Autumn Best Leather Jacket for Women 2015-2016

The leather jacket is not just a regular piece of outfit. It is actually the core of a cool fall outfit.

leather jacket

ladies leather jacket 2015-2016

womens leather jacket

best leather jacket

latets leather jacket 2015-2016

It is without doubt an essential piece of outfit, important is to find the most suited and interesting combo. What is truly interesting is the fact that if you are creative enough, the leather jacket can work into your benefit no matter your silhouette and personal style.
For example the leather jacket is there for you, ready to help you build any type of outfit you might want. For example, if you are very feminine and you want a chic and delicate look, you should combine leather jacket with a maxi dress. The result would be stunning. If you are very tall, do not worry because this piece of clothing can be helpful. Match a leather jacket with a maxi dress and you will surely be satisfied by the result.
Women with large hips can choose a skirt from an elastic fabric and a leather jacket.
A pencil skirt with a high waist and a length under the knee will flatter not only the short women but the tall ones too.
As you could see, the leather jacket is a versatile and very interesting piece of clothing that can flatter any silhouette, important is to have a little creativity and your look for fall would be perfect.

Skater Dress 2015-2016

Actually what is a skater dress? Do you know? Well, if you don’t know exactly, you should find out that a skater dress is a dress that resembles with what an ice skater would wear on the ice. The dress typically has a fitted bodice and flares out at the natural wrist.

2015 dress


skater dress 2016

skater dress

skater dress 2015

A skater dress is in the first place very cute and feminine. The length of the skirt is designed to fall mid-thing so you can show a little from your beautiful legs. All in one we could say that a skater dress is very easy to wear and has a huge advantage. Actually it will give you a very delicate and special look, which is basically the most appreciated characteristic of this piece of outfit.
You can wear the skater dress on many occasions and if it is well-chosen, it can highlight your strong points.
Do not neglect the way you are accessorizing it. A pair of stud earrings can definitely improve your look. You can even wear this type of dress when going to the office. Yes, you can do it if your company’s dress code allows it, of course.
A skater dress is also very comfortable, perfect for a woman who loves to be in trend and also to feel very comfortable. Feeling comfortable and relaxed is highly important this is why it should not be neglected. Of course it is very important also to find always the best solution for this kind of dress.

Long Dress Perfect for any Silhouette

A long dress is very elegant, that is for sure.

2015-2016 maxi dress

2015-2016 long dress

long dress 2015

2016 long dresses

Finding the best outfit combo is ideal in order to highlight your strong points.
If you have wide hips – If that’s the case, it would be recommended to choose a model that will draw the attention towards the upper part of your body, eventually with a generous cleavage. You can choose a dress that will fall loose under the bust area in order to hide the hips. Another idea would be to choose light dresses, the ones without shoulders or the ones that look like ponchos.
If you are short – Choose a dress that follows the line of your body, with thin vertical stripes or large prints. Even very large prints can work for you. It would be recommended to avoid large models of maxi dresses. Anyway, in the case that you are short it is best to be very careful when wearing a maxi dress because it is very hard for them to truly work into your benefit.
If you are very skinny – You can wear simple models that follow your waist line with large frills. There is another option and I’m talking about a dress with many large frills or with models with large prints on your bust area and flared on the bottom part. A light dress for sure will fit you perfectly.
If you are tall – The long dress can create the impression that you are taller, of course, but if you choose it wisely it can bring you lots of advantages. The dresses that work best on you are the flared ones who can divide your silhouette in two with the help of a wide belt or even through two contrasting colors, one in the upper part and one on the bottom. It is ideal to stop its length just above the ankle and obviously, you should avoid wearing high heels.
No matter your silhouette, if you are a little creative you can get a sensational look.

Hoodie for Ladies

The hoodie is already a common piece of clothing not only into men’s but women’s wardrobe as well. Indeed, it is for sure a must-have for any season.
Today I would like to talk about the hoodies for women.
Of course, hoodie is perfect for moments of relaxation because it is very comfortable. But it can also be worn in other ways that make it more than that.
A very good observation is that the sweater must not be larger with a few numbers and you should not blame widely. It looks great when you come right size and good body.

2015-2016 hoodie

womens hoodie 2015-2016

hoodie for women 2015-2016

bets womens hoodie 2015-2016

One of the most important characteristics of a hoodie is its versatility. It is very easy to be matched with many pieces of clothing and to be worn on many various occasions. The combos you can make by using a hoodie are numerous and accessible to any woman. Indeed, you just have to be very creative and, of course inspired.

Obviously, a hoodie is perfect for the relaxed, casual times. If you are going to see a movie, having a walk, at a picnic, at the gym or in any other situation that requires a physical activity, the hoodie is just perfect. Still, there is more because if you are inspired, the hoodie can be worn also with bold and chic outfits. An example is the extremely interesting and trendy combo between a hoodie and a blazer. It will give you a very cool look while being at the border between sport and smart casual. You can also wear it in combo’s with leather jackets.
For sure the hoodie is a piece of outfit with a great versatility and it is hard to resist and not to buy some in order to enrich your wardrobe with a very chic and relaxed piece of clothing.

Office Outfits Fall

The people nowadays are forever in a hurry. An active woman is whether a business woman or working into a multinational company. This requires being at the office at least 5 days a week (sometimes even more). Therefore you have to have a professional outfit related to your job and the company’s image that you are promoting.

suit fall 2015-2016

womens suits 2015-2016

suit for women

best tweed suit 2015-2016

During the fall, unlike summer of course, the temperatures are getting lower which is why it is time to start layering in order to be protected from the wind and cold, of course.
If the dress code of your company is not too strict, then you should be able to try wearing knitwear over a shirt for example. But, as I was saying, this depends entirely on your company’s dress code.
A real must-have during the fall is the tweet suit. In this way you will be for sure elegant and well protected from the cold at the same time.
Your health is extremely important and you should not sacrifice it under any circumstance, no matter the fashion trends might be. Finding a balance between dressing elegant and protecting yourself from cold might be difficult but is the best way to go during the fall.

Denim Shirt for Women

For many seasons now, the denim shirts are a must-have for many women. It is for sure a classic piece of outfit which can be easily matched with many pieces of clothing from your wardrobe.

womens denim shirt 2015-2016

denim shirt

best denim shirt 2015-2016

The denim has an impressive history, starting in the XVIIIth century when in North America the first denim clothes were made. Meanwhile, of course, the denim evolved a lot.
Whether you are wearing a denim shirt with a pair of leather pants, a maxi dress and a blazer, it’s your own personal choice. There are so many options out there and the denim shirt seems to be a piece of clothing that will never go out of style. It is extremely comfortable and, as I was saying above, highly versatile.
You may wear the denim shirt with jeans if you like to. All types of jeans work. Also, you can reinvent yourself with a pair of flared pants and a simple T-shirt.
Bear in mind that larger and longer models of denim shirt work best with skinny type of pants, while tighter and arched models work better with skirts, large pants and flared ones.
No matter your choice, you should bear in mind that, while the denim shirt is very comfortable and versatile, it can help you create with a little of inspiration some very chic combos. Important is to feel good and enjoy wearing one.

Bohemian Summer Maxi Dresses 2015-2016

The summer is the perfect season for this wonderful Bohemian maxi dress. This type of dress fits any type of woman. I’m saying that because it depends on how you accessorize them, how you match them and also the style and personal attitude of each woman. It is of course obvious that the romantic women would be probably the most delighted by this type of dress. If you are sensible, very delicate, with a lot of femininity then for sure this dress is just perfect. A Bohemian dress has airy vibes, lots of floral prints and usually is made of a quality fabric.
It’s worth mentioning that a Bohemian dress is versatile. You can easily match it with a lot of other pieces of outfit and also, you can wear it on many various occasions. Indeed the ones who love vintage and boho-chic style will be happy to have in wardrobe this maxi dress. It can be matched very easy as I stated above. But you can wear it with successes no matter which is is your favorite style, that is for sure. It is important to be very creative and to love dressing comfortable.

bohemian summer maxi dress 2015-2016

beautiful maxi dress 2015-2016

maxi dress 2015-2016

You can wear it when you go for a walk, to the movie, or to mall, when you go to have brunch with your friends, when you go shopping or even when going to the beach.
When it comes to accessories, the most important is to keep I simple. Most of the times, simple is better. Most of the materials used by those kind of dresses are very light. This is amazing and will be very helpful making the dress more comfortable. Moreover in summer this kind of characteristic is more than desirable.

The Bohemian dress is amazing because it is very comfortable, versatile and adds a touch of style to your look.

Women’s Office Attire for Winter 2016-2017 Latest Trends

A lot of women spend most of their time at the office. It is a reality nowadays. Women are very active, spend a lot of hours at the office, on the plane, flying between meetings, eventually on different continents. In this respect, if you are a fashion passionate, you can express this passion with the help of your daily outfit which is of course the office attire.

winter office attire 2015-2016

winter attire 2015-2016

Building the office attire is not a very easy thing, especially if we are talking about the cold time of the year – winter.

best winter office attire 2015-2016

office business suit 2015-2016

Indeed, this season can be difficult for the women who work into the business environment due to the low temperatures. This brings a certain limitation when it comes to the range of clothes that we can wear.

business suit 2015-2016

womens best office attire 2015-2016

The good side is that nowadays the market offers a large variety of models from different brands, made of many various fabrics. There are many suits models and blazers that can be easily matched to work for many outfits.
I’ve heard some specialists saying that the office attire limits a lot your possibilities of expressing your personality through the way you are dressing. Well, it is partially true. Yes, I’m saying partially because if you are a little creative, you will surely find a way to do it anyway. For sure, the company’s dress code greatly limits your options butt this should not discourage you. Still, even by obeying those rules is possible to express your feelings and personality but of course it will take some effort to achieve that. Yet, this should not be considered as an impediment. On the opposite, you should try even harder, you should be more determinate to surpass this obstacle, to be more creative and to try to obtain various outfit combos, adapted to your work environment. Another very important aspect is that your outfit should be comfortable. Unfortunately this aspect is often neglected but you should keep in mind that it is very important.

Women’s Cardigan Fall-Winter 2017-2018

Versatile, chic but also very useful at the same time, the cardigan is a highly appreciated piece of outfit all over the world. I mentioned earlier its versatility, but this extraordinary characteristic is very important, but it is not the only one. The cardigan is very useful into your wardrobe in any season, which is highly important. I would also like to add that it is very comfortable which is equally important, even more if we are talking about a relaxed, slightly casual piece of the outfit.

cardigans 2016-2017

best cardigan for women 2016

2016-2017 cardigan

Another interesting quality of the cardigan which I want to point out is that it can perfectly complete any type of outfit. No matter your favorite style (very fashionable or classic, conservative one), a cardigan can successfully complete any clothing combo.


best cardigan 2016

cardigans 2016

A cardigan is very useful when you build a layered outfit. It perfectly completes your look.
Matching this piece of outfit is very easy. Indeed, as I have already said, the cardigan is a very versatile piece of clothing which can be easily matched with many various clothing pieces. Moreover the cardigan could be used in many situation in fall-winter season. No matter your personal style this piece is perfect.
The cardigan seems a simple piece of outfit. Maybe it might seem like one but we all know that sometimes simple is better.
Jeans and shirt fit perfectly together and are very comfortable. You can give a fresh note of such outfits if complete with a long cardigan. Just try it and for sure the results could be really spectacular, I can assure you.

All the cardigan’s qualities that we have already talked about make from this piece of outfit a highly appreciated and desired piece of clothing. The wardrobe of a modern and trendy woman should definitely contain such a complex piece of outfit.

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans 2015-2016

It has been nearly 150 years since Levi Strauss used to create the first pair of blue jeans, without thinking it was going to revolutionize fashion.

For sure the jeans have become for some time now a clothing item that can’t miss from any woman’s wardrobe. The jeans are your best friends during the days when nothing seems to be good enough with what you want to wear. Obviously, there are many styles and models, but ripped boyfriend jeans are very special.

best Ripped Boyfriend Jeans 2015-2016

best boyfriend jeans 2015-2016

womens ripped jeans 2015-2016

ladies ripped jeans 2015-2016

2016 ripped jean

ladies ripped jeans 2016

If you are a relaxed person and you like to dress chic but very comfortable at the same time, a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans is a very good option. They are more comfortable than a lot of skinny jeans or leggings and, more important, they look more chic.
If you want to have a chic look, try a combo with a blazer for example. You will look very cool and you will stop looking sloppy.
If you decide to go with your friends to a club, try a combo with a dressy top. With a chic pair of high heels, you will look stunning.
Even a simple T-shirt can look great in combo with ripped boyfriend jeans.
Ripped jeans were on the scene this summer more than ever, bringing with them increasingly cuts deeper and stains of all kinds, not to mention the inserts and handmade drawings (necessarily). I have adopted them without restraint and I wore so often that I’m surprised and I do not I bored them. When you wear a pair of ripped jeans we must be careful to keep a balance of parts with which put them.
Except the situations when it is mandatory to wear a formal outfit, the ripped boyfriend jeans are very comfortable and, more important, they are versatile enough to be worn with interesting and chic outfit combinations.

White Summer Dress 2015-2016

White dress is simple, refreshing, a a great option for summer. First, you must choose a shade of white that matched perfect your skin.
Not all women can wear that shiny white, strong, but fortunately, there is some shade of white for each skin type. If your skin is pale, then you can choose the classic white and silver accessories.
White is a difficult color to wear – first you must find the right shade of your skin, then make sure the fabric is quality, not surprises such as transparencies, and, above all, if it is a dress, you have to be careful to style it properly.

best white summer dress 2015-2016

best dress summer 2015-2016

white summer dress 2015-2016

summer white dress 2015-2016

lace white dress 2015-2016

2015-2016 summer white dress

Avoid very tight dresses. White is not a color that flatters necessarily silhouette. Choose therefore a baggy dress May, which floats on the body. In addition, white is a color which inspire freedom and waves, so that the dress should reflect that.

Wearing underwear the same color as your skin. Although most women tend to choose white underwear in a white dress will become as visible as material, so that helps. This also applies to pants, and underwear.

Break white monochromatic with colorful accessories. A statement necklace, several cocktail rings or some oversized earrings join your white dress will make you instantly look like a goddess of beauty.

If you want a long white evening dress, avoid choosing a bride look like a model structured, architectural lines. You’ll look like a diva on the red carpet.

But do not be afraid to try a silhouettes fluid way, when it comes to white dresses. Try a dress in chiffon or silk veil and be prepared to feel like a fairy tale. Accessorize it with a waist strap to break effect of all white from head to toe.

Deep necklines, either in the front or in the back, and clippings that is uncovered portions of the abdomen, back or legs, guarantees a sensual appearance, while ensuring that in no case will not look as if you’re going to the church for a ceremony of marriage.

Join to a white maxi dresses, a massive metal accessories such as a belt and a gold statement necklace made of several oversized chains, for example, this will banish any resemblance to a bride, instead giving you a perfect outfit for a summer party.

Accessorize a white dress with a white leather jacket, to balance the sweet air with a dose of toughness and white mini dress for a day with a denim jacket for a look ultra cool.

Latest Maxi Skirts 2015-2016

Maxi skirts are trendy for several years now and they seem to keep their top position also in the future. Indeed it is a versatile and chic piece of clothing perfect for any season and for multiple situations.
Moreover a maxi skirt gives you possibility to create various outfit combo’s. No matter which is your style a maxi skirt is always there to save your day.

2015-2016 maxi skirt

womens best maxi skirt 2015-2016

ladies maxi skirt 2015-2016

maxi skirt for ladies 2015-2016

womens maxi skirt

maxi skirt for women 2015-2016

Within this season, the most desired colors are the bright ones like red, turquoise, green and blue. As you can see, there is a wide range of colors available therefore you can easily choose your favorite color.
If you are tall and wish to reduce a little that aspect, you should wear maxi skirts in two colors separated by a horizontal line which will help you look shorter. Match a pair of ballet shoes and a blazer and for sure you will be more than happy with the result.
If on the contrary, you are short, you should wear a maxi skirt without prints with tight tops and V-shape cleavages. Anyway, no matter of your height, a maxi dress is perfect if you know how to choose it properly.
In the case that you are very thin, then for sure you are very lucky and yes, that means you can wear any model of maxi skirt you want.
Women with large breasts and wide hips would be best to try maxi skirts with deep slits on the legs in order to balance a little the look.
If you decide to wear maxi skirts on a chillier evening, you can easily match it with a blazer or with a tight cardigan for a plus of femininity.
As you have noticed already, the maxi skirts are extremely versatile and can easily create the base for many chic outfits.