Men’s Running Shoes 2016

Sport is part of our lives and even more for men it is important to do workout every day. In this respect, it is good to have a proper sports equipment. Running is great for your health, among the most important benefits I would love to emphasize a few:

– Prevention of disease and boost immunity – running involves increasing blood needs, so the body needs more blood to oxygenate and nourish your muscles during exercise and also to keep the amount of blood needed vital organs
– Eliminate stress indeed, like any other sport activity actually, running helps in the first like the health of your mind
– Gives you great muscle tone
– Helps your body to stay fit, you can easily lost weight…

Today I will present some interesting patterns of men’s running shoes :

ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture 4 Running Shoe,Charcoal/Carbon/Blue,11 M US
running shoes for men 2014-2015

ASICS across the industry is undoubtedly an example of brand sports shoes that offer good quality at a great price. Regarding this model I want to highlight the following characteristics which seems very useful:
– has Rearfoot GEL cushioning system (exceptional for your heel)
– has Removable foam insole
– foot stays very comfortable in it

running shoes for mens 2014-2015

This shoes are great for running or if you have standing up jobs. They are good quality in a fair price. With a small amount of money you will get a good sport shoe from a great brand.

Reebok Men’s Pheehan Running Shoe,Black/Silver,15 M US
gents running shoes 2014-2015

This is an excellent running shoe with super characteristics:
– padded foam sockliner
– forefoot flex grooves (good otpion for running session – easy movement and forward motion)

Mizuno Men’s Wave Prophecy 3 Running Shoe,Dark Grey,10.5 D US
mens running shoes 2014-2015

This is an interesting sport shoe, excellent for running or for long walking. Love his marvelous characteristics:
– infinity Wave heel-to-toe cushioning
– has a technology which drops weight from the shoe and increases flexibility
All in one a good quality running shoe without doubt.

New Balance Men’s M750 Running Shoe,Grey/Lime,10.5 D US
men's running shoes 2014-2015

I guess everyone of us we are aware of the New Balance shoes quality, this a fact not a questionable issue. So, of course this model also, has a lot of feature which make him a perfect one for running session or for a standing up long moments.

ASICS Men’s GEL-Nimbus 15 Running Shoe,Lightning/Blue Steel/Lime,10.5 M US
men running shoe

This another great model from ASICS (by the way did you know that this brand was founded by a Japanese and his name came from latin phrase, “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”) with a lot of great feature, perfect for your needs.

PUMA Men’s Tazon 5 Cross-Training Shoe,Black/Puma Silver/Black,10.5 M US
shoes for running

From all their great feature Breathable EcoOrthoLite sockliner and cushioned midsole for optimum fit and comfort impress me most. Anyway, this brand has his own fans and speaking about running shoe I belive they have great and very competitive models.

Men’s sneakers

mens sneakers

sneakers for men

mens sneakers 2014-2015

mens sneaker

Fall boots for men 2014-2015

It can’t be fall without boots so here are some very interesting models:

boots for men

mens boots 2014

fall boots for men

mens boots

boots for fall mens 2014-2015

Sandals for men – latest trends 2014

Extremely comfortable and easy to match, sandals represent an excellent option for a casual outfit.

Men’s running shoes 2014

Running shoes are extremely useful because they manage to keep our feet comfortable no matter if we are going to the gym or just having a walk.
Below you may find the 2014 trends for men’s running shoes.

Men’s Loafers 2015-2016

Loafers are very comfortable and this is their major quality so, along with their versatility, they are making men to wish they have them into their closet.

Workwear Shoes for Men 2015-2016

If your husband is working outside then you will better convince him to read this article since I’ve chose some interesting men’s boots models for this year.

Men’s Office Shoes 2015-2016

If you have a job that requires an office dress code, along with the suit you’ll have to buy some office shoes too.
Here are some interesting examples:

Winter boots for men 2014

During the winter, the most important thing becomes protecting yourself from cold, especially if you have an outside job. Then, it becomes really important to perfectly protect you from cold and to feel comfortable.
Below you may find some interesting models of men’s boots which are very trendy in 2014:

Men’s winter boots 2014

Winter came and the cold season forces everybody, men or women, to protect themselves from the cold temperatures, strong wind, snow and ice.
Today there are a large variety of models which covers in my opinion all tastes no matter how demanding they can be. Important is to feel comfortable wearing them (in this aspect be careful to buy a proper size) and to be a model who will fit your taste and style.
Here are some trendy men’s boots models for this winter:

Ankle Boots for Men 2014

Ankle boots are highly prized by all men in the world. And the reasons are many. Especially with how cold outside and you have a job where you have to go dressed office.
Basically ankle boots are very suitable in many occasions and their versatility makes them so very appreciated.

For example, at work, in combination with office attire:

Or in a combination to a casual or smart casual attire:

And if you go to the mountains, to a barbecue or a trip you again some great options:

It is very important to be really comfortable in this boots, easy to wear and in line with your style.

Casual Shoes For Men 2015-2016

If we think about it, besides sport times, casual shoes are most common footwear.It’s absolutely normal to be like this because casual shoes are first of all very comfortable and second there are a lot of casual models which can be worn with many types of clothes.



Sneakers don’t make a separate opinion either to this trend. You are looking for a good pair of men’s casual shoes ?, take a look at some here that I have reviewed myself..

It’s very important to choose the correct size for your shoes; otherwise the sensation of comfort given by casual footwear is gone.

I personally think that you have to take good care of your shoes. Some tips I recommend and we all should apply:

–         store all the shoes you are not wearing for a longer period of time in a dark safe place and if you don’t have special holder for shoes, some crumpled paper will work too in order to maintain the shape of your shoes

–         remember to clean your shoes after every usage using the correct ways to do that according to the type of the shoes: every fabric has it’s own instructions when it comes to cleaning

–         wear your shoes by rotation with a break of minimum 48h between usages

–         when you store them don’t throw them one over the other because they will lose their shape, store them in order

I believe that how much attention you pay to keep your shoes clean and in a proper condition equal the amount of time until you will need to buy a new pair.

How you know when you need a new pair of casual shoes:

–         you stop feeling comfortable wearing them

–         they are broken

–         aesthetically speaking the shoes are damaged


If you are one of the happy ones who don’t have to wear ties and suits at work, then definitely your job doesn’t require an office outfit. This allows you to wear casual shoes at work, though it’s still a thin line there. Sure you want to feel comfortable but you have to be decent at work too. Here are some ideas of casual shoes for work:


If I mentioned above about the different kinds of casual shoes, let’s make a clear segmentation of the main types of casual shoes for men:

1.  Bucks

Yes, this shoes are great, comfortable and with great effect combine them even with muted khakis or a pair of rumpled seersucker trousers.

2.  Ankle Boots

In combination with a pair of jeans looks sensational and gives a very cool look. The advantage is not insignificant that offers a wide range of behavior between seasons.

3. Moccasins

Light, extremely comfortable, versatile and very chic. This in my opinion is the perfect description for this kind of shoes. He can join a lot of outfits and you’ll feel great wearing these shoes.

4. Wing Tips

Very nice and worn in various occasions, these shoes are not demanding and can get you out of trouble one day you do not know what to wear.

5. Converse

Although a more sport shoes, they have been rising fulminating in the last 5 years so that now dominates young outfit and more. The reason is simple, looks decent, are comfortable and versatile.

In my opinion it is very important to be really casual shoes very comfortable, not for nothing called casual, it should be very comfortable, easy to wear and then of course we’re going to be matched with the rest of the outfit’s.