Floral Print Dresses 2016 Latest Trends

The dresses are “must have” clothing items in the summer, they can be a good choice, because they are easy to match and very feminine. But even when you want a more stylish look and not necessarily “girly”, also a floral dress can be very helpful.
Such an outfit is easier to develop, floral dress is, by definition, a feminine piece of clothing. In summer, you can wear with a few discreet accessories, such as a braided headband and earrings simple flat sandals plus. Depending on your preference, you can either opt for neutral colors or some daring.
Floral dresses are the main piece of the warm season, celebrating the return to life of nature, cyclical and color.
This dresses will not ever go out of style, but are hard to wear without committing errors. First, you must not forget that they are pretty loaded, so that the outfit should be as simple. When you choose accessories, for example, should be in a color that is found on the dress. If you do not like the result, opt for pieces in neutral tones.

When wearing a dress with floral pattern, sandals are the best choice. In some cooler days, opt for flats or heels or platforms below. High-heeled shoes just fit for evening dress.
For active women who are not reluctant to be appealing even to the office, a dress with floral print, medium length is ideal. Whether you opt for a flared dress in 60s style or, on the contrary, opt for a dress molded to emphasize your shape, you can complete outfit with a jacket and a waist belt discreet, that you highlight this area . Accessories and they must maintain the register office, so choose to wear a pair of heels and a purse classical average in neutral shades.
And exuberant floral dress glam details will integrate perfectly into the landscape of an evening event, replacing items relaxed day with some more sophisticated evening. Whether you choose to wear a mini dress, medium length or maxi, a pair of shoes with stiletto heels or sandals some dizzying binding in this case. Also, an elegant clutch, small, will give more preciousness outfit. In order not to overload the outfit, accessories Chapter limit yourself to just one set of bracelets or earrings statement.

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Women’s Suede Dresses 2016 Trends

Suede dress, whose conduct was imposed by us boho trend, but I accepted it with all joy, is a hit of the current season. Try a line outfit of the 70s and we guarantee that you will not groaning other influences!

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Suede leather is made from the underside of the skin, primarily lamb, although goat, calf and deer are commonly used. Splits from thick hides of cow and deer are also sueded, but, due to the fiber content, have a shaggy nap. Because suede does not include the tough exterior skin layer, suede is less durable but softer than standard (“full-grain”) leather. Its softness, thinness, and pliability make it suitable for clothing and delicate uses; suede was originally used for women’s gloves. Suede leather is also popular in upholstery, shoes, bags, and other accessories, and as a lining for other leather products. Due to its textured nature and open pores, suede may become dirty and quickly absorb liquids.

Suede is a renewed old tendency in recent years with a lot of color. It looks like suede gets very joyful and feminine connotations this year, and we assure you that wear both in winter and especially in the warm.

Therefore, if you do not have wardrobe accessory and / or a piece of clothing suede it is time to make an investment.

Dresses, skirts, tops and vests: most pieces of suede, with few exceptions, have cut loose just wide in places. That means you’ll be able to wear whatever silhouette.

Pair tops with skirts of the same color and material, flowered shirts or jackets with denim jackets and oversized dresses or summer Saharan fluids.

Tip: pay attention to how much gates. Maximum 2 pieces in the same outfit are sufficient. You can combine a mini or maxi skirt with a top or a jacket with a pair of boots with fringe. Suede is not indicated in a total suede look!

A suede dress could be a very nice solution, and if you are creative enough could also be versatile enough to help you in many situation.
This dress is also very comfortable which is very important.

Best Parka Coats for Women 2018

For those of you (few) who don’t know, parka is a long jacket that comes down to the knees, often waterproof, with a hood. Created long time ago, by the Eskimos specifically to protect them from the hard cold, although today it looks very different, it kept its main quality – to keep you very warm.
Parka jacket has enjoyed a major comeback in recent years. Inspired by army style, this piece of clothing has managed to conquer fashionistas worldwide. Although it seems at first glance a versatile item, it can be a basic piece in your wardrobe. Give a special air to your outfits with a parka jackets.

Style office requires a certain dress code, but this does not mean that all pieces of your outfit should be sober and monotonous. Add a splash of color with a parka jacket. Opt for a model with a simple cut without too many applications (pockets or leather inserts). For a chic and feminine touch complete your outfit with some accessories. Also, in cold days take advantage of the characteristics of a fur vests, another item in fashion trends this season. Sporty chic ravages the current street style. Hats, caps, shirts and sneakers are representative pieces in this case. The air of slightly nonconformist parka jacket does is bring a fresh vibe kept whole. Complements outfits with shoes with heels for a feminine touch. No torn jeans should not be missing from the landscape, especially if you’re not a fan of women’s fashion style grunge. If you thought that only a fur coat or a coat might supplement such a harmonious outfit, here’s evidence that a parka jacket can be integrated as well. If you wear dresses or skirts of fine materials, accentuates your waist with a belt and wear a pair of retro shoes. You will certainly become a trendsetter for female presences in your life. Other interesting clothing combinations you can get if you wear a tartan-print skirt, caught at the waist with a belt with rock chic details and statement shoes or if you opt for an outfit in shades of green. Combines comfort with elegance and chic urban wear outfits. Counting on leggings, bold prints, glam footwear and bags or envelopes. Alongside a parka jacket, such clothing items will look great. The picture should not miss an attitude to match. The clothes you wear can give you more confidence in you than you think.

Parka jacket has become a must-have for any fashion girl. Inspire yourself from the above outfits and surely you will have only compliments and admiring glances. Do not be afraid to build original combo’s.

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Today parka can be worn in so many ways, it is no longer just a functional piece designed to keep us warm. Fashion season unusual combination allows us and encourage us to use not only kept parka sport but also for elegant appearances.

If you do not have one, you’re worth a buy at discounts for wear and next winter, so you make an investment inspired. In addition, you’ll often find parka styling possibilities are very ingenious.

Black Lace Dresses 2016-2017

In recent seasons, the trends are moving more and more towards budoir fashion. If you type bustier tops or slip dresses are a bit much for you, there is a song inspired by underwear that almost anyone can use: lace dress.

Preferred by more and more designers, lace-easily tapped dress are more and more present in wardrobe fashionistas everywhere. The more complicated lace is that, although it can be worn by anyone, at any age, can be worn anyway. Provocative, sexy or elegant lace can provide you both success and failure when it comes to style.

The first thing you have to have in mind is quality. No compromises. Invests in a lace dress from a quality or not investing at all. If it’s a cheap lace, be sure that this will be seen.

Black dress is a must-have for any woman, moreover a black lace dress. It’s sexy piece and you should give a sophisticated touch to each behavior.
Black lace dress looks good on any figure as long as you wear the right shoes and accessorize Properly. You will not go wrong if you choose nude heels, red or black. Avoid very light yellow shades such as, neon green or pink, because it will give an air of vulgar to your outfit and will seem cheap.
To bag, opting for a simple clutch or a small bag, Which HER keep on the shoulder. Silver, red, white or gold shades is best suited for your bag and black and neon colors must be avoided.

Black lace dress that we recommend today it can be worn in several categories of events: from cocktail parties, to exit the club, weddings, banquets and balls. It all depends on the creativity of proof when you accessorize the little black dress of lace. Because it is so permissive, a black lace dress’re not limited to a small number of options in terms of makeup or accessories, so that you can create very different outfits, and also very stylish and feminine. Made of black embroidered lace dress Ella follows you discreetly body lines, giving you an incredibly provocative allure; classic color, but compensates seductive effect through the mysterious allure that inspires and transforms it into a lace outfit sophisticated, refined and elegant. Black lace dress shows off your bucket bust, so you always attract compliments.

For a remarkable appearance at parties and events mold half or informal – such as cocktail parties or birthdays of your friends, opt for colorful accessories. In combination with a lace black dress, vibrant colors are not only adds to the charm of a party outfit. Depending on the effect you want to create it, you can opt for different colors: yellow, green, blue, red, purple or silver. Each of these colors will give you a completely different outfit, so not only need to think about what you want to convey that represents you better color, depending on one occasion or location.

Black lace dress can be worn to events most demanding in terms of dress code. Sufficiently elegant and sophisticated black lace dress makes you a peerless appearance if worn in combination with precious jewelry in shades of gold, silver or ivory. Pearls, diamonds, and gold or silver crystals are ideal to create a formal dress, particularly sophisticated and refined. And not only need a necklace or a bracelet or a pair of earrings; given the preciousness jewelry, you must be very careful not to load the outfit so much to distract from the dress and outfit a whole.

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Lace Dresses Latest Trends 2016

Lace dresses are fashionable this year, so it would be very good to you and you buy such clothing items. In fact, lace was worn since last year and still is trending. In addition, there are very many ways you can wear the dress of lace- more than ever. Whether you adopt a feminine style, romantic, sweet, whether you go to a rock-chic style, there are options for every preference and a bunch of lace dress models suitable and available.

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Lace will always remain one of the preferred materials of women, irrespective of the garment which it is found, due charm that it gives the wearer. Sophisticated, elegant, romantic, seductive and mysterious lace seems to encompass the very essence of femininity. Therefore, a dress made of lace will always be appreciated and will always offer the woman who wears a special allure, which denotes femininity, delicacy and elegance.

Even if not all occasions are suitable to wear clothes made entirely of lace in recent years they have gained huge popularity inserts and lace details. Therefore, dresses with lace must be always present in your clothing options, regardless of the time or opportunity you choose to wear them. A small lace detail will turn a casual dress in a party dress, lace sleeves and some mystery and you will enhance your outfit will transform into a particular one, even if the design itself is a fairly common one.

Here are some suggestions that you should keep in mind when choosing a dress of lace:

– Choose a quality lace, indeed it is very important this aspect, even an ignorant eye recognize if lace is one of quality or not.
– If you’re not sure, give up and choose a shade strong colors like black or nude neutral. Nude lace is the most wearable and at the same time, it is particularly sexy.
– Beware of how transparency is lace! It is very small line between sexy and vulgar; so be careful not to reveal too much.
– Do not overdo it with accessories. How lace is a valuable and quite pretentious, it is recommended not to use too many accessories. Avoid wearing necklaces and bracelets, the most appropriate would be a precious pair of earrings. Yet if you wear a necklace, bracelet quit, or vice versa. … And most importantly, do not combine lace dress with accessories of the same texture.

White Summer Dress 2016

If LBD (Little Black Dress-black dress) is a classic, her sister LWD (Little White Dress-white dress) represent a real trend summer storm.

A white dress choice is a very demanding look and can turn into your enemy, because you can easily highlight flaws on which you do not want to attract attention. But if you choose the right accessories may be just a white dress outfit that you need.

White dresses are simple, very refreshing and just perfect for the summer. However, the right to wear a white dress is a little more complicated than suggested color. But if you know some basic tricks, you’re doing great.

First, you must choose a shade of white that matches your skin.

Not all women can wear that shiny white, strong, but fortunately, there is one shade of white for each skin type. If your skin is pale, then you can choose the classic white and silver accessories.

Olive complexion goes very well also with white, but with ecru shade, especially when you add and gold accessories. If your skin is pink, best go with ivory and cream or white with silver and gold accessories alike.
Avoid white lace dresses, which is likely to have an air too … nuptial. If you would like texture, choose a print translucent white lace in place for absolute wow effect.

If you want a long white gown, avoid choosing a bride look like a model structured with architectural lines. You’ll look like a diva on the red carpet.
But do not be afraid to try and silhouettes fluid way, when it comes to white dresses. Try a dress of chiffon or maybe silk. Accessorize it with a belt at the waist to break the effect of all white from head to toe.

Join a white dresses maxi accessory metal panels, such as a belt golden and a statement necklace made of several chains oversized, for instance, will banish any resemblance to a wedding, giving you instead a perfect outfit for a summer party.
Accessorize a white maxi dress with a leather jacket in order to balance the sweet air with a dose of toughness and white mini dress for a day with a denim jackets for a look ultra cool.

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Denim Vests 2018

Denim vest is a great accessory and it should not miss from your spring wardrobe of any woman who wants to be in step with the trends of the season.

All women appreciate the versatility of denim jackets, but the temperatures rise in thermometers and we must find an alternative to it. I think the best choice is a denim vest that can be worn almost anytime, anywhere.

Jeans vest piece of clothing is perfect for a casual outfit. Wear it over a green shirt and skinny jeans. You’ll get the perfect outfit for a day at the office, but also for an evening meeting with friends. Shoes with high heels will give extra style this combination.

One morning late spring, when the sun does not burn so much as to noon, take with you over white lace dress and a jeans jacket. It will be comfortable, and the contrast between the two pieces of clothing will look sensational.

In colder days, do not hesitate to put you under a sweater vest nude, moldings. Pair this dress in a flared skirt of artificial fur and you get a very feminine look, but also a comfortable outfit for a night out. Indeed you will look amazingly chic and very important you will be very comfortable also.

You can wear denim jacket over a simple black dress. The difference in color and texture will transform devoid of personality, dress in an outfit downright interesting. Take your courage and, instead of an ordinary pair of shoes, some sneakers with black socks on his shoes. You will attract attention, and appreciation of others. A combination with a black dress is truly stunning, it is very chic, and believe or not very sensual. Of course it is also important also to give the proper attitude when wearing this combination.

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Brown Leather Jackets For Ladies 2018

Leather jacket is one of the most appreciated pieces in all seasons.

A brown leather jacket should not miss from your wardrobe. They are versatile and it will never go out of style, so if you have not already one, it’s time to make an investment. One can wear all year, but her moment of glory is in transition seasons.

Leather jacket goes to everything from elegant look to casual one. We like how it looks with torn jeans, blouse and heels of course. This piece has always been considered the essence of cool outfits, regardless of the clothes is combined or style that you wear.

For a powerful and sophisticated day look, but not classic rock songs combine stylish jacket. A high-waisted pencil skirt and a length below the knee favor them both on the high and Mignon, creating the sensation of feet long.

The waist and generous hips can opt for one of a lightweight elastic fabrics because they tend to emphasize parts problems. Instead the silhouette slim and well proportioned can choose a skirt with waist evidenced, for added sensuality. Because leather jacket is a song associated with personalities rebel and styles available, free of dress-code sites strict, you have to behave in a context very feminine if you want to have an apparition sitting elegant and modern in which to include. So you can combine skirt with a silk blouse, but choose a model which has a modern or classic cut.

Those with small breasts suit them fine neck blouse (collared tunic), which draws attention to the neck. Those with large breasts are advantaged blouses with minimal cleavage, but without frills or bows at the neck because they oversize bust.

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As I said before brown leather jacket is one of the songs that should not miss from your wardrobe every woman. Leather jacket is perfect for both winter and cooler evenings of the season. This is the trend for years and shows no sign that we will leave too soon. Not only must fill a casual attire, but can also be of clothing that you can wear to events more special.

Latest Striped Tank Tops 2016

In trend or not, we see everywhere. Yes, Indeed, we see in the classroom, on the street, at the mall, at parties, in the market wherever glances, must necessarily find at least one item in stripes.

What does it matter if they are expired or expired if not in terms of designers are depleted due to excessive reputation they have acquired in the last time. As I said, anything above does not matter as long as we see daily dozens that kept stripes make you weep and aesthetic eye to go crazy. Important is to make a more creative styling striped pieces, playing with them according to their own personality and the type of outfit that you want to realize it.
Striped tank top is undoubtedly an essential piece, or if it should become for you.

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Latest Bohemian Maxi Dresses 2016

This dress fits to almost any type of woman. Yes this is true, I’m saying that because it depends on how you accessorize them, how you match them and also the style and personal attitude of each woman. Ohh yes, I said personal attitude, because this is important too. It is of course obvious that the romantic women would be probably the most delighted by this type of dress. For example, if we are talking about a sensible, delicate, with a lot of femininity kind of women then for sure this dress is more than perfect. A Bohemian dress has airy vibes, lots of floral prints and usually is made of a quality fabric.
Another very important feature is its versatility. So, yes you can easily match it with a lot of other pieces of outfit and also, you can wear it on many various occasions. Indeed the ones who love vintage and boho-chic style will be happy to have in wardrobe this maxi dress. It can be matched very easy as I stated above. But you can wear it with successes no matter which is is your favorite style, that is for sure. It is important to be very creative and to love dressing comfortable.

You can wear it when you go for a walk, to the movie, or to shopping sessions, when you go to have brunch with your friends, or even when going to the beach.
When it comes to accessories, the most important is to keep I simple. Very simple is truly better. Most of the materials used by those kind of dresses are very light. This is amazing and will be very helpful making the dress more comfortable. Moreover in summer this kind of characteristic is more than desirable.

You, for sure can wear this kind of dress in many daily (and in the evening of course) situations, the important thing that you should comfortable and love wearing this piece.

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Floral Dresses Summer 2017-2018

Femininity and sensuality, without doubt this are two words that can characterize very well a floral dress. The dresses are clothing items “must have” in the summer, and the floral can be a good choice, because they are easy to match and very feminine. But even when you want a more stylish look and not necessarily “girly”, also a floral dress can be very helpful.

Romantic or atmosphere of the office, both are perfectly covered by a floral dress, but also in the special evening events, but also in the home. The important thing is to choose the right cut for each of these occasions and, of course, print coating suitable situation.
Floral dress is subject to some tips for the combination you choose. For example if you are petite and have no extra kilos, molded mini dresses are ideal for you. If on the other hand you are tall and thin can wear just about anything, but preferably medium-sized prints and bright colors. Or if you type apple silhouette with skinny legs and extra pounds on your belly, baby doll dresses are ideal with small floral print. But these are women who have thick thighs prohibited.

For example large flowers, placed on a light-colored background will add more volume your figure and will give the impression of fuller forms. The black background but I can help you look worse. Also you can resort to using belts that define your waist and give the impression of a harmonious body.

Catwalk sites in Milan, Paris, New York, abound in various floral collections. There are a lot of models, for every style, taste and event of course.
Important is to feel great on this type of dress, because they are comfortable enough. Being able to find the right combination it’s depending on your inspiration.

Whether you choose large or small flower prints in bright colors or pastel, they can be worn both on the beach and for going out. Whether you wear a long dress, medium length or short floral prints will make you get out and you always feel full of life.

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Summer White Jeans For Women 2016

If you look and stylish, sexy and conquer the simplicity and freshness, choose a pair of white jeans for this summer.
White jeans look great combined with black top, creamy beige shoes and handbag. They are very versatile and can be matched with almost everything from shirts and blouses, silk, shirts, jackets, heels, sneakers, ballet flats or sandals with platform. In the following lines you some tips on ways to wear white jeans this season superbly.

White skinny jeans boot cut (ankle) are very beautiful and fit to many types of body from the androgynous style – to the one with forms. Unfortunately, women should avoid them are those with short legs, because this type of jeans cut leg and gives exactly the effect which should be avoided.

Some interesting tips:

– Appropriate measure. Unfortunately, the color white is not very suitable for overweight women, but if you have a body or skinny without extra kilos, this element will come your dress perfectly. Keep in mind though that white skinny jeans will highlight any “roundness”. Plus, white jeans sizes larger or boyfriend jeans type models are not very flattering in a chic outfit.

If you have shapes, choose a pair of white jeans straight or slightly flared to create the illusion of long legs.

If you’re a smaller body, androgynous or, simply low you can choose smoothly skinny jeans, even a 3/4 model.

If you’re short, you can wear skinny jeans, but if they are too long, it is not alright.

– Do not scrimp on quality. When a pair of white jeans are not tailored properly, it shows precisely because white stands out more easily. Choose a pair of white jeans a material quality and carefully tailored. Go look on a simple, minimalist, to convey elegance. Avoid pairs ‘improved’ with sequins, prints or pebbles, not to give the impression of cheap and gaudy outfits.

– Wear proper undergarments. Who likes to see a pair of black pants, red or multicolored, through a pair of white pants? If you choose to dress jeans white, then it is advisable to wear nude colored underwear or even nude seamless underwear. Also, no white underwear is not a good choice. Take the nude tones!

– White means cleaning. Tue, nothing is more disastrous than white jeans full of stains. Wash them after every wear and remember to use a bleach to get a bright white.

The jeans are and will always be the easiest choice for any woman when she wants to wear something comfortable and trendy at the very same time.

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