Strapless Swimsuits 2016-2017 Trends

Because surely, you will want to have part of a tan without unsightly traces and we thought we offer several models strapless swimsuit.
The most popular are deux-piece swimsuits with bra tape or ribbon form, perfect especially for women with small breasts. Opt for costumes in bright colors or with various prints or applications that will increase your bust visible. If you are among women with medium to large bust, or if you have a full and want to dress silhouette of a strapless bathing suit, you can wear a monokini carefree. It looks absolutely amazing, for sure.

With a strapless bathing suit in a vibrant color, you’ll surely attract glances. Besides that it will highlight the bronze after a few days of sunbathing, creates the illusion of larger breasts. Opt for bandeau bras or the type foundations for a retro look and really looking models with ruffles, embroidery and fringes to add volume to your upper body.
Nothing can compete with the elegance afforded by a swimsuit strapless black or white. Both non-colors have their pluses that you know and you: thin black while whites add volume where appropriate putting their olive skin tone. Dare to get out of the box, a white bra and black combining a colorful bikini pair, plain or printed.

Nothing can compete with the elegance afforded by a swimsuit strapless black or white. Both non-colors have their pluses that you know and you: thin black while whites add volume where appropriate putting their olive skin tone. Dare to get out of the box, a white bra and black combining a colorful bikini pair, plain or printed.

Choose without fear those swimsuits because they are looking very nice, and gives you possibility to have an amazing tan. Moreover it looks very nice, and it is always in trend.

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Strapless Swimsuits 2016-2017

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Womens Leather Bomber Jacket 2017

Leather bomber jacket has an school air, very fresh, assorted but properly it can be a key element of an outfit elegant(yes, even that…) and chic. All you have to do is to always match it with other pieces of clothing and not be afraid to try. If you are an adventurous person, you can bet on bomber jackets do not come in classic colors and instead have prints. A leather bomber jacket has a lot of qualities this is for sure.

KBN Leather Women’s Genuine Lambskin Leather Biker Bomber Jacket
bomber leather jacket 2017

This amazing leather jacket looks tremendous. It also has a fantastic versatility, which allows you to wear it in various situation.

Fanala Womens Moto Biker Faux Leather Jacket Vintage Zip Up Bomber Jacket Coat

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With nice turtle neck long sleeve bomber jacket, zip-up closure and solid pattern this jacket looks very nice. Take into consideration the fact that it looks amazing and it has a fabulous quality/price ratio.

Leather Bomber Jacket
LEATHER FASHION ATTIRE Women’s Lambskin Bomber Biker Jacket
good looking leather jackets 2017

If you want a good looking bomber leather jacket this is the perfect option. Indeed, because it looks tremendous, and also it is very chic also. You can wear it in many moments of the night or evening of course.

Prim leather Women’s Lambskin Leather Bomber Biker Jacket
stunning leather jacket 2016

Quality of this jacket is absolutely huge. Also, looks tremendous and will be great in any kind of situation.

Leather Planet Women’s Lambskin Leather Bomber Biker Jacket
bomber leather jacket 2016

This leather bomber jacket will be great for your wardrobe, perfect for any style. If you love to dress casual, elegant or conservative, so not matter , you will look great.

Sweater Insert Leather Bomber Jacket in Tan
perfect bomber leather jacket 2016

This jacket is incredibly cute and looks more than perfect. You can go wearing that looks great no matter than you will go to campus, to shopping, for a walk, or with friends at the mall, it a nice solution.

Ladies Skinny Jeans 2016-2017 Fall-Winter Trends

Looking behind to their history, skinny jeans have been born in the 80’s. Also in our days those jeans are very in trend. It seems that they will never get out of fashion trends. So, skinny jeans can create a spectacular look if you are creative and you will have the necessary information in order to be able to imagine the best look.

Skinny jeans have a fantastic characteristic, and I’m talking about their huge versatility. Indeed, they easily can be matched to any outfit combination no matter the situation (event) in which you are involved (except, of course business office or elegant one) you can create an interesting look with some pair of skinny jeans. Clearly your imagination and creativity is important too. Try as many combination as you can and the results will surely amaze you. Skinny jeans versatility is great as we stated above, so you can try various combination like: wear it with T-shirt, with cardigans, with shirts, with sweaters, with sneakers, with shoes or sandals. And, yes, of course you can wear it with boots also. The combination over the knee boots with skinny jeans is absolutely tremendous. Indeed such a look will get you out of the crowd immediately. There is no doubt about that. If you want you can have a relaxed look, as we said aboveyou can combine it with a pair of sneaker. You will feel extremely comfortable in this way you will easily go to shopping or to a walk. The choice is yours.
Skinny jeans are very in trend this fall-winter season. And this is happening for many years ago.

Of course one of the advantages of this kind of shoes is actually the fact that you can wear it in any season. Wear it without fear, the skinny jeans are great , and the combination with the, can do wonders for your look.

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Floral Print Dresses For Women 2016-2017

You surely love it, yes, indeed it is impossible to not to love floral dress. Their versatility is absolutely amazing.

2016 floral dress

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Temptations of fashion in the current season, I like dresses with floral prints. They continue a trend that designers have proposed us in the summer, just as this fall flowers are large, detailed transformed into real paintings on fine materials: mostly silk or taffeta.

Dresses this season are, in fact, like gardens fall earth colors, burgundy, dark green, purple, punctuated by vivid hues such as yellow. Chrysanthemums and roses rust fragile silhouettes dressed in various styles, from the boho adopted by Kenzo at the very elegant Givenchy signed. Betsey Jackson mixes boldly in the same outfit, floral print coating with the animal print, proposing a version unique to wear dress: long sleeve blouse over a spot that remains.

I propose three models of printed dresses, you can wear in different styles. Each of the three, depending on the parts that combine can be the centerpiece of an outfit or an elegant boho.

It is important to be comfortable in this dress. As I said in the beginning we are extremely versatile and will allow you to dress in many situations but you have to feel good with yourself wearing a floral dress.
If you are romantic and very feminine, this kind of dress is more than perfect. It will accentuate your delicacy, your sensibility and for sure the one from your social circle will see your look upgrade. Be stylish and try to wear them , for example with heels.
Also worth to say that it is not necessary to wear too many accessory. SO, yes, because floral dress is the main piece of your look.
Latest trends of 2016-2017 are still in loved with floral dresses which is maintaining in women’s tastes all around the world. As I said before fashion trends are certified in the street trends, and the floral dresses remains in tops.

Sleeping Garment 2017

I do not know if are aware but the most important sleeping garment is pajama and the word “pajama” comes from the Persian word “paijama” and means “leg garment”. When the English colonialists settled territories in the east, they considered the loose-fitting trousers and jacket very comfortable and used them around the house and for sleeping.Indeed it is a very comfortable piece of garment , perfect for you to give during the night the necessary comfort.

Of course it is clear that the material is : flannel, silk, satin, cotton, wool, all soft materials are more than welcomed. Yes, true, because also the material should be very comfortable.

Due to their comfort, pajamas are worn with bare feet and even without underwear, so forget about office attire or high heels , put on some pajamas and just be natural, be yourself. In order to express your mood you can choose from a lot of designs and prints like: flowers, cute animals like puppies, kittens, rabbits, ducks, teddy bears, little fishes, whatever you desire, or maybe you enjoy having on your jimmies some balloons, polka dots, images from cartoons such as Tweedy the Bird or Hello Kitty. Also, you may want to wear a pajama with stripes, images of sports or favorite movie and so on.

You also should be aware that your sleeping garment should be periodically changed.

A survey showed that many Britons wear pajamas for 2 weeks or more before a change to another clan. A hygiene expert also drew attention to the dangers posed by the fact of change rarely nightwear. The survey results scandalized her prof. Sally Bloomfield, a specialist in hygiene at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, who warned that wearing for 2 weeks the same linens night can lead to skin infections, cystitis, even Superbugs dreaded MRSA infection (a staph resistant to multiple antibiotics and causes infections very difficult to treat).

She explained that pajamas are in intimate contact with the skin, and it blistered, eliminating dead cells filled with microorganisms.
For example, many people have staph on the skin, which, if reaching the small skin lesions can cause infections. Similarly, we all have bacteria E coli in the intestine, most strains are harmless it. But if you get into the urinary tract can cause urinary infections, resulting in cystitis.

Some people are even carriers of MRSA, which can cause infection rebellious to treatment.

The risk of all of these problems increases when bacteria accumulate on the fabric that is in contact with the skin nightly. Also, bacteria can be transferred from one person to another when they sleep in the same bed.

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Sleeveless Coats For Women 2016-2017

Autumn is the perfect time for layering clothes. This trend can keep you warm on cold days of winter and can make interesting outfits. Anyway this coat looks so versatile,

Allow to stratify as many clothes as long you do this the right way. Start with jeans and shirt and then opt for a sweater and then ends with a jacket. In some cases, you can even put a jacket over sleeveless sweater. Sleeveless fur is considered the best fashion staple layering this fall. Sleeveless layers can be found in different styles and colors and, as such, can be part of stylish outfits.

Black is a color that goes well with everything, so if you choose a sleeveless black coat, certainly you will not fail. This will give the outfit a touch of elegance and style by layering that you choose can be a formal or casual look.

If black is too boring for you, then choose such a garment in a shade of beige. This color combination looks good in black, white, and blue denim. Wear it over sweater or leather jacket over black on cooler days.
Combine the outfit with a sleeveless gray coat.
Shades of gray should be part of every wardrobe, fall. This is just one more reason to choose a gray sleeveless coat for this season. It will look great on black leather jacket or be part of the outfit monochromatic shades of gray. Gray looks very good in combination with cherry, so might to like to wear such a garment over purple sweater or jacket of the same color.

You can layer it over a lighter jacket for a example or a simple t-shirt dress for an interesting look. Some girls call it a long vest, well, frankly speaking you can name it whatever you want.

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Best Poncho For Women 2016-2017 Trends

A piece of clothing very feminine and warm is Mexican poncho that can easily be matched with a large number of outfits in autumn or winter. If you want to successfully cope with the low temperatures without sacrificing your style, find out how to wear the winter poncho convenience.
Although both current and easy to integrate into outfits everyday, poncho betray both in form and style, length: appeared more than 2,000 years, a community Peruvian, winning even more more ground during wars. Cold and mountainous areas were those where poncho was spread in various forms, since it is the ideal piece of clothing for cold, wind or rain. With or without hood and sleeves, wide, easy to cut and easy to put on, poncho was “upgraded” during the war, adding to the outer layer of latex, for tightness.

Poncho’s popularity increased when he became …a movie star! Clint Eastwood known and has appeared in a lot of movies wearing poncho, which has become a statement piece for the star. Now poncho part of traditional South American clothes, instilling a Latin flair to any outfit that is matched.

Since poncho’s popularity is booming, it’s time to take advantage of its qualities in the current season, as do Hollywood celebrities. The only rule is necessary to keep in mind when wearing a poncho is that large volume that it gives you to the top of the outfit must be offset by a minimalist style in the lower area.
The secret of a successful image stylish poncho is inappropriate to capture all the attention. Therefore, choose to wear shades and simple cuts in the bottom of your outfit, like jeans and boots to classic tights and shoes British inspiration.

Many of us have a reluctance to purchase clothing items identity. I mean those item sites that you notice right from the entrance of the store, are gaudy, garish, seem hard to put in an outfit and often we have seen badly assorted street, which is why they avoid the thanks to not fall into the same mistakes. I know, poncho can fit easily into this pattern because of the identity elements that make “picky”.

Fringes – most come with fringed poncho-sized package. The sleeve or bottom, sometimes on the surface of the material. Due laden air that you will give your outfit, this type of poncho worn with solid colors and no statement other accessories, so keep a single point of focus in your outfit.

Colorful prints – plaid, triangular, rectangular, or all in one place! Yes, the South American influence is emanating at every corner of the material. Also how to combine a multitude of colors without you fail? Well, if you’re an audacious, you can choose a color from print to that found in other articles that make up your outfit. If you want to go to safe sites poncho wearing a colorful outfit all black!

Oversizing – most sites are oversized poncho, which may discourage you from thinking that you’ll look “like a sack”. If you’re petite, it is recommended to choose ponchos short and wide ones accessorize them with heels and straps that you highlight, so you do not lose yourself completely in your outfit. In addition, poncho combined with short skirts ensure an effect “wow” stretch the legs! Other times, the popular effect “bag” as you call us, is wanted in fashion, so if you enjoy a stature generous, do not give the sides of poncho sites XXL, which will give you that look exotic and Latin fashion designers that want it.

Because you want to let your poncho to dominate your outfit, it is important to match it with jeans, tights, skirts and accessories with color and texture. The easiest way is to choose neutral colors in vogue this season are very easy to adjust and assorted.

Autumn, for example is the season suitable for poncho, so do not hesitate to include in your wardrobe. Because we know that they are not wearable, we thought we’d give you a few ideas to help you grow.
When wearing a poncho, you must take care to keep the proportions, because it is a piece of clothing that adds volume to your silhouette. Opt for a pair of skinny pants or a pair of shorts and boots over knee. Poncho, trends returns every year, especially in autumn.

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Embroidered Dress 2017

Many of us we look with admiration to a beautiful floral embroidery executed, nevertheless, we rarely wear. Embroidery make us think in holiday outfits or outmoded or childish. But high temperatures are the perfect excuse to dress out of your closet with discreet embroidery or embroidered blouse with traditional motifs.
True, flats and sandals straw hat will send you dress bohemian embroidered directly on a beach, but a white linen dress with beautiful embroidery can be transformed into an urban piece using accessories. A pair of heeled sandals, a simple strap and a structured bag can make your dress embroidered perfect outfit for a casual Friday at the office.

Embroidered Dress 2016

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Embroidered Dress 2016-2017

Femininity and sophistication in one dress. That represents an embroidered dress. most popular trends for evening gowns in favor dictates necklines and lace embroidered on the back. If the dress is suitable midi length even in the middle of the knee length dress evening train to the ground and guarantees a fabulous look. Embroidered lace, backless and richness of color are more luxurious, seductive and irresistible that you should not hesitate to wear them if you really want a great look.

Lace has never left really top trends in fashion evening for women but has become a popular trend in two years ago, when the wedding dress of the Duchess Kate Middleton made headlines, reminding everyone that lace is the perfect material to remove out the delicacy and sensuality of women. Inspirational royal evening dress lace is a vision of beauty, specifically dedicated to the celebration of fashion, which is why if you want to wear such a dress is recommended to choose a material good quality, because dresses cheap lace is wear out pretty quickly. In winter worn with luxurious accessories, best bet would be to choose a cape coat, high heels and glittering jewelery with large stones especially if you go to a party glam. In general, avoid wearing too many accessories to choose a hairstyle or too sophisticated. Lace is gorgeous and attention without much effort, so avoid overloaded outfit.

Denim Jumpsuit For Ladies 2016-2017

Florentine Thayat created the first overalls in 1919, originally designed for aviation professionals, skydiving and racing car drivers. Athletes, skiers and paratroopers, they wore (and still do) to protect against the weather.

Coverall has also futuristic overtones – was a liberating and revolutionary garment compared to others worn in that period before.
Elsa Schiaparelli creates silk suit in 1930 – the first signs of a trend: dress for women. They became fashionable again in 1950 as part of the look of the pin-up, and again in 1960 when former pilot Emilio Pucci created colorful catsuits for skiing. Jumpsuits / overalls women are back in the late 1960s and 1970s, under the impact of psychedelic hippie movement.

Denim overalls recovered strongly in trends this fall, is encouraged by the momentum that took him in the ’70s and’ 90s fashion. With a strong footprint casual jeans overalls but it can be integrated and outfits perfect for office or evoke a style glam mixed.

2016 denim jumpsuit

2016-2017 denim jumpsuit

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Here are some rules you have to follow for a successful outfit. Anyone can wear such a piece of clothing, we must be careful that physiognomy body to be consistent with your design and cut jumpsuit.

1. Avoid skinny overalls form the bottom, if you have fuller or wider hips.

2. Always wear overalls with heels or platforms, if you lower the height. Indeed it can bring a big plus in your look.

3. Choose darker colors to appear weaker.

4. Wear overalls only blouses, shirts or tops in one color. For a stylish look choose white or black. One color, as I said, it he best choice.

5. Accessorize it with summer sandals, ballet flats or sneakers and boots or fall and winter with boots.

6. Create an office outfit in a jumpsuit, white shirt male and stiletto shoes.

7. Combine with a chic hat. You will look absolutely amazing, for sure. And very cool…

8. Do not use oversize accessories.

Maxi Cardigans 2016

Maxi cardigan is a a very interesting piece in vogue for a long time. Besides the practical role that it has, given that keeps you warm on cold days of the year, it can be included in a lot of stylish outfits combinations. You think you have exhausted all combinations of clothing? Here’s how it bears fashionistas abroad and what models should not miss from your wardrobe!

Of course no wonder that it is not everyone’s favorite. Maxi cardigans can highlight almost any outfit represents a splash of color and outfit, simply, are extremely easy to match almost any style of dress. Besides classical cardigans a long cardigan is a fantastic option. They present the same benefits as the waist up, but in addition offers greater protection against low temperatures and a more interesting and chic look.

How to wear a cardigan maxi:
– Combined with a pair of ripped jeans, they offer provides an exciting and rebellious air to any outfit, so you should not hesitate to include them in your outfits. If you do not delight the idea to buy some used look, you can customize a pair older. Carry them with shoes with heels for a sexy note. And to get a look really easy, do not forget maxi cardigans. Should not deprive you of one black wardrobe or in neutral tones and bold-print one.
– Must recognize that the clothes and accessories inspired rock outfit any season. Elegant black dominates in this case and accessories studded leather and the items are merely to complete the look. If until now you used to wear leather jacket to rock outfits, now you can call from the comfort and chic air that gives you maxi cardigans. Whether you opt for one with a classic cut or asymmetrical, whether you choose a model with buttons or other locking system which do not, you’ll look great.
– Combine it with a pen leather skirt, a pair of boots over the knee suede and a thin sweater short are equally suitable for a night out.

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Floral Frocks For Women

Warm season allows you to celebrate your femininity wearing a floral dress. Fluid, material or ethereal, easily molded and sensual, highlighting your forms, it is a must-have piece in your wardrobe and luggage travel-n of any of us.
Romantic flair and that it has a floral dress fits perfectly in the atmosphere of the office, in the special evening events, but also in your own home. The important thing is to choose the right cut for each of these occasions.
Be stylish and try to make the perfect choice.

For example, large flowers, placed on a light-colored background will add more volume to your figure and will give you the impression of a fuller form. A black background can help you look worse in my opinion. Also, you can resort to using belts that define your waist and give the impression of a harmonious body.
Choose floral frocks that you already have in your wardrobe and give them a new life! How do you select: in focus flowers are large, clear, fluid fabrics, natural and vivid colors.

Dresses with floral prints – Tips: it is ideal to be a long dress with a feminine cut all typology advantageous. Of these, spent gown with V-neck and crack on one leg silhouette flatters best and gives you freedom of movement.
Combine these dresses with floral prints with hot suede pieces: a leather jacket, a bag or a pair of boots, fringed suede in warm shades of beige or brown.
Accessories for retro-chic dresses with floral prints: You have two choices bohemian – hippie flowers or jewelry.

A floral frock can be a great choice for you in every day, that is for sure. Worth to say that besides being very chic, it is also very comfortable. And, yes, this also very important.
No matter the season, if the weather allows you to wear such a piece do not hesitate.

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Flared Jeans For Women 2016 Trends

This type of jeans reminiscent of the hippie years are extremely permissive and favors almost any figure.

Favors silhouette, easy to match, and the combination are so versatile: sexy, stylish, office, sports or chic!
Jeans are a spectacular piece enough to obtain fabulous combinations. You can wear them with a simple sweater or T-shirt and simple enough to attract attention.
Wearing a pair of jeans with a black top and a pair of boots with platform will be sometimes more than enough.

2016 flared jeans

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Flared jeans do not have to be always as a part of a 70’s look. You can wear in modern combinations especially if you opt for a pair of prints that you add a blazer with a minimalist design that you will close at the waist with a belt the same color pants.
And when it comes to authentic mention, firstly the cut. Of course, you do not have to resort to something so illustrative style caftan army as an officer or a military jacket. Not. A pair of high-waisted flared fitted with two rows of metal buttons will have the same effect in a more stylish & cool.
The combination is extremely simple: flared jeans, fur coat and sunglasses. To avoid a suit too faithful to that period can opt for stiletto-heeled sandals instead of platforms.

If you’re not a master of walking on heels, platforms are your salvation.

The great advantage of flared jeans: wear it with heels and your legs will look longer. But regardless of what you choose to wear jeans, combine articles which can gives you personality.
Winning combinations for flared jeans:

1. The combination of the ’70s: light colored flared jeans, high waist, shirt and a jacket bold white male (colored with extravagant cut);

2. Monochrome combo: flared jeans and shirt in the same color palette, which can add a sophisticated accent – for example, a fur collar.

3. Stripes: flared jeans light colored, striped blouse, a jacket camel hair and a chic hat.

4. All back: flared jeans, black or dark blue blouse and black jacket.

Combine them with a fur vest, surely it is the combination that will attract many eyes on you. Choose a model of dark jeans that mold perfectly to your forms and combine them with a synthetic fur vest. Put your waist strap thin metal and a bracelet on hand wide.
Combine them with a molded sleeve blouse flared. It is this combination which favor anyone. Combine your jeans with a turtleneck / blouse molded that have flared sleeves. The effect that this combination creates smaller thighs and legs longer. In addition, flared sleeves transform your outfit simple enough into a more chic.
Although jeans themselves are associated with a casual look, if you combine a blouse elegant, feminine, you can get a sophisticated look. Leave a bit of skin in sight and accessorize yourself with a necklace. Gate hair left loose on the back and you will look chic without trying too hard to be yourself.
toward trying to integrate flared jeans in a minimalist outfit, if you’re a fan of clothes with simple lines and geometric tailoring. Add in top form A and you’ll look like the models in Blow Up, Antonioni’s film. Also, because this look is complete, male wearing a pair of shoes, the Oxford is very suitable. For air as airy, fresh, get to grips with accessories, but if you really want to wear them, go to the option of massive, uni colors.
Flared jeans are inspired fashion 70s when current hippie was in vogue. Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix are just some of the singers who wore this style of pants. “Steal” elements from trends that period, to which you can add romantic details. Choose to wear blouses, lace, floral kimonos or ponchos for a more bohemian air. Add a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of platforms to achieve 100% inspired 70s outfit.
Denim is in vogue this year, and combinations of jeans and shirt look great. Opt for a denim shirt over your jeans to match it flared and you get a look inspired by country style. Do not forget platforms. Also for air as the original, go on or mixes leather accessories in shades of brown.
Add a shirt or a blouse wide hooks and immediately get a casual look. At this outfit you can wear platforms that will long legs. Also, for cooler days you can opt for a denim jacket, a cardigan or a sweater.