Best Women’s Poncho 2015-2016

Versatile and extremely comfortable, they are ready to complete your outfit in any season.

womens poncho

best women poncho

lovely poncho


poncho 2014-2015

Printed pants 2015

Very chic, printed pants are always fashionable.

printed pANTS

women printed pants

printed pants 2014-2015

You must be very careful because they are pretty demanding when it comes to match them. Also, take care where you are going to wear them. Otherwise – be creative!

Jeans at any age?

No doubt yes, it’s clear that jeans can be worn without worries at any age.

ladies jeans

womens jeans

ladies jeans 2014

womens jeans 2014

best women jeans 2014

White shirt – a life saver

Well yes, this happens many times. White shirt is very versatile and it gets you out of trouble when you don’t have something to complete your outfit.

white shirt

white shirt 2014-2015

Dresses – do you love them?

Dresses are fantastic on many occasions, so everybody loves them. Here are some beautiful dresses:


beautiful dress

dress 2014-2015

Jeans – a versatile piece of outfit

Indeed, jeans are probably the most versatile pieces of outfit.

jeans women 2014-2015

ladies jeans

Denim shorts 2014-2015

If you want to be chic but at the same time hot, denim shorts are in my opinion the best solution.

denim short

womens denim shorts 2014-2015

How to dress at the office in summer

suits for women 2014-2015

The summer is known to be a much awaited season by many women. You can show off your nice shaped body which you have worked so hard at the gym, but you must remember some basic rules:
1. Avoid as much as possible vibrant colors: pink, orange, red.
2. Be careful with your skirts size: a very tight or a too large one will do more harm than good to your image.
3. Watch out for your skirt’s length too: don’t exaggerate and wear only a knee length skirt, not shorter than that.
4. Accessories are very good and complete your outfit very well. Still, be careful and make sure they aren’t too large because you’re at work not at a party.

Fall outfits for ladies over 40 2015-2016

Your look is very important not only at your 20’s but at your 40’s too. Fall is a season which allows us to wear very elegant and chic outfits. For this season, my first recommendation is the blazer.

ladies blazer

blazer 2014-2015

ladies blazer 2014-2015

Also, not only matched with the blazer but in other combinations too, are jeans.


ladies jeans 2014-2015

women jeans

Another important piece of a fall’s outfit is the cardigan.

Business attire for summer

The outfit was and will remain an essential piece of our image, moreover when we’re talking about a business environment.

women summer business suit

Business attire demands first of all to be elegant which is not easy at all during the warm season. The main pieces of the business outfit are: the shirt, the trousers or skirt, the blazer and the shoes. Most of all I like the suits. Yes, I believe they look much better than a skirt (or trousers) and a random blazer.

ladies summer suit

Then, there is also the shirt. This is another special piece of outfit and I advise you to make sure it’s a quality one since you will avoid to get sweaty and any other troubles this way.

Anyway, during the summer you have to be careful not only with the fabric of your shirt, but also of your suit. Also, don’t forget about the shoes, they are extremely important.

Denim shorts – perfect for summer

I like a lot denim shorts. OK, nice to have settled that from the beginning. Of course it is clear that they are not for all tastes. Nevertheless, as summer arrives, denim shorts are usually on top.

womens denim shorts 2014-2015

ladies denim shorts

lovely denim shorts 2014-2015

Denim jacket at work?

Yes, today I’m asking you this question. Do you think you can wear a denim jacket at job?

lovely denim jacket 2014

ladies denim jacket

ladies denim jacket for work

denim jacket for women 2014-2015

In my opinion you can with the condition to have a job who allows it. If that’s your case, then you’re lucky because it’s a huge advantage to wear casual clothes at work.