stone.

1. 24 Faubourg By Hermes For Women
best long lasting perfume for ladies 2015-2016
For sure, a top choice for a strong sillage perfume is 24 Faubourg By Hermes.
This is a very sophisticated fragrance, it is soft, sweet and lady like, but not to flowery. This is a very dressed up fragrance and a great perfume to wear when you would like to give the air of classic chic.

Best Perfumes for Women 2015-2016

The perfume is a part of any woman’s life, this is certain. Here are some of the best and the most interesting fragrances in my opinion:

1. Bvlgari Rose Essentielle by Bvlgari
Bvlgari Rose Essentielle by Bvlgari
Rose Essentielle has a truly amazing scent. It has a gorgeous bouquet of multiple types of roses. Its aroma captures the essence of standing in a lush rose garden, wooded with blackberry vines in the deep woods. All notes are perfectly balanced, resulting a harmonious scent. Lady-like, very refined and romantic, this perfume encourages you to get in touch with your feminine side.
If you are an amazing and elegant woman, for sure, this fragrance is for you.

2. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir
Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir
If you feel like flirting and you are a sensual woman, then Le Petite Robe Noir is a perfect option for you. It has a strong sillage and it is truly a perfect fragrance.

3. Citizen Queen by Juliette Has a Gun
Citizen Queen by Juliette Has a Gun
The connoisseurs already know that the perfumes made by the brand Juliette Has a Gun are all very special. Citizen Queen proves this aspect even with its bottle which is colored milky-white with silver top. It is a very feminine fragrance without being girly. For sure it will get you out of the crowd.

4. Anna Sui la Vie De Boheme
Anna Sui la Vie De Boheme
This is a pleasant floral-fruity fragrance with a delicate woody background. Top notes include Turkish rose, sparkling pear, berries and pitahaya accord. The heart captures peony, which symbolizes good fortune, beauty and friendship. The base notes include dry woods, sandalwood, musk and black vanilla. The raspberry and red berries stand out from the fruity side. I rarely would think I’d like this combination, but it actually is favorable.
This perfume is for sure designed for the romantic and elegant women.

5. Alien by Thierry Mugler for Women
2015 Alien by Thierry Mugler for Women
Like most Thierry Mugler’s perfumes (both for men and women), Alien it is too a fragrance with a special touch. Indeed one of the best fragrance for women in 2015 it is charming, full of unexpected and mysterious. Bold, unique, sultry, womanly these are the main characteristic for this perfume. Also Fresh, wonderful jasmine and sweet amber on a warm, slightly powdery and spicy woody base.
If you think the opening is too strong (a bit metallic), wait for the dry down, it’s divine and lasts forever.
Not for everybody, not for shy people, Alien is for a confident and alluring woman.

6. Paco Rabanne Lady Million Absolutely Gold by Paco Rabanne for Women
Paco Rabanne Lady Million Absolutely Gold by Paco Rabanne for Women
This amazing fragrance offers a very seductive blend of raspberries combined with jasmine and orange blossom. It has a very long lasting power and sillage. It is for sure a fantastic candidate for the best perfume for women in 2015.

7. Guerlain Mitsouko by Guerlain
Guerlain Mitsouko by Guerlain
If you did not know already, well, you should find out now that Mitsouko was first launched in 1919. It was inspired from the story of an impossible love between Mitsouko, the wife of a Japanese Admiral, Togo, and a British officer. Following the story that inspired this fragrance, its scent is mysterious, unusual and exuberant at the same time. Mitsouko is magic, melancholic, nostalgic and very feminine at the very same time. With top notes of oak and moss and with notes of juicy peach, jasmine, rose, vetiver and wood this fragrance is a joy. If you are a modern and exuberant woman, but if you enjoy the elegance, Mitsouko is for sure, a great choice.

8. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique
jean paul gaultier clasique 2015-2016
A little sweet perfume, but not too overpowering which will make you feel great. Sensual and very inspirational, Classique was created in 1993 and has in the top notes delicate rose scent is spiced by fresh anais. Middle notes combine sweetness of orange blossom and exciting ginger, a powerful aphrodisiac. Vanilla and sensual amber gently embrace in the base.

9. Amor Amor By Cacharel
amor amor cacharel
Amor Amor is a sensual and mysterious fragrance with powerful notes of fruits, floral, fragrant woods and vanilla. Many consider this perfume as to be one of the best fragrance for women in 2015.

10. Fan di Fendi
fan di fendi
Fan di Fendi is a floral fruity fragrance fresh and long lasting at the same time (a very rare combination). It opens with a strong, fresh, natural citrus, not sweet, or industrial, but invigorating. No leather to open, this one starts out all fresh citrus and pretty floral: a pure, sweet jasmine, a thin, elusive note, not full bodied, but not fleeting. Joined by a juicy orange that seems almost like tangerine, sweet, fresh, not sharp, but not syrupy.

Spring Fragrance for Women 2015-2016

For any woman, being trendy also means knowing the best options related to the perfumes. A perfect scent is part of your charm, part of your entire image if you want. Fragrance are chosen depending on situation, moment of the day, and, of course, season.

Here are some of the best fresh and sexy scents for spring:

Elie Saab Resort Collection (limited Edition)
best fragrance for women 2015-2016
It is an exclusive perfume, of high quality, a little sweet, made for a wonderful spring day. Resort Collection is a fruity floral perfume created by Francois Kurkdjian.

Marni Eau de Perfume
best female spring perfume 2015-2016
Interesting, spicy, very confident, these are the words that perfectly characterize this fragrance. It is classy, feminine and very sexy.

Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her
2015 spring perfumes for women
This floral perfume is a little sensual and powerful at the same time. This fragrance is very intense and it could be associate with women with personality who know what they want. It has strong notes of orange, lily, amber and vetiver. It has an interesting and very catchy smell.

Jo Malone Tudor Rose & Amber
Jo Malone Tudor Rose & Amber 2015-2016
Here is a high quality fragrance, inspired from a period of the British history. Tudor Rose & Amber features ginger, amber and rose of course.

Kate Spade Walk on Air Eau de Perfume
best spring fragrance for women 2015-2016
This is a gorgeous fresh, airy floral scent, made for a spring day. It has strong notes of magnolia, jasmine and white iris. It smells incredibly and it is suited in any situation.

Rosabotanica by Balenciaga
best fragrance for women 2015
A little bit spicy, still refreshing, Rosabotanica comes into a special presentation. Its base notes are cedar, amber and patchouli.

Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf
Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf
This is a quality perfume, versatile, perfect for day and for evening at the same time. It has scents of rose, jasmine and fresh freesia. If you are a fragrance connoisseur, for sure you are aware about this perfume and you probably already love it.

Best Summer Fragrance for Women 2015

The perfume is no doubt an important part of any woman’s image, preoccupied by fashion and her look. A summer perfume is of course a special one, a lot more different than a fragrance designed for the cold season. The summer perfume is of course fresher, lighter than a fragrance for the rest of the year.

Here are some of the best summer fragrances for women in 2015:

Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs

Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs

Oh Lola! is a perfect fragrance for the summer. It has an exceptional presentation with a cute bottle in a color specific to summer of course and very appealing too. It is a flirty perfume, sexy, with strawberry and pear notes. Don’t expect to be a heavy perfume, on the contrary, it is a light one, ideal for the hot summer days.

Angel Aqua Chic by Thierry Mugler

Angel Aqua Chic by Thierry Mugler

Launched two year ago, Angel Aqua Chic is also a fresh perfume with notes of raspberry and green apple sorbet. It is just a little sweet but for sure not too overwhelming. It is a very pleasant fragrance not only for you but also for the ones around you.

Rosabotanica Balenciaga

Rosabotanica Balenciaga

With a spectacular bottle, Rosabotanica is one of the hottest women’s fragrances for summer of 2015, loaded with exotic summer scents. As you might have already guessed, it is a floral perfume with a base of spicy rose and herbal scents. We are talking about a high quality fragrance with a stunning, refreshing scent for sure.

212 Surf by Carolina Herrera

2012 surf carolina herrera

The first thing that comes in mind when you see the 212 Surf’s bottle is holiday and fun, exactly as their creators wanted actually. Its opening notes are of sea water combined with musk. It is a truly exotic and very sensual perfume.

Essence Narciso Rodriguez by Narciso Rodriguez

Essence Narciso Rodriguez

With a simple and classic design of the bottle, Essence is also a classic and pleasant fragrance. It has strong notes of rose petals and citrus, perfect for a hot summer day.

Prada Candy

Prada Candy

This is a sexy, special summer fragrance with caramel and musk notes. If you are a strong woman, confident in your own strengths, Prada Candy is the perfect choice for you.

Jo Malone Silk Blossom

Jo Malone Silk Blossom

Here is an exclusive perfume especially for the fashion passionate women, who know to appreciate a quality fragrance. With notes of white pepper, silk blossom and moss, this is a delicate and extremely feminine perfume.

Mark Jacobs Daisy Delight Edition

daisy delight limited edition

Daisy Delight Edition is a new perfume from Marc Jacobs, a fragrance with notes of iris and gardenia. It is made of a delicate combination of scents that resulted in a special, elegant and refreshing perfume, yet not too overpowering.

Winter Perfumes for Women 2014-2015

Cooler weather means a change not only on your wardrobe but also on your fragrance collection.
When choosing a perfume, bear in mind that it is important to understand the basic characteristics of scent used to describe a perfume, in this way you easily understand the fragrances.
Winter is not a favorite season for many of us, but nevertheless let’s not been discouraged by that. Wood-based perfumes, oriental fragrances and musk ones are, by the opinion of the most specialists one of the most recommended scents choice for winter.
My opinion is that a fragrance is very feminine and the scent you chose underlines your personality and your state of mind. So, you must let your personality to manifest even in winter times.
Here are some of the best winter perfumes for women in 2014-2015 season.

Armani Code By Giorgio Armani For Women
armani code by giorgio armani
I don’t know about you but I love this fragrance very much. It has a special scent, perfect for cooler nights. Actually, if you want, Armani Code By Giorgio Armani is a classic among winter perfumes. Also worth mentioning that it is a long lasting one, a characteristic very common among cold season fragrances.

Youth Dew by Estee Lauder for Women
estee lauder
“Youth Dew” is an old and very known fragrance. It is that kind of scent “like it or not”, which means that you are falling in love with him or you just hate it, period. All in one is a great winter of 2015 solution in your fragrance portfolio.

Jo Malone – Nutmeg & Ginger Cologne
jo malone nutmeg and ginger
Did you know that The Ginger & Nutmeg Cologne is the first Jo Malone fragrance? Indeed it was their first one and also their first massive success. The fragrance features nutmeg, ginger, sandalwood and cedar. Someone said once about this perfume that it smells like a newly bathed baby.Indeed, it has a very clean and pleasant scent. Personally I enjoy this type of fragrance.

Forbidden Euphoria Women
forbidden euphoria
Calvin Klein house launched amazing and successful fragrances over the time. True, this perfume suggests luxury and sensuality. It is characteristic to a powerful but hot spectacular woman. Indeed, and why not, winter 2015 seems a proper season for you to wear such a gorgeous fragrance.

Prada L’Eau Ambree
Prada L'Eau Ambree
A truly sensual, warming blend of amber, citron and rose gives you a lift on a grey winter’s day. Indeed a cold season does not mean to be influenced by that and have sad days, on the contrary be happy and stay positive, Prada L’Eau Ambree will help you in that quest.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire
guerlain la petit robe noir
This fragrance is for that special kind of woman which is both flirty and sensual. No doubt they you will fall in love with this perfume and also, men around you will surely be amazed by your presence. A winter fragrance for an incredible sexy woman.

DIOR ADDICT by Christian Dior
Dior addict by Christian Dior
Dior Addict is a sensual and extremely feminine perfume. Usually, winter fragrances are not extremely sweet. So is this one, it is just a little sweet which makes it very pleasant. If you would ask me, I like it a lot and it is on my favorite winter perfumes shortlist.

Very Irresistible by Givenchy
Very Irresistible by Givenchy
Having pleasant notes of rose and verbena leaf, Very Irresistible is a perfume with an incredible success. What I found to be truly spectacular about this fragrance is that it has five types of roses: Emotion Rose, Fantasia Rose, Peony Rose, Passion Rose and Centfolia Rose. And, with all of the above I believe I have said everything about this perfume.

Mon Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood
Mon boudoir by Vivienne Westwood
Mon boudoir is a delicate winter perfume with a stunning femininity. If you are a sensible woman, choose this fragrance with notes of rose, jasmine, white musk and pear.

Bear in mind!
Don’t overdo the spritzing! You don’t want to be the one who walks into a room to be met with scrunched up noses. Moreover, a quality fragrance does not need to be in large quantities on your body, it will do its job in small portions.

Best Women’s Fragrance for Day Wear

Perfume is for many women an accessory that we can never miss. With his help we tell stories, conquer, and make unforgettable impressions. A perfume helps us discover us, complete us, and makes us feel wanted.
A very important rule, which must always keep in mind: the perfume is chosen according to the time of day that we carry.
The perfume of day (for work, shopping, outdoor parties, school) and evening fragrance (for special events, dinner, clubs, theater, opera). Thus, morning and daytime light fit perfumes, floral, fresh.

So if you are looking for a everyday fragrance then do not look anymore further, you’ve just found it:

Tom Ford White Patchouli by Tom Ford

top ford white patchouli 2014-2015

It is a quality perfume, presented in a beautiful bottle but classic Top Ford specific house. The white flowers give this a soft sweetness with the peony and a light spicy depth of coriander. This fragrance just makes your senses go wild.

Eau Mega by Viktor & Rolf

eau mega by voktor &rolf

Eau Mega was named after a play on words on Greek letter Omega, combined in the motto: Megafy Yourself!

L’eau De Issey By Issey Miyake

l'eau d'issey

This fragrance is one of a kind, fresh and warm. Citrusy, spicy and floral. A blast of Yuzu and lotus. Spices, woods and a hint of saffron. Intense with very long lasting power.

Boss Femme By Hugo Boss

boss femme

A beautiful flower bouquet.This fragrance starts fresh floral and maintains in a freshly manner.

Essence Narciso Rodriguez By Narciso Rodriguez

essence by narciso rodriguez

It is a powdery-musky fragrance based on aromas of powdery iris, rose petals, benzoin balm surrounded with modern accords of musk.

Chloe New for Women

chloe new

A fantastic perfume with beautiful floral for women. It is a beautiful and special scent perfect for day time.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

flowerbomb by voktor & rolf

This another perfect fragrance from Viktor & Rolf ideal for day wear. It will surely be excellent for an office day. For sure it is great for a confident, chic woman.

Bvlgari Rose Essentielle

bvlgari rose

Bvlgari Rose Essentielle is a beautiful bouquet of various sorts of rose. So, yes, if you want a special fragrance signature for your day to day activities this one is perfect.

Did you know ?
Why you should try the perfume on your wrist? Simply because it is highly vascularized area of the body and facilitates the preservation and spread of smell for a long time.

Best women’s fragrance for clubbing

A night in the club with your friends or a even a girls night out requires a proper signature scent. Indeed if you are a fashion addict you must combine your chic outfit with a perfect fragrance.
It is not easy to find fragrances that are considered ideal for evening or night wear but I will show my favorites, of course best women’s perfumes for clubbing depend also in your personality:

Versace Crystal Noir by Versace for Women – 3 Ounce EDT Spray
best clubbing fragrance for women 2014-2015

Amber and musk are the most important scent from this enigmatic perfume, a classic for evening and nights if you want. This is a very sexy fragrance. I find it more unique than other sexier scents.

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau de Toilette Spray for Women, 3.3 Ounce
womens fragrance for clubbing 2014-2015

Classique parfum smells of musk, orchid, and vanilla, it is a fragrance delicate but feminine in the very same time. Jean Paul Gaultier creates fantastic scents and that’s applying for this fragrance also.

Hugo Deep Red By Hugo Boss For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 3 Ounces
clubbing fragrance for women 2014-2015

Truly a quality fragrance you will love it not only at your night out session but also with other occasions for sure. It is a little fresh and and mouthwatering due to his fruity scent, nevertheless you can wear it without a problem in the club, and you will be delicious.

Guerlain Mitsouko women’s perfume by Guerlain Eau De Parfum Spray 2.5 oz
night out and clubbing fragrance for women 2014-2015

A fragrance launched many years ago, but still charms with his perfection…indeed a mysterious and marvelous fragrance for powerful and intelligent women.

Brit for Women Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 Oz / 100 ml
clubbing perfume for ladies 2014-2015

Created in 2003 this fragrance is not traditional as may the bottle suggest that, not at all, it is a vanilla and pear scent combination which makes him unique. Perfect for a night in the club from my point of view.

Dkny Delicious Night by Donna Karan For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 1.7-Ounces
women night out perfume 2014-2015

Dkny Delicious Night is a as the name suggests a classic of evening and night perfumes. Blackberries and other forests fruit, combined with incense, a mysterious and special combination, for sure you will be in the center of attention for fragrance addicts and I said that in a positive way.

Tom Ford Black Orchid By Tom Ford For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 1.7-Ounces
night out perfume for ladies 2014-2015

Black Orchid as any other fragrance for Tom Ford is in my opinion a perfume for connoisseurs, you do not know a few things about this you will not be able to appreciate it. I said that beacause is not a cheap fragrance, on the contrary, but it totally worth it. Wood notes (patchouli and sandalwood), dark chocolate, incense, amber and vanilla, so, imagine this combination. Indeed a perfect and luxurious perfume.

Guerlain Shalimar Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 3 Ounce
clubbing fragrance for ladies 2014-2015

Created as a tribute to the legendary love story between Emperor SHAHJAHAN and his wife Mumtaz Mahal this fragrance kept his magnetism and enigmatic aura. Shalimar is named after ‘The Gardens of Shalimar’.It was Mumtaz’s favorite garden. It is a special long lasting fragrance perfect for your hot nights in club.

Make your own choice but try to remember that fragrance for evening and night, in general must have vanilla, amber, musk, jasmine, patchouli and sandalwood. Perfume can really complete an outfit and also give’s you confidence, so, choose it wisely.

Best women fragrances launched in 2014

There are few women in world which are not crazy in loved with perfumes. Exactly, the majority of the ladies are for ever and ever in loved with charming liquid which make our lives more beautiful. In this article I want to present you a few perfumes launched in 2014, there are only ones which in my opinion are more representative.

Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet EDT Spray for Women, 2.2 Ounce
Bvlgari omnia indian

Bvlgari Omnia Indian Garnet is a very special fragrance, actually it is a new edition of the Omnia fragrance collection from Bvlgari. As the name suggests it has very strong influences from India, so expect to buy an exotic and mystique perfume.

Marc Jacobs Eau de Toilette Spray, Daisy Dream 1.7 Ounce
Marc Jacobs Eau de Toilette Spray, Daisy Dream

The same with the season when it was launched (summer of 2014) this fragrance is a hot season perfect perfume. So, expect to a fresh but in the same time delicate fruity-floral fragrance. Also, worth mentioning that the bottle is very cute and charming.

Michael Kors SEXY Rio De Janeiro Limited-Edition Collection Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 fl. oz Manufacturer Sealed
michael kors sexy rio de janeiro

As the producer said, this perfume celebrate the spirit of long hot days and vibrant nights from… yes from Rio of course. Magnificent, special, and very hot, indeed this are the main attributes of this charming fragrance.

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon 1.7 oz / 50 ml Eau De Parfum Spray
Viktor & Rolf Bonbon

This fragrance is…how to say…like a candy.It celebrate the pleasure and self-indulgence, as well as moments of relaxation and enjoyment. Honestly I’am amazed by the bottle which is like a little …bonbon (candy). A sweet but gentle fragrance perfect for young and romantic ladies.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau My Gold EDT 50ml
Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau My Gold

After the Lady Million original fragrance launched in 2010, and its follow-ups in form of Lady Million Eau de Toilette in 2012 and Lady Million Absolutely Gold also from 2012, Paco Rabanne is launching its new version called Lady Million Eau My Gold in 2014. This is for sure a fragrance in the triumphant and known style of the this house of fragrance, why they should change something that is already good isn’t it?

Kenzo Jeu D’amour By Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 Oz
kenzo jéau d'amour

Surprisingly for Kenzo this is a strong oriental fragrance, honestly I was expecting something more fresh and a little bit more refined. It also has fruity and juicy notes. No doubt that we have a special perfume, which I can put it in long lasting fragrance category without any hesitation.

Hermes Jour D’hermes Absolu By Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 2.87 Ounce
hermes absolu

No doubt that we have a very feminine and romantic perfume this is due to gardenia, sambac jasmine, apricot flower and freesia scent. A really nice summer floral with exceptional longevity. Once you get past the initial blast of grapefruit a green floral perfume appears. It is that kind of perfume for summer which is a little refreshing and how should I say… clean, yes this is the word, it smells like something freshly cleaned. But this is good if you ask me…anyhow probably is a matter of taste. All in one I believe is a very good perfume.

Night Dive Cool Water Woman by Davidoff 50ml
night dive cool water by davidoff

As the name said this fragrance makes you think at cold water of the ocean and the mystical impression of the night. Romantic and mysterious in the same time, is a special and mystique perfume, with a very sensual aura.

Female long lasting perfumes that are not sweet

Many women want a long lasting fragrance perfumes but does not like very sweet ones. So let’s see which would be a long lasting fragrances that are not very sweet.

1.Quartz by Molyneux

quartz by molineaux

This is a long lasting perfume with extremely noticeable floral notes. It is a classic fragrance yet sexy, full of romance and sensuality. Perfect for a lot of occasions, it can be worn at the office but also while having a walk or enjoying a coffee with a friend.

2.Un jardin sur le Nil by Hermes

Un jardin sur le Nil by Hermes

Launched nearly ten years ago (in 2005), this perfume has a ravishing mix of green mango, lotus and sycamore wood. This is a really special fragrance, highly appreciated by connoisseurs.

3.Citizen Queen by Juliette has a Gun

Citizen Queen by Juliette has a Gun

This is a niche fragrance, an exclusive one created by Romano Ricci, the ancestor of Nina Ricci. It is an extremely special perfume with an enigmatic combination, full of sensuality.

4.Knowing by Estee Lauder for Women

Knowing by Estee Lauder for women

With a fatal combination of patchouli and cedar, this fragrance is ravishing and ready to demolish any olfactory barrier.

5. Arpege by Lanvin for Women

Arpege by Lanvin for Women

Within a relative small bottle, we find a long lasting fragrance, pretty old but with an absolutely fantastic history. This wonderful perfume was created by Andre Fraysse for Lanvin house in 1923. Yes, you’ve read right the year of its creation. In 1993 this fragrance suffered some modifications which made it the perfume we know nowadays. Its main notes are of jasmine, peach and orange bloom, combined with sandalwood and patchouli. This is a magnificent fragrance, definitely dedicated especially to the connoisseurs.

Fall fragrances for women 2015

Fall and cold weather in general vicinity does not mean we can not still be very chic. On the contrary, we can be elegant and stylish and for that we need necessarily a perfect perfume.

1.Vivienne Westwood – Mon Boudoir

fall fragrances for women

This is a fragrance with very strong notes of mandarin and with top notes of Lily of the Valley. It is a delicate and subtle perfume, perfect for this fall.

2.Elizabeth Arden – Untold

best fragrances for women2015

“Untold” is a fragrance with a special scent, a little fresh which reminds about pears. This is the type of perfume which you can’t forget too fast.

3.Tom Ford – Private blend oud fleur

autumn fragrances for women

About the exclusive fragrances from Tom Ford we’ve already discussed. They are special perfumes, luxury ones I might add, made especially for the connoisseurs. “Private blend oud fleur” is a unisex fragrance with a floral note but also with plenty of red velvet. It is a strong perfume, a long lasting one, so use it wisely.

4.Jo Malone – Peony & Blush Suede Cologne

fall fragrances for ladies

This is an absolutely special fragrance, perfect for the romantic fall nights.

5.Estee Lauder – Modern Muse

fall fragrances for women 2

It is a perfume with strong notes of vanilla and mandarin. This is a very nonconformist combination yet not too overpowering. Is very versatile and can be worn not only in the evening but also during the day.

6.Anna Sui – La vie de Boheme

fall fragrances for women 8

As the name of the fragrance states, this is a perfume for the romantic women. It is a floral fragrance with woody notes, a wonderful combination, there’s no doubt about it.

7.Juicy Couture – Viva La Juicy Noir

fall fragrance for women 6

This is a perfume with notes of juicy berries and mandarin, plus gardenia and jasmine. In conclusion, it is a sweet perfume which you’ll love immediately.

8.Joop – Miss Wild

fall fragrances for women 4

With strong notes of spicy pink berry and rum, this is a sweet fragrance, but not in excess. It has a youth scent which makes this perfume a very special one.

Summer fragrance for women 2015

Summer is the favorite season for many women and it is time for you to show your beauty and sensuality. This is fulfilled also by your scent. Below are my favorite perfumes for the summer of 2015.

Lanvin ‘ME’


It is a very pleasant fragrance with a floral-fruity scent of blueberry jam. One over another, this is a very delicate and feminine summer perfume.

Guess Girl


Guess Girl is a well balanced perfume, perfect for a romantic girl during the summer. A blend of melon, sandalwood and vanilla makes this fragrance a very long lasting one which is not at all negligible.



If you want to be irresistible then choose this perfume and it will definitely be the best choice. It has a seductive scent, with notes of peach and orange blossom.

Oscar De La Renta Something Blue


A delicate and feminine fragrance with a special note of lily of the valley and mandarin.

Vera Wang Love Struck Floral Rush

vera wanh lovestruck floral rush

A floral, delicate and sensual perfume with shades of freesia.