What type of pants should we wear this fall 2014-2015

If the warm season is a very comfortable one from all points of view, when fall comes we have more and more outfit aspects to be worried about.
Some specialists are saying that actually, this fall’s fashion is all about a key element: the pants.

womens slim pants 2014

The history of women pants

The history of this piece of outfit for women starts around 1910 but they are really accepted by the society in the 1960s. Charlotte Reid was the first woman politician who, in the 1969 appeared into the public wearing pants.
Here are some types of pants recommended for the fall of 2014-2015:

Printed pants

womens printed pants 2014

2014 ladies printed pants

women printed pants 2014

The advantage of the printed pants is that they pull you out of the crowd no matter how dull the rest of your outfit might be.

Pants with a very high waist line

very high waist line pants 2014-2015

high waist pants 2014

high waist pants for women
This trend launched a couple of seasons ago is still lasting very well and has got a great public success this year.

Large pants

large pants women

womens large pants

large pants for women

The major advantage of this type of pants is that they are very comfortable. They also flatter almost all women, no matter their silhouette. Plus, they are easy to match and can be worn on different occasions.
The pants represent an extremely useful piece of outfit and if we are creative we can make some extremely chic combinations.

Women’s trucker jacket 2014-2015

A jacket is more useful the more it can be worn in various occasions, and more than that, in different seasons. Trucker denim jacket is one of them.

Women's Trucker Jacket 2014-2015

Trucker jacket is as expected, a very solid construction, is not it perfect for a trucker. Overcoming the joke, yes, this jacket is one of a very good endurance. So whether it’s fall, spring or a summer cold evening jacket help you get out of trouble.

Here are some examples to see how you can match it trucker jacket:

1. With white pants - yes this is a genuine and very creative combo, you can try it because you can wear it in various combo.

2014-2015 trucker jacket for women

2. Combined with denim shorts – A hot and creative combo, that is for sure…

trucker jacket for ladies 2014-2015

3. With midi skirts – this is a cool but also chic combo for your casual nights.

midi skirts in combo with trucker jacket 2014-2015

I like very much this combos and I also wanted to suggest you to try a combination with a midi skirt, or why not even a dress. It’s definitely one thing – that you will show creativity. Women’s trucker jacket is a highly versatile piece outfit and helpful, and it is paradoxical for a casual piece is also very chic. If you love to be trendy trucker jacket do not neglect that you miss some combinations absolutely wonderful and very handy.

Midi skirt 2014-2015

If you want to be trendy, then a perfect choice for you would be a midi skirt.
midi skirt

I personally like a lot this type of skirts because I found them to be very chic. Here are some interesting models:

midi skirt 2014

midi skirts 2014

midi skirt for ladies 2014

Another thing which I like very much is that they are so versatile, easy to match and can be worn in a lot of occasions:
At the office – yes, no doubt that it is a very good solution to wear at the office a midi skirt. At the job you must be elegant and this kind of skirt it is indeed very elegant so you can’t go wrong with it.
For casual outfits – a midi skirt will actually be an interesting solution for such an outfit, but you must be careful with what you will match it. You have to be extremely creative and the results will be OK.
For elegant occasions – it is very appropriate to wear a midi skirt on such occasion. Yes, the mid skirt is great to fulfill your elegant outfit. Just try it on a special occasion and the results will satisfy you.

Fashion trends for fall-winter 2014-2015

The fall-winter season 2014-2015 has more offers than ever.


Below I will mention some trends which you will be able to see soon.
A massive trend is no doubt represented by the beanie hat.
beanie hat

Beanie hat is a very cool accessory and is difficult to say if it is a trend from the catwalks validated by the street or actually the way around, imposed on catwalks by the street fashion. The fact is that girls all around the world love beanie hats and there are just a few which don’t have one into their closets.
Did you think that jewelries are very fashionable during the fall-winter 2014-2015? Well yes, they are within the trends and especially the already famous chocker necklace is a huge hit. You can see this accessory a lot on catwalks and it is worn a lot within the high circles on high fancy parties too.

chocker necklace

This type of necklace is a very bold accessory and it is best to be worn mostly in bright, lively colors.
And of course coming to the footwear fashion there is a strong trend which encourages the worn of high heel ankle boots.

high heel ankle boot for women

Whether you like or not this type of boots, you still have to admit that they are indeed very elegant. So yes, speaking about this fall-winter footwear trends, elegance is the key word and with a good reason I might add. What I like the most about high heel ankle boots it’s that they are pretty much versatile and highly useful. One important tip when wearing them: the trend is to wear a pair with oversized buckles.
The never dying cardigan is, isn’t it, always within the fashion trends. Maybe for this reason it wasn’t even necessary to name it. But still, let’s give it the well deserved credit as it is such an important piece of clothing after all.

cardigan for women 2014

The cardigan is a timeless classic as it is often characterized by some fashion specialists and I want to mention some of its major qualities: versatile, useful and easy to match.
Did you ever wear a military outerwear? You didn’t? Well then you should start doing it because this type of clothing is again very fashionable.

military outerwear

This outfit has Russian inspiration and you might say that it’s actually a classic one since it isn’t the first time to appear within the fashion trends.
My advice is to be careful how you match it and I will add the following tip for you: on catwalks they were often showed combined with a skirt.
Another fashion trend for this fall-winter is the oversized scarf. This is indeed a classic accessory which, in my opinion, shouldn’t miss from any woman’s wardrobe.

oversized scarf for ladies

The biggest advantage of this type of scarf it’s that there are a lot of models on the market in various colors and patterns so you can choose whatever you like.

Women’s ripped jeans latest trends 2014

Jeans are often preferred by women all around the world. Original from the 70-80s (the rock influence), ripped jeans are being extremely trendy for many years now.
women's ripped jeans 2014

This type of jeans belongs to the casual style but there are actually a lot of fashion specialists who are saying that they are going forward to the smart-casual style. Well yes, they go very well with a blazer or even with a pair of high heels so there you go, you have a smart-casual outfit.
But be careful how you wear your ripped jeans because this is a piece of outfit which has to be perfectly matched and you should also pay extra attention to where you are wearing them.
ripped jeans for women

Ripped jeans can be worn by all women no matter their figure (body shape).
Here are some tips to consider when wearing them:
– If you are thin then you are very lucky because you can choose any model of ripped jeans
– If you are short avoid as much as possible to wear the ripped parts over your knees since it will make you look even shorter
– If you have big thighs choose a pair of ripped jeans which have a straight cut
Bottom of line, keep in mind that it is extremely important what type of jeans are suited for a certain outfit or for a specific occasion.

ripped jeans 2014

ripped jeans for womens

ladies ripped jeans

If you can’t find a pair of ripped jeans on your taste then you can actually make your own pair by cutting one pair of common jeans. Therefore you only need some scissors and a pair of normal jeans to complete this easy task. I would advise you to draw in advance the lines where you want to make the cuts and don’t hesitate, keep your hand firm and you can’t go wrong.

How you can wear ripped jeans

This type of jeans, as I was saying earlier, is very important with what it is matched. It is essential to be very creative because if you succeed to make some successful combos, then the effect will be truly awesome. Still, this type of outfit is always within the latest trends not only for its versatility but also for being incredibly chic.
One first idea about how you can wear them will be to match it with a floral printed shirt, plus a pair of high heel boots.

ripped jeans 2014-2015

This type of jeans can be also matched with a funny printed T-shirt. And if it is a little chilly outside you could wear a cardigan over it.
Basically what ripped jeans mean for me:
– Cool – yes, a cool look is one of the most important characteristics which can be offered by a pair of ripped jeans
– Comfort – no doubt, like any other pair of regular jeans, the ripped ones give you a nice comfort sensation which can’t be neglected.
– Versatility – as I was also saying above, ripped jeans can be worn not only with casual outfits but also with smart-casual ones. This will make it easier for you when it comes to decide what you will wear, right?
– Nonconformist – it is obvious that you will get such a look if you are wearing this type of jeans. If you succeed to find the perfect combination you will get an extremely nonconformist outfit.
– Durability – well yes, like any other pair of jeans, these too are durable. Still, it seems a little funny to be talking about durability when speaking about ripped jeans, isn’t it?
– Hand-made – you can make them by yourself using an old pair of jeans and if you have imagination and a steady hand you can really personalize your outfit.
Ripped jeans are very nice and cool, they never go out of fashion trends and you definitely should have one in your wardrobe.

ladies rippes jeans 2014

ladies ripped jeans

ladies ripped jeans 2014-2015

Tips: if you are short, you should choose a pair of ripped jeans with the ripped parts above your knees in order to look taller.

Women’s Leather Jackets 2015-2016

The leather jacket is a highly appreciated piece of outfit not only by men, but by women as well. No matter your age it is obvious that a leather jacket is very useful.

The leather jacket’s history

Women’s leather jacket has a long history with many ups and downs. Actually, few people know that this piece of outfit was first spotted around the year 1930.

women’s leather jacket 2014

Chronologically, the leather jacket history started with the Great Britain’s pilots. Other specialists come with the idea that the first leather jacket was seen during the Civil War in Russia, worn by the Russian policemen.
No matter if we want to accept it or not, as it still happens today too, the famous people are the ones who successfully promote several pieces of outfit. So, yes, we are talking about singers, actors, actresses, they all promoted leather jackets. Among those we have to mention: Marlon Brando, Harrison Ford, James Stewart, James Dean and Gary Cooper. Speaking about nowadays stars I will only mention Kate Moss as a self-sufficient example since she is a huge fan of leather jackets.
Coming back to the above idea, at the beginning of the leather jacket fashion, James Dean had a very successful bad-boy image wearing leather jackets so all teenagers from the ‘50s in US hurried to copy. That made leather jacket at some point to be forbidden but in the end it only succeeded in making it even more desired. So yes, teenagers love for leather jacket actually strengthened its position within the fashion trends. After this episode, but without any obvious connection, leather jacket became the favorite of motorcyclists.
And because we have discussed earlier about a nowadays icon star (Kate Moss) I really want to remind you some contemporary movies which promote leather jacket: Top Gun, Grease, Matrix or Fight Club.

leather jacket for women 2014-2015

If we are talking about models of women leather jacket, here are the most important ones which imposed not only on the catwalks but also in the street fashion:

Aviator jacket

womens aviator leather jacket 2014

aviator jacket for ladies

women aviator leather jacket

Classic leather jacket

Women's Classic Leather Zip Front Jacket 2014

classic leather jacket for women

Bomber jacket

2015-2016 bomber jacket for women

womens leather bomber jacket 2015-2016

bomber leather jacket for women 2015-2016

So, now that we have seen the types of leather jacket for women, let’s talk about some interesting ideas on how you should wear a leather jacket:

a) With blue jeans
The first solution I will talk about it’s the jeans – leather jacket combination.
It is a perfect outfit for casual situations like going shopping, at the movie or just having a walk. Jeans are perfect for any woman because they are extremely versatile.Also they are comfortable and can be a perfect combination for leather jackets.

b) With maxi skirts
Maxi skirts are the type of skirts which can be worn with a lot of occasions and matched with a leather jacket can make quite an impression.
I personally like a lot maxi skirts because they have a very stylish look and they are easy to match. This type of skirt gives you plenty opportunities to wear it and it is perfect for an active but yet a very styled woman.

c) With miniskirts
The warm season is here and miniskirts are more than appropriate now
For a romantic evening, but still a little chilly one, match the miniskirt with a leather jacket and you will have a hot combination and still a cool one. If you feel attractive and love wearing miniskirts, then have in mind this great combination.

d) With dresses
If you want to look amazing and be elegant at the same time, then a dress will be the perfect solution for you.
Try to match it with a leather jacket and you will have a trendy and at the same time an elegant outfit. So, if you are going to a night summer party and it is chilly outside like it can happen from time to time, you can wear a leather jacket on top and forget about getting a cold. Don’t be afraid that it could be a problem of style involved in this combination; on the contrary, it is a quite interesting combination. This way you will prove your creativity and you will have an extraordinary cool look.

Regarding these combinations it is very important where you will wear them. And, even more important than that, it matters the weather because you will dress in a way when it is cold outside and different when it is warmer.
As I was saying before, I personally like a lot leather jackets so here are the detailed reasons for which I cherish them so much or, if you want, the advantages of leather jackets:
Versatility is maybe the most important characteristic which I enjoy the most and I believe to be everyone’s favorite too. This is the type of clothing which can be easily matched with almost everything – as you have read before, not only with jeans but with dresses as well – and, of course, the type of clothing which can be worn on the most different occasions from having a walk to a shopping session and even to a fancy party.
It completes your entire outfit – yes, it is perfect for your wardrobe because it succeeds like no other piece of clothing to complete very well any outfit you might want to wear.
It is very warm because it is made from leather and this is actually a big advantage since it will also protect you from wind (now you know why bikers wear it, it wasn’t just a fashion but a necessity too) and also it protects you from rain.
It is easy to clean – as I was already saying, because it is made of leather also helps a lot when it comes to clean it and it is also quite easy to be taken care of.
Durable – this is important for any piece of clothing and durability is definitely a very appropriate characteristic of this type of jacket. No doubt it is a piece of outfit which has to be in your wardrobe.
Cool – well, yes, history has already proved it and, as I have said it above, it is also the symbol of rebellion, of what it means to be cool, against the system, against everything conventional.
Trendy – it is not only very cool, but leather jacket is a piece of outfit very trendy because of its appearance and it is still considered that way. Practically it is always within the latest trends and this can be seen not only on the catwalks but also on the streets.
Perfect for any season – you can rarely find a piece of clothing which can be worn in all seasons like a leather jacket, maybe just jeans can reach this performance of being able to be worn no matter the season.
Efficiently protects you against wind – it isn’t just an accident that leather jacket is preferred by bikers since they need it the most as you already know.
Can be worn at any age – well, yes, here is an important quality which can’t be ignored, on the contrary it is worth mentioning that a leather jacket can be worn at any age so this is an amazing advantage for all women, not only for high school girls.
It has an exceptional price-quality ratio so it is a good value for the money. This piece of clothing being very trendy as I have already said it above tends to be everyone’s favorite for a long period of time. Its quality depends on a lot of aspects, but in many cases it is the excellent price-quality ration which stands out the most.

Now, an interesting question arises: which is better a faux leather jacket or a real leather jacket? Well, here is an entire story with pros and cons but I’ll try to summarize it because the discussion can be really long. The specialists are saying that synthetic fibers do not provide the same perfect protection as real leather does. Also, again into the advantage of the real leather it is said that faux leather doesn’t have the same resistance to abrasion. On the other hand, real leather has a much better protection to rain, heat and cold. Well, if you would ask me, I believe this is a personal choice and it depends on your preference.

Leather jacket is no doubt a piece of outfit which shouldn’t miss from any woman’s wardrobe no matter her age or social status.

Women’s Printed Tshirts 2015-2016

T shirts is a very important element of a woman’s outfit. And when I say this not just mean warm season for shirt can be worn in any season. There is hardly any outfit, except strict dress code sites such as office or black tie, the classic tee can not be included. But besides simple shirts lately have come to our attention shirts with various prints with which you can build outfits eclectic, yet comfortable.
In addition to what I said above, that can be worn in any season, another aspect that I really like is that t shirt is very versatile. Here are some models of T-shirts with print that I personally like very much:

Tropical print shirt

tropical print t shirt for women 2014

women's printed t shirts 2014

Womens printed t shirts 2014

Tropical print shirt helps you build a very modern outfit inspired by the landscapes of tropical destinations. It is one of the bidding trends of the current season. Beware sophisticated heels: classical ballet loafers or a pair of rope and canvas helps you stay in the same area style.

Floral printed t shirt

floral printed t shirt 2014

printed floral t shirt

floral printed t shirt 2014-2015

This type of shirt, looking very romantic, fits into a casual chic outfit, pencil skirt with embroidered lace up mid calf or below the knee. Gate jersey floral skirt and necessarily stuck in heels: a retro shoe with thick heel in a neutral shade.

T shirt with cartoon print

printed cartoon t shirts for women 2014

t shirt with printed cartoon 2014

cartoon printed t shirts 2014

Shirt with cartoon print is a very funny shirt that you can wear in a wide variety of combination, most of all I like the combination with jeans.

Women’s sweatpants with pockets 2014-2015

Sweatpants aren’t exactly the most elegant pants but they are extremely comfortable. And with pockets, they are absolutely perfect so with a lot of creativity and attention we can wear them without worries.
So maybe you are wondering where exactly you can wear sweat pants? Well, check out the following:
– Inside the house – no doubt they are very cozy
– When going shopping – not exactly the best choice, but, hmmm, let’s leave it this way
– At a picnic – yes, they are really OK for going to a picnic
– For gym workout – as I’ve already said because they are very comfortable they let you move freely when making exercises
– When you want to hide some body imperfection

Some are saying that sweatpants are actually a sloppy garment. I partially agree because it depends on with what other clothes you match them.
Anyway, here are some models of sweatpants with pockets:

It’s possible to look hot or sexy in sweatpants? I don’t know, it’s hard to tell, but if you follow the next 3 rules, your look will definitely be better:
1. They must be fit. The worst thing would be either to wear them too large or too tight.
2. Watch out for the combo you make because it’s important with what you are wearing them.
3. Be careful where you are wearing sweatpants because, as I’ve said earlier, this matters a lot.

Business attire for women 2014-2015

The way you dress at the office is very important. Why? Well that’s because your outfit greatly influences the evolution of your career.

Women’s business attire is probably the most important outfit because it can influence your life more than a shopping or a walking outfit.

The key elements are:


Some suit models for women :

Like it or not, every employer has his own rules when it comes to the employees outfits so we have to adapt and be creative to make the best of it no matter of the company’s dress code.

Jeans summer 2014-2015

Jeans are probably the most popular piece of outfit all over the world.
Summer isn’t just the season of skirts and summer dresses but of the summer jeans too. They aren’t just trendy, but very useful as well.

The history of jeans isn’t the subject of this article, but still we have to notice that they are loved and worn on all continents and in all seasons. Exactly, I want to stress out how sensational are jeans in any season. So, as I was saying before, jeans are an essential element in any woman’s wardrobe.
Summer jeans are a handy solution for everybody and I confess that I don’t agree with those who are saying that jeans are only for the comfortable kind of women. No, I clearly disagree. To know how to match a pair of jeans could be tricky because everyone assumes to be super easy and might go wrong.

Here are some interesting models of jeans for the summer of 2014:

Creativity, if you ask me, is the most important aspect when building an outfit and if you have it, then you will surely be able to make the best possible combinations using a pair of summer jeans.
I must confess that I’m a huge fan of jeans, especially during the summer. Below you may find the reasons why I enjoy wearing jeans:
– They look very chic and cool
– They are highly versatile
– They are easy to match
– They are always ready to save an outfit

Summer Maxi Dresses 2015-2016

With the arrival of the warm season all ladies need to enrich their wardrobe with a maxi dress. Unless you already own. Such dress is very important for such variations that you can have in your outfit everyday. This type of dress is more elegant than most women might think. Important is to discover its delicacy and femininity. Actually, what can be more desirable than to dress comfortable but to be elegant and feminine at the same time?

maxi dresses 2015-2016

Maxi dress can be worn in various situations, and one of its advantages is its versatility. This is an essential element. Well yes, if a dress can be worn on many occasions and, especially if it can be easily matched with other pieces of outfit, you have to cherish it at its true value. No matter the type of maxi dress you might choose, whether it is elegant or casual, it is very easy to get some interesting combos which will create a very chic look. So here are situations where you can wear such a dress:

Elegant outfit – In the evening wear maxi dress with glamorous accessories and bulky. The bag can be small, in which just fit your phone, your wallet and your lipgloss. In order to emphasize your outfit, harmonizes them with a bag in strong colors. Heeled platform sandals are required to have an attractive outfit. Finish your look with a hairstyle and makeup evening occasion. So you have to remember is that such a dress can be easily accessorized, it extremely important.

2015 elegant maxi dresses

2015 2016 elegant maxi dress

Casual outfit – probably is the maxi dress outfit is the most common, and this naturally given how it is chic and versatile. The advantage, if it can be called so, is that a casual outfit does not need too many accessories.

casual maxi dresses 2015-2016

2015 best casual maxi dress

A maxi dress, spring or summer, can be worn with confidence even if you’re petit. All the accessories you choose to wear to complete your outfit.

Modern business attire for young women

If you are calling it modern business attire then it has to be original too and definitely not like everyone else.  Actually, the danger into this business attire fashion is standardization.

Try as hard as you can to impose your personality and creativity into your office attire.

Keeping in mind the business environment you won’t be able to quit the classic suits and shirts or the neutral colors. But you can improve your look by making some smart combinations and using the right accessories.