Ripped Jeans for Women 2016

Everybody is familiar with jeans. They are for sure the most versatile and popular pieces of outfit from every woman. Ripped jeans are definitely one of the coolest pieces of outfit in 2016.
Ripped jeans match with almost any type of outfit, it depends only on you and what you want your final aspect to look like.

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The combo you will get can be absolutely extraordinarily if you will have in mind the following tips:

1. If you are going for a walk or to a bar with your friends, then match the ripped jeans with a pair of converse and a large sweater and maybe a snapback hat if you are in the mood of.
2. If for example you are going to a club with your friends, wear a shirt, a leather jacket and, of course a pair of stilettos.
3. Maybe you wish for a casual outfit. If that’s the case, then, along with the ripped jeans, you should wear a pair of casual shoes and a simple but sensual top.
4. If you want to look hot, then you should wear with the ripped jeans a red checkered shirt or maybe a short T-shirt.
5. Less is always more so match the ripped jeans with a boyfriend blazer and a pair of stilettos.
6. If you want to go to classes, choose a simple white T-shirt and maybe a hoodie with your ripped jeans.
7. For a more sophisticated look and a little sensual, choose a white, tight top with a generous cleavage and a blazer, but don’t forget of course the stilettos.
8. If you want a very relaxed outfit, then wear the ripped jeans with a simple shirt and tuck it in.

No matter what combo you will choose, you can’t go wrong because, as I’ve said before, they are very versatile. Be careful only to not exaggerate with the colors and accessories you are using when creating your outfit.

Push-Up Swimsuit 2015

Summer is getting closer day by day and if you want to look awesome on the beach you should definitely wear a push-up swimsuit. Indeed, such a swimwear is a must have for this summer. A trendy woman has to be chic on the beach too, not only on the street. Push-ups are a special clothing accessory which will make your body look very sensual. A trendy women should be very careful with his image no matter it is on the street, in the office or at the beach.
You must know that the push-up bra can be adapted for many types of swimsuits, therefore, whatever your silhouette might be, you can enjoy a swimwear that will give you full benefits.

Bikini push-up swimsuit

Bikini push-up swimsuit 2015

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They are also called two-pieces swimsuits and are very popular among many women. This type of swimwear is very sensual and gives the woman the possibility to highlight all her body parts that she is proud of.

Push-up swimsuits without shoulder suspenders

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2015 push up bikini

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in trend bikini push up 2015-2016

This type of swimwear is very elegant and the specialists are saying that has a French inspiration. It can have two pieces or only one. The push-up swimsuit without shoulder suspenders will highlight your breasts.

One piece push-up swimsuits

A one piece swimsuit 2015

one piece swimsuit 2015

beautiful one piece swimsuit

2015 stunning one piece swimsuit

A one piece swimsuit has the role of covering the hips, belly and breasts, leaving the arms, legs and shoulders naked. The main advantage of this type of swimwear is that it perfectly fits all silhouettes. It has a vintage look maybe, but remember that it is very chic also. You must wear it with a proper attitude and for sure you will look extraordinary at the beach.

No matter the type of the bathing suit you might prefer, don’t forget about the push-up swimsuit this summer because it will highlight your breasts and it will be very helpful regardless your breasts shape or size.

Denim Overalls for Women 2015-2016

Denim overalls are still trendy in the season of 2015-2016. Even more, actually they continue to be a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe. There has been a while since they are not considered anymore a symbol of childhood but a very chic and easy to match piece of outfit. Denim overalls are considered by the specialists a transitory piece of outfit that can be worn mostly during the spring and fall.

Denim Overalls for Women 2015 2016

2015 2016 denim overalls

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On the opposite of what many people might think, denim overalls can be feminine too. In order to get such a look, choose the ones that are tight on your legs instead of the very large ones. When you include an overall into your outfit, choose to wear for example a blouse rather than a T-shirt. In this way, you will have a more sophisticated look. For a plus of elegance, try to add a blazer to your outfit too.
The versatility is not the only aspect that attracts a woman to have a denim overall in her wardrobe, but also the fact that you can create some very chic outfit combinations.
Here are some of the main qualities of denim overalls:
– They are very comfortable.
– Very versatile as I’ve already mentioned.
– They have a huge durability.
– Easy to maintain.
– Extremely chic.

Whether you are a conservative or a free spirit, wearing a denim overalls could help you a lot in creating a great image. Denim Jumpsuit may reflect personal style. If you love a rock style, for example, it is perfect, you can put a pair of boots, a shirt or a blouse with a leather jacket. Accessorize the outfit with an oversized purse and a trashy hat.
If you choose to dress jumpsuit for evening, then do not be afraid to wear a sequined top or a shirt with interesting applications, but with a pair of sandals with platform.
If they are not already on your shopping list, you have to make sure that this spring you will have one into your wardrobe.

Knitted Dresses 2015

The dress is, no doubt, a symbol of femininity. When outside is cloudy and cold, you can successfully add to your outfit a knitted dress.

2015 knitted dress

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Many women love this type of dress because it has a lot of benefits and, of course, because it looks extraordinarily well.
This type of dress is also very practical. Actually, with only one piece of clothing you can easily build an outfit. If that isn’t spectacular, then what is? A beautiful dress from thin and elegant knitwear, in a neutral color is a terribly chic option for an office outfit. You can add some inspired accessories like a wide belt and maybe a delicate brooch. As footwear, you can choose a pair of platforms or some over the knee boots (only if you are tall, otherwise it won’t work into your benefit at all).
An extremely important aspect that must be said is that the knitted dress is also very versatile. For example, if you like to wear neutral colors, don’t avoid wearing a beige dress with a pair of platforms. Anyway, you can wear the knitted dresses on many occasions, starting from going to the job to a walk in the park or even when you are going out with your friends.

Denim Dress 2015

Because the spring is coming, a fantastic solution for your wardrobe can be a denim dress. With a modern cut or, on the opposite, a vintage one, the denim dress is definitely a must have for your wardrobe.

2015 denim dress

2015 2016 womens denim dress

denim dress 2015

For sure it is a cool and relaxed piece of outfit for any woman. An important thing that you have to bear in mind when you want to buy a denim dress is to find a suited one for your silhouette.
No matter of your style (relaxed, classic or boho), this type of dress can help you build a very chic outfit.

Summer Dress 2015

An extremely popular trend for each summer is given by the dresses. They are no doubt a strong symbol of femininity and elegance. Dynamic, sensual or bold, the dresses are of course specific to the warm season.

Airy dress with floral prints – This dress has a special charm and it is extraordinarily versatile. Of course, as you can already imagine, it is also very sensual.
Airy dress with floral prints 2015

Short summer dresses – They are extremely various and attractive.
Short summer dresses  2015

Long summer dresses – This type of dress can be worn not only during the day but also during the evening. With a pair of sandals and a leather jacket (a very chic combination, by the way), you can get a special outfit and, if you want to get a more elegant outfit, add a pair of high heels.
Long summer dresses 2015

Summer dress with black and white prints – The white and black combination is for sure a winning combination. It can represent a very elegant outfit if you will accessorize it right.
Summer dress with black and white prints 2015

Evening Dresses 2015

An evening dress equals, if you would like, femininity and elegance. No matter the shape and dimensions of a woman’s body, she can look wonderful in a well chosen evening dress.
When you hurry to buy or tailor a dress, be careful to the style you choose and the dress type. You can be if you want bold and wear a dress with folds, ruffles style, with flower prints. This way you will draw the attention, in a positive way of course.
Fashion designers fold, wrinkle, accessorize or combine materials in order to manipulate proportions, creating wonderful clothes that are designed to draw the attention on the body parts that women want to highlight. Or, on the contrary, to hide parts of the body that they don’t want to highlight of course.
It is very important to pay attention to accessories when we are talking about an evening dress. They must be very well calibrated in order to complete your outfit that has as a central point your gorgeous dress. Usually it is best to be balanced when it comes to accessories because they can ruin your look. It is recommended either a statement necklace, or a bracelet and a brooch, very delicate and well chosen.
Always choose a dress your size. Be careful to your body and wear a dress that will perfectly fit you, it shouldn’t be of course large but neither small.
In order to feel elegant and gracious, you have to feel comfortable wearing the dress you have chosen. It is also important to have confidence in you. Be natural and relaxed and you will have a perfect look.

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Floral Print Overalls 2015

A wonderful piece of outfit for the summer of 2015 is the floral print overall. Floral prints are always recommended and indeed, they are most preferred by all women. They bring a drop of effervescence and romance to this wonderful season called summer.
You can easily transform the overall into a statement piece of outfit. All you have to do is to choose well the right model for you according to the moment of the day. If you are going to have a walk in the park, choose a short floral overall, but if you are going to a cocktail party choose a more elegant one, longer, and, if you will go out with your friends you can choose a looser casual overall.

2015 floral print overalls

latest overalls with floral prints 2015

floral overalls 2015

In conclusion, your wardrobe should definitely contain some floral print overalls.

Denim Shorts for summer 2015

The first thing that pops out at this type of shorts is that they are very hot and sensual. But I want to stress out another important aspect about them, that they are very versatile.

2015 denim shorts

2015 best denim short

denim shorts

Indeed, this type of shorts offers many styling options. There are few pieces of outfit from a woman’s wardrobe that have this ability. You can see them everywhere, on the beach, in the park, at concerts, in clubs, supermarkets and so on. You will have a relaxed look, cool and sexy at the same time.
The denim shorts started to be trendy in the middle of the 70’s and they still are.

Bear in mind!
If you want to wear denim shorts, you must have nice legs otherwise you risk to look ridiculous.

Denim Shirt for Spring 2015

The denim shirt breaks the time barriers and it is a must-have of the year of 2015.

2015 denim shirt

2015 best denim shirt

It is very easy to be matched with other clothes and extraordinary chic. Important is to be a little creative and the look you will get won’t disappoint you, that’s for sure.

Spring Jeans for Women

The jeans are extremely versatile and can be considered a must-have for any woman.

2015 jeans for women

jeans for women 2015

2015 2016 jeans

womens jeans

Maxi Dresses 2015

The maxi dress is within the trends for the last 5-6 years and it seems to stay this way in the future too. Therefore we can definitely say that it surely is within the trends. Very loose and comfortable, this type of dress gives you a bohemian look, relaxed and very attractive.
There are many various places where you can wear it, starting with a romantic dinner with your partner to a walk on the beach or even at work (if your employer allows it, of course).

2015 maxi dress

womens maxi dress 2015

maxi dress

maxi dress 2015

One of the extraordinary advantages of maxi dress is that it can be worn at any age and, most of all, no matter your silhouette.
If you are tall and skinny – For sure a maxi dress will be perfect for you. Still, I recommend you the flower print models or the ones with dots. You should avoid the models in only one color because you will look even skinner than you are. I am also thinking about the dresses with straps that draw the attention on your torso. What is important is to be intensely colored.
If you have big breasts – You must remember that it is best to keep a balanced and stylish look. Therefore choose without hesitation a dress with more volume at the bottom. It is be recommended to avoid the deep cleavage (since it is already obvious that you have what to show) in order to not have an exaggerated look.
If you are a little chubby – The same situation applies: the maxi dress is perfect for you. This type of dress has the amazing ability to lengthen your silhouette and to make you look thinner, so you should better choose a model in only one color. I have to also add that you should avoid too crowded prints because they don’t work to your advantage, on the contrary.
The maxi dress is a staple, that’s obvious, but don’t forget that it also can be very easy to accessorize. If you are informed and inspired, whether you like the casual style or the elegant one, the maxi dress can transform you into a diva.
Another very important thing is to wear this type of dress with the right attitude. You also have to think well at what events and circumstances you will wear it. And, if you decide to wear it, you should do it with confidence and with a lot of self esteem.
The maxi dress is the type of dress that can be matched very easy on various situations. If we are talking about a looser outfit, like when going to have a walk in the park. Well, the maxi dress can be easily matched with a pair of flat sandals, a pair of long earrings and a floppy sun hat. If we are talking about a chilly summer night, be sure that you can have a wonderful outfit if you will match it with a leather jacket. Exactly, you will be protected from cold and, at the same time, you will be admired and very chic.
Keep in mind that this type of dress can be worn in any season. The only condition is that you should adapt its fabric to the weather outside. As colder it gets, as thicker the fabric should be.
The maxi dress is no doubt a piece of outfit that should not miss from your wardrobe. It is comfortable, sensual and, as I’ve already shown above, extremely versatile.