Floral dresses 2015

A floral dress inspires femininity and sensuality. We always talk about how to match an outfit correctly but one of the greatest advantages of such a dress is that you don’t need to be very skillful to be able to create inspired combos. Why I’m saying this? Because a floral dress is self-sufficient and it does not require additional chic accessories to upgrade the value of the outfit.
Fashion specialists states that floral print dresses are very in style for this year. So, this is for sure a good news because this piece of outfit can easily save your day. Lovely combo’s could be obtained if you match with:
– boots or platforms (gives you a chic and sensual look)
– stiletto (for a elegant and clubbing look)
– a cap (sporty look)
– denim jacket (if it is a little chilly)
– leather jacket (chic and perfect for summer chilly nights)

floral dress 2015-2016

ladies floral dress 2015

women floral dress 2015-2016

floral dress 2015

A mini dress like that will also inspire freshness. Indeed, no matter your age, this type of dress will give you a fresh look.

It might seem surprising, but for many women, floral dresses can be worn during all seasons. You just need to be a little creative and this type of dress will reward you more than you can imagine.

In my opinion, the summer dress can also be elegant, not only feminine and sensual.Indeed, depends a lot of what possible combo’s that you can create.

Whether you are going shopping, on a date, having a walk or even at work (if you have a loose employer) choose with confidence to wear a floral dress. There are many options to choose from: above the knee, very short or very long, the decision is no doubt within your hands.

Be creative and original when you use floral dresses into your outfit combinations and the results will be extraordinary. For sure it is a must for your closet.

Women’s Denim Overalls 2017

Denim overalls are a very chic piece of your wardrobe. But not only that, they are also very useful and that is one of their characteristics that I enjoy the most about them. Denim overalls are very versatile, they do not get easily dirty, if the case might be they can protect you from cold and I find it great that they have many pockets.

best ladies overalls 2015-2016

overalls for women 2015-2016

overalls for ladies

female overalls 2015

As I was saying above, they are easy to match with other clothes. Also, it’s worth mentioning that they can be easily worn on various occasions.

ladies overalls 2015

overall for ladie

overalls for women

overalls for womens

Bear in mind!
If you want to be more chic, wear ripped denim overalls.

Stretchy flared skater skirts 2015

I know you are a fashion addict so today I will talk about an extremely fashionable piece of outfit. Well yes, today we will talk about stretchy flared skater skirts. This type of skirt is extremely cool and very chic. Some fashion specialists are saying that this type of skirt looks best on women with perfect silhouette. I find that to be very wrong and I believe that if you match it correctly it can work on your behalf and make you look great no matter your silhouette.

Stretchy flared skater skirts  2015

Stretchy flared skater skirts 2015-2016

2015 Stretchy flared skater skirts

Stretchy flared skater skirts

I will also have to add that this type of skirt is very versatile. It is easy to match and if you are a little creative, you can wear it when going:
– shopping
– to school
– dating
– parties

If you are creative and love challenges, choose a stretchy flared skater skirt.

Best Women’s Knitwear For Spring 2015

Between winter and summer we have transitional times, represented by the spring, and we must prepare with the right clothes. So the best solution, if you ask me are the light knits. Long, medium or short, no matter, they are perfect solutions for this Period of time. And here I mean cardigans, simple sweaters, dresses, cropped tops, crew necks and sporty sweater dress.

Here is a perfect example of light knitwear. Yes, indeed it is an elegant smart casual color blocking knit sweater dress perfect for a lot of situations. You will look very chic and if you are creative enough you may try it in combinations with skinny jeans and boots.
women's knitwear 2015-2016

If you love wearing denim jeans I would go for a Denim Tlapel Streak Cardigan . Soft and comfortable this long cardigan will give you a lovely slightly vintage and chic image.
lovely knitwear 2015

This type of loose style cardigan sweater seems perfect for every fashionista.
latest knitwear ladies 2015-2016

Love to feel comfortable and to have a versatile outfit? Well then this long sleeve knitwear is the perfect solution for you.
long sleeve knitwear 2015-2016

Some times you just need to feel comfy? Isn’it? I just love the printed knitwear, looks so cute and comfortable.
latest sweater knitwear 2015-2016

A hooded loose sweater is in my opinion a perfect knitwear. Yes, it is like a hoodie, except the fact that it is even more versatile. I absolutely love it.
loose knitweat 2015-2016

Business Clothing Combinations for Women 2015

The way you dress at work is still an issue for many women. This happens even more if you work in an office-business environment.
Your image when working in such a field is very important so you must pay the proper attention to it.
About the importance of an office outfit we have already talked about so I’m not going to go over that again now.
Some women have the impression that when the term “business outfit” comes into discussion, the situation is very simple and clear: it is about a suit and… that’s about it. Well, if you are a fashion addict, that will definitely be not enough for you. You must pay the proper attention to accessories and to combinations that you use on your daily basis too.

Here are some combinations with which you will never fail:

– a blazer, a white shirt and a pencil skirt
pencil skirt 2015

– if your job dress code is not too tight, you may try a cardigan and a pair of pants with a blue shirt
blue shirt 2015

– do you prefer business classic? Then choose a gorgeous business suit and low heel shoes
business suit for women 2015

– another interesting solution is to try a black top, a blazer and a skirt
ladies blazer 2015

– do you remember the little black dress? Well, yes, it is indeed a piece of outfit absolutely fabulous if you would ask me because it will never let you down. Match it smartly and it will surely reward you.
little black dress 2015

So, beyond the classic and of course the elegant business suit, a trendy office or business outfit can be made from more than one piece of clothing as I have already suggested into the outfit combinations from above. They must reflect your personality, your ideas and, why not, your state of mind.
You will succeed to make the most inspired combinations if you will be first of all informed and of course if you had already tried several times. You will need to learn from your mistakes too eventually.
Speaking of mistakes, here are some important rules which, if you’ll follow, you will get some creative outfit combinations:
– be careful to the cleavage. Yes, this is very important because you are not going to the club or to a date, you are going to work. If you will have a generous cleavage, you won’t look hot but ridiculous and crossing the dress code of many companies most of the time probably.
– Give up on suspenders and don’t look back. As I was already saying above when talking about the cleavage, this is the same situation of course. So keep in mind that your shoulders should be naked on other occasions but not at work.
– The length of the skirt is also a very important aspect. You need to keep it longer than the upper part of your knees.
– Be very careful what shoes you are wearing too. If you choose a pair of sandals, be very careful so your toes won’t be visible, neither your heels.
– Because we already talked about sandals, let’s talk about the heels too. Yes, we know that high heels are very helpful because they make you look slimmer, but still be careful with their height. They don’t need to be the lowest possible (although flat shoes are OK) but make sure they are not very high too. Usually less than 3 inches is the best choice.
– If you want to be very chic, try a jacket with the sleeves scrunched up.
– Basically, the colors must be decent so avoid neon colors and others as such
– Also remember another important aspect regarding your shirts: they always must be freshly ironed and of course, always tucked in.

Well, the most important is to be professional but along with that, do not forget to be feminine too.

Skinny boyfriend jeans 2015

I believe that all women love jeans. And this applies even more if we are talking about boyfriend jeans.

skinny boyfriend jeans 2015

ladies skinny boyfriend jeans 2015

women skinny boyfriend jeans 2015

Skinny boyfriend jeans are the very well known boyfriend jeans that are slightly tighter on the waist and legs. In my opinion, the skinny version of boyfriend jeans is more feminine so there is a double advantage about them: comfortable and feminine at the same time. So, what could you wish for more from a pair of jeans?

latest skinny boyfriend jeans for ladies 2015

best boyfriend skinny jeans 2015

womens boyfriend skinny jeans 2015

This type of jeans is ideal for many various occasions. No mater if you are having a walk in the park, are going shopping or taking your kids from the school, these jeans will save your day.
And, because we were talking above that they have two very appreciated qualities, I have to mention another one: versatility. Yes, that’s right, this quality is extraordinarily important too. Well, when talking about jeans you might say this is a common characteristic for them. Yes, this is true, they really are versatile because you can wear them as I have already said above on different occasions but they are also very easy to match with other clothes. So, if you have a casual-sport style, then, in my opinion, they are many times a real blessing.
One over the other, woman’s boyfriend skinny jeans is a very chic piece of outfit and you should have at least one pair in your wardrobe.

How to wear asymmetrical skirt

Sophisticated, interesting but also chic at the very same time, asymmetrical skirt is within the trends for some years now.
Known also as “high-low skirt”, the asymmetrical skirt is actually a skirt with a hem that is higher in the front or side, than in the back.

asymetrical skirt 2015

female asymetrical skirt 2015

short asymetrical skirt 2015

The asymmetrical skirt trend is relatively recent as it started in 2011 and since then is conquering more and more fashion addict women.
Within this article, I will try to offer you some guidelines that would be helpful if you have never tried this type of skirt before.
First, before you will start thinking with what you will wear the asymmetrical skirt, you must study it a little. It can have different sizes so keep in mind this aspect when you are thinking to buy one. What I meant to say is that you should try different lengths to see which one will suit you better. Or, if you would like, which one is more advantageous for your silhouette. If you have long, nicely shaped legs, you can try a mini asymmetrical skirt.

mini skirt asymetrical 2015

If you are a little chubby, you can choose a longer asymmetrical skirt and it will work into your benefit.
As with any other pieces of outfit, be careful when you choose it so it will perfectly fit your body otherwise you will look ridiculous.
In my opinion, the color has a very important role too, even more when we are talking about such a sophisticated piece of outfit. Therefore, according to the event and your silhouette, choose wisely the color of this type of skirt. For example, if you are very thin, it would be better to choose a skirt in a bright color and a little longer.

long asymetrical skirt

If you are very tall or chubbier, I recommend you to wear a skirt in a darker color.
What I love the most about the asymmetrical skirts is their versatility. Yes, this is the type of skirt that can be worn on various occasions, from a walk in the park to a casual meeting at the job (if the dress code allows it of course). Also, this type of skirt makes your life easier because it is very easy to match it with other clothes.

Women’s boyfriend blazer for spring 2015

The blazer is definitely an extremely known and loved piece of outfit. Among all models of blazer, today I would like to talk to you about the boyfriend blazer .

women boyfriend blazer 2015

ladies boyfriend blazer 2015

latest women boyfriend blazer 2015

ultimate womens boyfriend blazer 2015

Boyfriend blazer, as the name states, has a cut inspired form the male blazer models. Still, they are extremely loved and versatile. This type of blazer can go very well with many other pieces of outfit. I personally believe that it can be successfully worn with jeans (ripped jeans if you would like a more casual look) but also you can get a chic outfit with a skirt.

Fleece pajamas for women 2015

During the cold season, we must pay attention more to our outfit in order to protect us from cold. And this applies not only during the day, but also at night, when we go to sleep. A huge help on achieving that is the fleece pajama.

fleece pajamas for women  2015

ladies fleece pajamas 2015

women's fleece pajamas 2015

latest fleece pajamas 2015

What I appreciate the most at this type of pajama is that they are very cozy so here you got another good reason to try one I might add.
Not only that fleece pajama is so cozy, it is also excellent to keep you warm. This is very important during the cold winter nights when you are sleeping because it is possible you are cold but to don’t realize it.

All right, so having in mind all that I have pointed out so far, the only thing that I can add is that this type of pajama is perfect during the cold season. Don’t you think so? Well, let’s see… Are they comfortable? Yes, they are. Are they versatile? Again, yes, they are. Keeps you warm? Of course they do. In addition, they are very chic too.

Geometric print dress 2015

Dresses are extremely sensual pieces of outfit. Even if they are not short, you will still have a feminine and sensual look.

geometric dresses 2015

geometric dress 2015

latest geometric dresses 2015

stunning geomtric dress 2015

geomtric dress 2015

beautiful geometric dress 2015

I personally like a lot geometric print dresses because they look perfect for spring or summer. They are elegant, sensual and quite hot, I might add.
These dresses are awesome but don’t forget to pay attention on what outfit combos you create with them.

Women’s smart casual attire 2015

A smart casual outfit can be worn in various occasions so it is important to give it the proper importance.

smar casual outfit women 2015

womens casual outfit 2015

You must know that this type of attire is quite offerer. I don’t want to give you a definition of a smart casual attire, I am just trying to show you some outfit pieces which I personally use when I am creating a smart casual outfit.


blazers for women 2015

The blazer is a very important piece of outfit and it gives a touch of style to smart casual attires. Actually, many times it can change an outfit from casual to smart casual.


ladies cardigan 2015

Our faithful readers already know how much I like this piece of outfit.

Casual shoes

women casual shoes 2015

I believe the comfort of your feet should be essential.

Checkered shirt

checkered shirt 2015 women

I like it a lot and the combos that you can get using this type of shirt too.

Ladies checkered shirt 2015

If you would like a casual outfit, you can create it very easy using a checkered shirt.

checkered shirt for women 2015

cheqhered shirt 2015

ladies checkered shirt 2015

The versatility of this type of shirt allows you to find many combinations for a very chic and casual outfit. For women at least it became a piece of outfit that greatly improved the way you create a casual outfit. And this happens for some time now.
Whether you try a simple combo with a pair of jeans, or a bold one with a pair of denim shorts, with a denim skirt, or with a leather skirt and a pair of boots, the checkered shirt should have a special place in your wardrobe.