Women’s mufflers fall 2014-2015

The muffler is an accessory which helps you look chic even when it’s really cold outside. With the arrival of fall, the cold starts to be felt. That’s why you have to dress appropriately in order to protect yourself from getting a cold.

muffler for women 2014-2015

I personally like a lot the muffler because it can complete your outfit extraordinary well. Obvious you have to be careful when using it and to be creative too but the offer is large enough and attractive for all tastes and occasions.

womens muffler fall 2014

ladies muffler 2014-2015

cold season muffler for women 2014-2015

2014 fall muffler for women

2014-2015 muffler for ladies

women muffler 2014

muffler fall 2014

Do you love to wear rings?

It’s hard to believe that you don’t. Well, yes, all women are crazy about rings.

gold ring

Rings are indeed very important pieces of jewelry for every woman. Below you may find a few reasons for which these accessories are so loved:
– They look extraordinary (especially when they are well chosen)
– They are versatile – well, yes, they can be worn on various occasions starting with a walk to the next corner’s grocery store to the fanciest parties
– They don’t have age requirements – exactly, you can wear them at any age

So, here are some interesting models of rings:

womens rose gold ring

beautiful gold ring

2014 rose gold ring

Major benefits of scarves

The scarf is definitely an extremely trendy accessory within the fashion world.

ladies scarves 2014

I consider that, from all the accessories which you can think of, the scarf it’s the cheapest of all (and therefore the handiest) which can make your entire outfit to look better. You only need a little creativity for that.

womens scarves

scarves 2014

printed scarves 2014

I won’t start counting and describing the scarf types because my devoted readers already know that I’ve already wrote about this issue so I’ll just stick to discuss the benefits of wearing a scarf.

Versatility – well yes, in my opinion, definitely the versatility is one of the most important, if not actually the most important feature and obvious an advantage of scarves. Easy to match and being able to be worn on almost any occasion, the scarf is an accessory much more than only versatile.

It keeps you warm – yes, and this is very important. It keeps you warm to your neck and your head if it’s necessary.

Ads creativity in your image – yes, this is more than true, you can wear some outfit over and over again, but try changing your scarves and your look will seem different.

Very good long term maintenance – here is an extremely important aspect, how clothes and accessories survive to the year passing. Well, the scarf lasts longer and, except washing (hand wash preferred) and maybe a little ironing, it doesn’t require anything else.

Fun fact: Elizabeth Taylor: “A woman who does not wear a scarf has no future.”

Latest casual bag 2014-2015

Casual bag is a must have for any woman’s wardrobe. The reasons are many so I will try to remind you a few for now:
– Comfortable – it is, isn’t it, a casual bag so it will also be very comfortable and easy to wear with generous hand holders
– Versatility – easy to match, it can be used without worries on various occasions
– Utility – it is, if you prefer, maybe the most important characteristic of a casual bag since it is pretty large and with many pockets
Here are some models of casual bags which I consider to be representative for this type of bags:
1. Perforated casual bag – is a casual type of bag mostly used by the young women, very useful because it succeeds to give you a youthful look.
Perforated casual bag 2014
This type of bag, despite being used mostly by young women, doesn’t make it a rule and mature women can also wear them although they have to pay extra attention.

2.Printed casual shoulder bag is a very cool bag, excellent for any season. It is perfect no matter if you are going shopping or at the job.
Printed casual shoulder bag
I like this bag a lot because it is also extremely practical.

3.Casual handbag with fringe – very comfortable and versatile they conquered a large part of the market.
Casual handbag with fringe

In the end, no matter of your choice, important is to feel good wearing them.

Winter jewelries for women 2014-2015

Accessories are a part of our image and jewelries are the best example for it. We use them every day no matter if we’re having a walk, going shopping or at the job.

Necklaces are some extremely elegant jewelries but they can be worn even with casual outfits.

Necklaces for ladies

You can wear a necklace when you want to give a small touch of style to your outfit. The necklace is, if you would ask me, a very special piece of jewelry. You need a little creativity and inspiration in order to match them as well as possible and also to improve your image.
Another interesting jewelry for this winter is the bracelet.

bracelet for ladies

The bracelet is one of the most enjoyed jewelry for many women simply because they are very comfortable and easy to match.
The earrings have definitely an important role too in what it means a woman’s look.

earrings for ladies

Their huge advantage it’s that there are a lot of models and in various shapes. Therefore you can choose the right pair of earrings every time you want, no matter the moment of the day, place or the outfit you might have.

Women’s Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses 2015-2016

Sunglasses are a very important accessory for a woman. How should I choose sunglasses I saw a little while ago. Personally I consider very special aviator sunglasses Ray Ban.

womens Ray Ban aviator sunglasses 2014

Ray Ban is one of the most popular brands of sunglasses have emerged out of necessity, as the equipment “required” for American pilots. The famous General MacArthur used to wear them permanently and then and most of Hollywood stars.

History of the brand RAY BAN

Ray Ban story begins in the 1930s. Specifically, May 7, 1937. Date on which the first pair of Ray-Ban glasses baptized Anti-Glare opticians is patented by Bausch & Lomb. The requirement came some time before an American army lieutenant, who was in search of glasses able to protect your eyes from the scorching rays of the sun dressed in a pleasing design. The first sunglasses with anti-reflective lens had a light metal frame with gold plated. The lenses were green and infrared filters and UV successfully. Members of the aviation immediately adopted the new equipment and hence the nickname: Aviator Glasses, a term that defines all of the glasses today with this type of design.

womens Ray Ban aviator sunglasses

International recognition follows during the Second World War, when General Douglas MacArthur arrives on the beach in the Philippines wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses , as I said above . After the ’50 brand extend his philosophy towards fashion and launch the first pair of sunglasses with plastic frame . The new invention receives the name Wayfarer. Becomes an overnight success , especially among women, despite the fact that initially at least , the brand was a rather dedicated men. A moment of glory brings the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s ” in 1961 , where Audrey Hepburn proudly wear a pair of Wayfarer .

ladies aviator sunglasses

List of celebrities who adopt the style of Ray- Ban increase from day to day, from Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol and James Dean Marilyn Monroe to John Lennon . Practically everyone loves the idea of ​​sunglasses disco style only was 1970 brings a cloud shadow on the mark. At least success pales before Wayfarer design more extravagant proposals from some fashion designers such as Dior or Yves Saint Laurent . Ray- Ban is trying to cope entry fashion houses in the sunglasses market , but new products fail.

After the year of 2000 Ray-Ban understand that the answer is all in history and decided to return with a slightly modified design Wayfarer frames and more colors and prints … Basically, at the end of a period of over 10 years of silence, the brand is stronger than ever. As a sign of the value recognitions, many fashion designers are inspired by Ray-Ban models and especially the silhouette Aviators, an evergreen of contemporary design.

aviator sunglasses for women 2014

Aviator type sunglasses are chic, but extremely sexy. Assorted go both casual wear but also to stylish and glam. Which is a great advantage to recognize. Very few accessories you may find you can wear in many different occasions and in combination with any outfit.

womens aviator sunglasses

Why I like this type of sunglasses, or, in other words, the main benefits of this sunglasses in my opinion:
– First of all, they are very cool. There’s no doubt about it since they are the favorite sunglasses of the American aviators
– They protect you very well from the sun which can be often harmful
– They are comfortable – yes, this is an extremely important aspect which makes aviator ray ban sunglasses so special
– As I’ve said before, they are versatile which is also very important

Aviator sunglasses quality is a long term investment that if you choose the right model.

How should I choose sunglasses?

It’s very important to wear sunglasses and we’ve already discussed about this issue here. Still, a legitimate question pops up: how should I choose my sunglasses?

best sunglasses for women

Sunglasses are a very important accessory so you should give them the proper attention. Well yes, you have to choose your sunglasses very well not only to be trendy but also they have to fit you.

womens sunglasses

Specialists are saying that it’s very important to buy sunglasses according to the shape of your face. In this respect I’ve identified 4 types of face shapes among which you may recognize yourself:
– Round
– Square
– Oval
– Heart
If your face is round this means you have non-angular face like Catherine Zeta Jones has.

Catherine Zeta Jones

In this case you should search mandatory for an angular pair of sunglasses to make you face look longer.

If your face has a square shape, this means you clearly have an angular face. And if you’re like Demi Moore, here is a tip for you: she has a square shaped face.

demi moore

The most appropriate sunglasses for such a face are aviator sunglasses.

If your face is oval you should be happy. Most specialists consider this kind of face the most pleasant. Check out Jessica Alba if you have any doubts left.

Jessica Alba

Choose a pair of sunglasses with rectangle frames and you will look amazing, I guarantee.

If your face is heart shaped you probably have a pointy chin. Relax, there’s no problem, Jennifer Lopez looks great, isn’t it?

Jennifer Lopez

You’d better choose a pair of sunglasses with a round frame and everything will be just perfect.
Buying tips when you shop for a pair of sunglasses:
– Watch out for your face shape as we’ve discussed above
– Be careful with the brand of the sunglasses you want to buy
– Avoid no-brand sunglasses because they can harm your eyes instead of protecting them
– If you wear sunglasses mostly for medical reasons choose those who cover also the sides of your eyes for an ample protection

best sunglasses for ladies

Latest accessories for autumn-winter 2014-2015

We often spoke about the high importance of accessories and you shouldn’t ever underestimate them since a well chosen accessory can improve a lot your look.

Bags for example might seem ordinary to some people but I’ll say just the opposite, they are very important and we should not ignore them.

So, you must be careful if you want to be within the trends and don’t avoid bags but also make sure you don’t go out with random bags also. A bag doesn’t have to just be useful but also has to improve your look. Very trendy during the fall-winter 2014 are shoulder bags and I’m referring to the large ones. Not the very large ones but it’s best to be larger than medium size anyway.
OK, further on we have scarves. They have, like any other accessory, a high importance, especially lately. The scarf has many purposes, but in my opinion, the most important one is to make you look better so if you want to be within the trends choose one big bold necklace with a printed scarf.

Did you ever think that necklaces are one of the most important accessories for the fall-winter season? If your answer is no then you should change your mind.

Yes, think seriously about this accessory because it is very fashionable and forget about wearing it only with elegant outfits. A large necklace can be worn also with many other various occasions since it is so trendy.

Another trendy accessory is the bracelet.

Made of gold or silver, the bracelet has become a part of our day-to-day look. Don’t ignore it because the medium ones (not too large but also not too small) are still within the trends.
Finally I bring up the brooches. Well, yes, the brooch, which, same as necklaces, usually demands elegant outfits so we shouldn’t forget about this aspect. But still, you can wear brooches even with less elegant outfits too.

Usually accessories are elements which help improving our look; this is why we should give them their proper attention.

Fashionable scarves for winter 2014-2015

As I’ve said it before with other occasions, the scarf is very important in a woman’s wardrobe.

More over if we are talking about winter scarves, they are extremely used since they protect us from cold.
Winter scarves represent actually an extremely useful accessory at any age, having a lot of advantages if we can call them that way.

Here are some interesting models for the winter of 2014:

The reasons why I like to wear winter scarves are:
– as I was saying before, they are very warm and yes, during the winter you will need this
– they are very versatile and can be worn on different occasions, associated with a lot of outfits
– because if chosen well they will complete your outfit with the so-called “the little something that needs to be added”
– they give a touch of style to your outfit
– because they are very fashionable

Summer scarves 2014

The scarf is an extremely important accessory for a women’s outfit. More over a summer scarf since it’s excellent even when is extremely hot outside.

During the summer is very warm so you are probably wondering how the scarf can be worn. Well, yes, this accessory can be used if you have enough creativity even then. Therefore if you choose a fluid fabric, very thin and light you won’t feel uncomfortable at all. On the contrary, you will find out why some fashion specialists are calling the summer scarf a smart accessory.

You can wear a scarf however you like; important is to match it with your outfit and of course with your personality. Therefore give it the proper attention. For example, with an office outfit go for a small delicate scarf which you can wear around your neck (remember that it’s not the case to wear it inside although). If we are talking about a light casual outfit like the classic jeans and T-shirts, choose a medium scarf, mandatory in bright colorful colors.
The scarf is definitely an extraordinary accessory which can be worn with various occasions.

Tips for best summer scarves

– Definitely give up on dark colors, choose only strong colors which draw attention

– Innovate different ways to tie the scarf, but even if you just let it fall without a knot will be just fine

– Don’t run away from the summer scarf, on the contrary, make it your best friend because you can use it even when going to the beach to wrap it around your hips

– An extremely interesting way it’s to use actually 2 scarves. Yes, you’ve read it right, if you want to be within the latest fashion trends then don’t hesitate to be creative so an excellent way would be to mix up 2 scarves in strong colors tied one to the other or leaving them just falling down on the shoulders

– The scarf is a part of your outfit therefore it’s recommended to have as many as possible so you’ll always have the right scarf for any outfit you’ll might wear

Why I like scarves:
– They are very versatile
– They successfully complete any outfit
– There is a large variety of scarves on the market to choose from
– They are cheap and have a great value for the money you spent on them, in other words, they are good value for the money

Don’t forget that the scarf is an accessory which can help you to improve your outfit so don’t look at it as an obligation. Just enjoy wearing it and you will look awesome.

Sunglasses for young ladies under 300$

Here are some interesting models of sunglasses for young ladies:



Floppy sun hats 2014

Extremely useful during the hot summer days with a lot of sun, but also very chic, floppy sun hats are a must.