Best Long Lasting Perfumes For Men 2017

A perfume completes your image and choosing a long lasting one is more than desirable. Here are a few interesting suggestions:

best long sillage scent 2017
TERRE D’HERMES by Hermes is a sensational perfume which opens with a fantastic citrus top note. Middle notes are woody, and patchouli. It lasts a lot, you will get compliments from all around you all day.

Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir By Bvlgari For Men
best long lasting scent 2017
That is a perfume from Bvlgari which lasts a lot, like the most of the fragrance of the house.

Thierry Mugler Eau de Toilette Spray, Angel Men Pure Havane
2017 best sillage scent
Angel Men Pure Havane is a special edition fragrance from Thierry Mugler, a truly sensational perfume. It has a huge longevity and a fantastic projection, It has a warm and sexy scent.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male By Jean Paul Gaultier For Men
best longevity scent 2017
That is a must have scent for every man, All the women around you will drive crazy. Le Male is going to reveal your style , your ferocity and unleash the desire in women around you.

Opium for Men Eau De Toilette by Yves Saint Laurent
nice scent 2017
An inspired option if you look for a long lasting fragrance.

1 Million by Paco Rabanne for Men
best long lasting perfume for gents 2017
For sure it is already a very known and interesting fragrance. A long lasting, cool and pleasant perfume. Also the projection is fantastic.

Xerjoff Uden Eau De Parfum
2017 best long lasting scent
Xerjoff Uden Eau De Parfum is a fine and quality fragrance for the one who knows a lot about fragrances. Very refreshing and long lasting it is a magnificent option for any men.

Black Xs By Paco Rabanne For Men
best sillage 2017
Black Xs is a nice scent which projects and lasts for a very long period of time. A wonderful option for some men, this perfume being also extremely versatile, which is, let’s face it a very important feature.

Best Winter Fragrances For Gents 2016-2017

If you want to have a perfect image, if you want to feel in your skin, then you should choose a perfume which must completes you.

Valentino Uomo
winter perfumes 2016
A relatively new perfume from Valentino House it is very seductive and its tremendous notes of bergamot and coffee, which makes it a perfect choice.

Burberry Touch for Men
winter perfumes for men 2016
This cold season pefumes, Burberrry Touch is a very masculine and special scent. A great option , no doubt about that.

Angel A Men Pure Havane by Thiery Mugler

2016 best winter scents
This fragrance has a wonderful tobacco smell, not something like a cigar or pipe, but just a sweet hint of cured tobacco leaves, simply amazing, distinctive and very unique.

Prada Amber Pour Homme
2016 best winter perfume
If you want a special and very elegant perfume try Prada Amber, it is truly amazing, that is clear. All the people around you will notice, for sure it will get you out of the crowd.

Calvin Klein Eternity by Night For Men
2016 gents scent
With perfect scents of pink pepper and tonka bean it is a classic, special choice for every men.

Paco Rabanne Invictus
best scent 2016buy2._V192207737_
Of course this is another tremendous hit perfume from Paco Rabanne House.It is super long lasting, with magical notes of wood, patchouli and grapefruit.

ODIIN 12 Lacha by Odin New York
ODIIN 12 Lacha by Odin New York
That scent it’s a perfect cold season with very long lasting scent. B;ack pepper, and leather creates a very cozy and special scent will make a girl to gone crazy.

Jo Malone London “Orris&Sandalwood”Cologne Intense
Jo Malone London Cologne Intense
This perfume has a special combination of scentes, which will make you feel very sexy and masculine. For sure all around you will notice you in a very good and positive way, for sure. So telling you that Jo Malone London “Orris&Sandalwood”Cologne Intense will get you out of the crowd it is true. A great and versatile scent.

Fall Perfumes For Men 2016

No matter the season fragrance is very important for men. Indeed for your look is important to have the proper clothes combo’s but your scent is also very precious.

Guerlain L’homme Ideal Eau De Toilette Spray for Men
2016 best fall perfume

Guerlain fragrances are truly stunning. Notice that L’homme Ideal is their first men’s fragrance for six years and though disappointingly trend-led (it’s a ‘gourmand’ fragrance built around ‘edible’ notes of almonds and vanilla) it stops short of smelling like Mary Berry’s kitchen, thanks to a touch of leather. All the women I know who’ve had a whiff of it absolutely love it so it’s definitely worth a go.

Hugo Boss The Scent
2016 fall scent

If you are a powerful, sporty and bold man, then choose the provocative package — it’s a silver cage trapping a glass flacon of gold-colored liquid — immediately hints at what’s to come. African Maninka fruit, which is reportedly an aphrodisiac, mingles with leather for a uniquely seductive and sense-provoking effect.

Bvlgari Man in Black Eau de Parfum Spray for Men
best mens fall perfume 2016

Man in Black from Bvlgari, is absolutely amazing. Warm and leathery, with hits of rum, rose and – to my nose at least – figs, it’s perfect for the darker and colder nights. Sexy as hell too.

MONTBLANC Legend Eau de Toilette

2016 mens fall perfume

Overall, Montblanc Legend is fruity and woodsy. It’s a very familiar and comforting scent. Also gives you a great piece of confindence.

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

2016 gents perfume

Gentleman Only Intense by Givenchy opens with mandarin, black pepper, and woody notes (which is apparently birch leaves).
The fruity notes fade to allow pepper and tonka bean (which to me smells strongly of almond) to come through.
The tonka bean remains throughout and is accompanied by leather.

TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum

fall perfumes for gents 2016

Tom Ford fragrances tend to be more of a choice for connoisseurs, rather than the casual wearer. Indeed, unlike Tom Ford, most mass-produced colognes have so many fragrance oils in the mix, it’s difficult to identify the individual aspects and the scent develops more of an overall impression.
In contrast, there is no missing the tobacco and vanilla in Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille.
This scent is like plunging your head into a jar of fresh, aromatic pipe tobacco.
It’s a very refined, masculine, and rich scent and has excellent longevity. You’ll wake up the next morning smelling just as you did the night before.

Best Cologne For Men 2016

Whether it’s used to entangle men or to enhance corporate profits, perfume deserves its status of magic potion even from ancient times.
Yes, it is true, from biblical times, the fragrance has a significant importance. Today, when it comes to buying a perfume, the great majority of men choose one of two ways:
1. buys the same type of perfume that used in high school.
2. choose the first one they love it in a store.

The second variant is certainly the most advantageous, but choosing the perfect fragrance is not after what you smell good, but as it matches your skin type.
The fragrance is applied to the skin, wrist, forearm, by ear, basically places where veins are close to the skin and it can feel the pulse. To keep the odor intensity, try not to rub hands with perfume applied areas as alcohol vapor will evaporate faster (due to heat resulting from friction) and perfume essences will be destroyed.

Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

2016 cologne for men

It is an amazing cologne, a versatile perfume for any occasion. Be sure that you will get complimented, yes, true, tons of compliments. You can say about this perfume that it is a casual fragrance, clean, innofensive and good for office wear. Some said that it is a fantastic fragrance for men at peace with themselves. Men who are aware of their sex-factor, yet not brag about it. It’s not one of those loud perfumes, and that adds up on it’s seductiveness. Perfect score for intelligent, self-assured gents.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche By Gianni Versace For Men
2016 cologne

This is we could say, a newer version of Versace Man, and it is more fresher and even more aquatic. While the original Versace Man had a certain Latino powerful vibe to it due to tobacco note in its oriental surroundings, Eau Fraiche has a Mediterranean quality with some woody notes. Top notes include lemon, bergamot, rosewood, and rose. Heart notes feature cedar, tarragon, sage and pepper.
You will surely love this wonderful scent. I’m not going to sit here and tell you it has notes of sandalwood, a piqued palate of persimmon and hints of hazelnut, no, it is important of course, but what you should know is that it is very light, fun, and yet a little sweet but still masculine scent. A lot of women which you will interact will appreciate.

FENDI Fan Di Fendi Acqua Eau de Toilette Spray

2016-2017 cologne

Want a fresh and interesting summer scent? Well if the answer is yes, look no more…FENDI Fan Di Fendi is the perfect choice. Very light, fresh with a touch of aromatic herbs and musk, this perfume is Aromatic, Masculine, Urban, Elaborate, Casual but in a sophisticated way.

Bvlgari Man Eau de Toilette Spray for Men
2016 best cologne

Bvlgari Man Eau de Toilette is a great scent, it smells fresh, clean, and very masculine. I get a lot of citrus and honey and what smells like tea and patchouli right off the top. I don’t think patchouli or tea are listed as notes, but something that resembles them comes through in the initial top notes. It could be the bergamot and honey referencing the smell of earl grey tea with lemon.
In the middle, there is a slight woody, citrus, pine smell that lasts for the majority of the life of this scent. In the last stages of the dry down, the vetiver begins to show through.
Notice also that Bvlgari Man Eau de Toilette is also extremely versatile.

Baldessarini Ambre By Baldessarin For Men
2016-2017 best cologne

This scent is truly amazing. It’s not annoying, flowery, sour or in your face kind of scent. Very earthy and ambery, a truly great scent.

Hermes Terre D’hermes Eau de Toilette Spray for Men
perfume 2016

Modern, masculine scent effuses a complex blend of wood notes, spice and floral. Initially strong, the scent dilutes after exposure to air and remains light to anyone who is fortunate enough to be in close proximity.

Millesime Imperial By Creed For Men
2016 fragrance

Believe it or not, Millesime Imperial is a statement fragrance in every sense of the word. True, no matter which are your personal taste this cologne is truly an amazing one. With crisp top notes of sea salt and citrus, middle notes of bergamot and Florentine Iris and a marine base amplified by wood and musk, Millesime Imperial is a bottle to keep and a fantastic scent for your daily image.

Bvlgari Aqua
Bvlgari Aqua

Bvlgari Aqua is very fresh and pleasant perfume. It gives a strong husky, yet a cool ocean like refreshing scent. It is long lasting which is great for a fresh type cologne. For sure could become a signature scent for any man.

Summer Perfumes For Men 2016

Fragrance is an important part for a modern and trendy man look. From biblical times, the fragrance has its significant importance. The Mesopotamians used over 4,000 years ago perfume in their religious rites. Perfumes were found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, who believed that the soul goes into heaven only guided by that perfume. Greeks also have their great importance in the history of perfume, being the first ones who created liquid form of the fragrance.

Here are above 10 of the best summer fragrance for men :

1. Ultraviolet By Paco Rabanne For Men

best perfumes for men 2016

This wonderful fragrance combines outstanding notes of sweet vanilla and vetiver. Ultraviolet is an exciting and extremely versatile scent. For sure it is perfect for summer times.

2. L’eau D’issey by Issey Miyake for Men

amazing summer fragrance 2016

It smells refined, youthful, and very sophisticated, with a light citrus & woody spice scent that is very pleasing, not musky, overly sweet, or intrusive to other people’s olfactory nerves. Eau D’Issey L’Myiake Issey Pour Homme is a men’s 90s classic, bold and sensual, seductive scent for gents with a relaxed style.

3. Bvlgari Aqua By Bvlgari For Men

best fragrance for gents 2016

Aqua pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Bulgari. The scent was launched in 2005 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jacques Cavallier. It is an aromatic aquatic fragrance perfect for hot summer times.

4. 212 Sexy By Carolina Herrera For Men

best 2016 summer times perfumes

212 Sexy Men by Carolina is a seductive perfume, very masculine and sexy in the very same time. It has top notes of mandarin and bergamot as well as in combination with green notes. Middle notes of cardamon contain perfume, flowers and pepper, harmonized base notes like vanilla, sandalwood, guaiac wood, musk and ambergris.

5. Ángel A*Mén Últra Zést

2016 best summer perfume

Launched in 2015, Thierry Mugler A * Men Ultra Zest is a men’s fragrance emerged from the “A * Men” collection. It is a woody fragrance for men with notes of orange, mandarin, ginger and mint, followed by cinnamon, coffee and black pepper. Its base notes are tonka bean, patchouli and vanilla. A great choice for a the man who loves to be chic.

6. Men’s Chrome by Azzaro Eau de Toilette

summer fragrance 2016

Azzaro Chrome eau de toilette is a fresh and interesting scent. Top notes are lemon, bergamot, pineapple, neroli and rosemary, followed by middle notes of lichen, cyclamen, jasmine and coriander. The scent ends with sandalwood, tonka bean, musk, oakmoss, cedar, brazilian rosewood and cardamom.

7. FENDI Fan Di Fendi Acqua Eau de Toilette

best perfumes for gents 2016

Fresh, intense and energizing, this fragrance notes highlights this truly amazing perfume. It has refresing scents of marine notes, embrace central liked notes, spicy, pepper and nutmeg.

8. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Summer 2015 Cologne Tonique

summer cologne 2016

Le Male creates an intense feeling of revitalizing and stimulating freshness. Fresh and aromatic notes are emphasized: lavender, mint and cardamom. Notes green data flavors freshly cut grass and leaves reaffirms. Finally, base notes full of vanilla, musk and sandalwood remain unchanged.

9. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Vitae Forte

best perfumes for men

Aqua Vitae, the Maison Francis Kurkdjian latest creation is created to make you a fantastic and irresistible attractive man. Francis Kurkdjian has carefully chosen the most precious ingredients: lemon from Calabria, Sicily mandarin, tonka bean from Brazil, infusion of vanilla, magnolia, guaiac wood and wood life.

10. Versace Man Eau Fraiche By Gianni Versace For Men

perfumes for gents 2016

Eau Fraiche has some very interesting woody notes. Top notes include lemon, bergamot, rosewood, and rose. Heart notes feature cedar, tarragon, sage and pepper.

Men’s Spring Fragrances 2016 Latest Trends

A fragrance can change your state of mind, your mood, your image after all. So, it is very important to make the right choice. Here are some interesting spring perfumes:

Hugo Bottled Intense
2016 spring perfumes
This fragrance was released in 2015, so it is pretty new. This edition is a luscious spicy woodsy blend a perfect combination for spring.

Thierry Mugler A*MEN Ultra Zest
spring gents perfumes 2016
With amazing notes of Tangerine, orange, ginger, spearmint, coffee, cinnamon, black pepper, patchouli and tonka bean A*MEN Ultra Zest is another great edition of the Thierry Mugler house.

Blue de Chanel by Chanel
spring mens perfume 2016
This is a shockingly amazing, beautiful, and versatile fragrance. It opens with a very nice grapefruit note which I feel adds such a vitality and brightness to the composition. This is coupled with ginger, followed by vetiver, resins and amber. The other main player here is incense. If I could sum up this then it would be Grapefruit, Ginger, Incense & Amber.

John Varvatos Artisan
spring fragrance 2016
This timelessly masculine scent opens with an electrifying citrus explosion of Silician clementines and juicy tangelo fruit and develops into a spicy, floral blend. A modern, smooth, and powerful background of woody and musky notes complete the composition. For sure it is a great solution for a trendy man.

Guilty Black Pour Homme
spring perfumes
This cologne is definitely a nice fragrance, is woody, herbal and fresh. I can smell lavender, coriander, and some fresh notes.

Calvin Klein intense euphoria
2016 best spring perfumes
An oriental amber fragrance that blends deep woodsy and richer spices – the sexier, more mysterious side of the euphoria men.

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men
2016 best gents perfum
This amazing perfume is a scent of freedom, full of wind and water. The composition is built of a perfect harmony of sweet and salty notes of sea water and nuances of sunny warmth on your skin. Aqua di Gio is full of scorching Mediterranean sun. Bitter citrus with aromatic nuance of rosemary intertwines with salty, sea nuances and pellucid hedione. Sharp notes of spices are softened by woody base with warm, musky trail.

Long Lasting Perfumes for Men 2016

Everybody knows that there are plenty of great smelling colognes for men on the market. However, some of those fantastic scents don’t last for more than an hour or two. The sillage, is a very important aspect. So, in this respect you should be very well informed.

Guess By Marciano by Guess for Men
2016 long lasting fragrance for men
You can’t go wrong with Guess Marciano as an everyday/casual cologne, especially in the colder season (Fall/Winter) very strong in the opening, the sillage is great.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million By Paco Rabanne For Men
2016 best long lasting fragrance
One Million is a great uplifting and very seductive perfume. A classic already, a truly successful fragrance form Paco Rabanne.

Bvlgari Man Eau de Toilette Spray for Men
2016 amazing long lasting perfume
Bvlgari man is a very good choice if you look for a long sillage fragrance.

Calvin Klein euphoria for Men Eau de Toilette
2016 long sillage perfume
It is a pleasant scent, quite crisp, clean and fresh yet subtly sexy. Not overpowering or in your face. No doubt that it is a great option for a long lasting scent.

Givenchy Play Intense by Givenchy for Men
2016 best long lasting fragrance for men
Launched in 2009, this fragrance has amazing notes of bergamot, mandarin, orange, wood, pink pepper, coffee wood accord, labdanum, tonka bean, vetyver and patchouli.

Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Coffee Eau De Toilette Spray For Men
2016 amazing fragrance
This is a very long lasting cologne , a perfect choice for a trendy and interesting man.

Loris Azzaro Men’s Chrome Eau de Toilette Natural Spray
best long lasting fragrance 2016
Azzaro Chrome is a great fragrance. Azzaro chrome brings you a little woody and nutty scent. This can work both for the office or a date night. It gives the fresh scent of alpine forest. It will makes you feel great wearing it.

Hugo Boss Men’s Boss No. 6 Eau de Toilette Natural Spray
2017-2016 long lasting perfume
This is a great entry-level fragrance for anybody getting into more classy scents. Would recommend this scent for people looking for an easy to wear, almost blind-buy-able, warm, friendly, but also fresh and fun. It smells amazing and also has a very long lasting scent.

Fall-Winter Cologne for Men 2015-2016

The cold season is the moment when men preoccupy for a proper perfume for them. Here are below some interesting suggestions:

Tom Ford – Tuscan Leather
best fall fragrance for him tuscan leather 2015-2016
Tuscan Leather is an exclusive perfume. It has lovely and sumptuous overtones. It has amazing musk and woody notes (specific for cold seasons).

Giorgio Armani – Armani Code
best autumn cologne for gents 2015-2016
This is an excellent seductive fragrance for bold and elegant men. It is, if you want, a classic among the cold season colognes for men.

Mont Blanc – Legend
stunning fall perfumes for mens 2015-2016
If you are a very confident and charismatic man then legend is for sure the perfect fragrance for you.

Prada Amber Pour Homme
best cologne for men
It is a great perfume for any occasion. Indeed, it is versatile and perfect for fall-winter time.

Bvlgari Man
Bvlgari Man
With woody, amber and musk notes, Bvlgari man is a very good choice for the cold season.
Top notes are lotus, bergamot, and pear, specialists observe some middle notes of vetyver, woodsy notes, sandalwood, amber, cashmere wood and cypriol oil or nagarmotha, base notes are benzoin, and tonka.

Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico
Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico
It is a must have for the cold season if you are a trendy man who likes to look and smell nice.

Baldessarini Ambre Man
Baldessarini Ambre Man
Ambre is an interesting fragrance that can be characterized as mystic and special. Ambré Baldessarini is simply stunning ( very masculine , still classy, and sophisticated, grate for cold nights or day or out or office & safe beside the bottle design is perfect & beautiful as well .

Thierry Mugler A Men Pure Malt
Thierry Mugler A Men Pure Malt
Like most perfumes from Thierry Mugler, A Men Pure Malt is a fantastic solution for the fall-winter. A very warm and inviting fragrance. This is just awesome for the autumn and winter months. It gets spicy, fruity, boozy vibe. This fragrance is a definite try for those of you who haven’t gotten their nose on this yet. A winner from the Thierry Mugler house.

Best Summer Fragrances for Men 2016

A key element into a man’s look, the perfume should be wisely chosen. And because we are talking about a summer fragrance, it is time for a little bit fresher perfumes.

Vetiver by Guerlain

vetiver 2015-2016
Vetiver is a special perfume, fresh and with a lot of style. It is an old school type of perfume, but it seems that it still remains in the men’s choices.

Thierry Mugler A*MEN Ultra Zest
thierry mugler ultra zest
Mugler house reveals a new, strong fragrance which perfectly combines layers and continues to surprise us regardless of the numerous previous editions and versions. THIERRY MUGLER A*MEN ULTRA ZEST introduces a new dose of juiciness, tartness and strong accords of red orange and tangerine cooled additionally by mint along with tart-lemonish ginger in the opening. As the composition develops, we will feel fine aromas of coffee (repeated from numerous version of the original) blended with sweet spicy accords of cinnamon and black pepper. A game of warm, bright and cold notes stretches all the way to the base created of warm and deep notes of vanilla, patchouli and tonka. First smell is intense blood orange and the usual blood orange tartness. After just a few seconds I get a huge depth of aromas: vanilla, a little ginger, “green” and “blue” aromas, and a fresh spiciness. Additionally, Ultra Zest is without a doubt the most versatile fragrance of the Thierry Mugler house, as I see it being an immensely popular spring and summer fragrance, with just enough spiciness in there to make it suitable for Fall/Autumn weather.

Versace pour Homme
Versace pour Homme
With top notes of bergamot, cedar and citrus, this is a stylish and perfect fragrance for summer.

Burberry for Men
Burberry for men
Burberry for Men is a wonderful summer fragrance, a fresh perfume without any doubt. It is not overpowering, which makes it usable in the office too.

Bvlgari Aqua Marine Pour Homme by Bvlgari
Bvlgari Aqua Marine Pour Homme by Bvlgari
Bvlgari Aqua Marine is a light but very masculine fragrance, perfect for any situation. Indeed, it is versatile cologne, always ready to complete your outfit with its fresh and seductive notes.

Joop! Joop Summer Ticket by Joop! For Men
2015 Joop! Joop Summer Ticket by Joop! For Men
With top notes of apple, grapefruit and bergamot, it is an amazing and bold choice for this summer.

Aqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani for Men
best summer frgarance for men 2015-2016
Orange, Lemon, Mandarin and Jasmine, these are the base notes of Aqua Di Gio, a classic perfume for men, if I can say so. It is an excellent choice for the warm season.

Versace Man Eau Fraiche by Gianni Versace for Men
Versace Man Eau Fraiche by Gianni Versace for Men
This is an interesting perfume, nice and fresh, highly appreciated during the summer. Indeed and this is normal, because as you probably know in the summer refreshing fragrance are highly appreciated and Versace Man Eau Fraiche is not only very refreshing but it has also some woody notes which makes him so special. Works really well in heat but not only. Definitely a must have for a sharp and clean scent, has a sporty yet classy vibe on his smell.

Best Fragrance for Men 2015

Within the nowadays modern society, the perfume is equally important for men as it is for women. A fragrance can define you, can express your personality. Here are some perfumes that are in my opinion among the best in 2015:

Hermes Terre D’hermes

Hermes Terre D'hermes

This is a quality perfume, an exceptional one that can’t miss from any best fragrances top. The top notes of this perfume are the grapefruit and orange ones, but its base is woody. All in one, it is a balanced fragrance, perfect for many circumstances.

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

ralf bomber

This perfume impresses first with its bottle. It has a grenade shape and, indeed, this fragrance is a grenade of scents itself. Among its notes you can find: lavender, chilly, vetiver and grapefruit.

Tom Ford Noir

Tom Ford Noir

Tom Ford Noir is a strong male perfume that emanates mystery, power and elegance. Launched in 2012, it is a very sophisticated fragrance but also elegant at the same time.

Angel Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

angel men thierry mugler

It was launched in 2009 in order to celebrate the Scottish whiskey and its specific aromas. In this way we have a long lasting perfume, extremely sophisticated and versatile. It is a woody fragrance but with strong oriental base notes.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million

2015 paco rabbanne 1 milion

This is a perfume that, from its launching until now, maintains itself within the first places on all tops. As the bottle suggests it, this is a luxury fragrance, for the winners. But, of course, it is not only about marketing here because Paco Rabanne created with this perfume a spectacular aroma with cinnamon, lemon, woody and mint notes.

Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

le male

Modern, sexy, but also very masculine, Le Male is a symbol, a fragrance with a special magnetism. It has a great sillage but not overpowering. Its base scents are vanilla and sandalwood, going further with orange and cinnamon as top notes.


fan di fendi

Indeed, mysterious but also sophisticated, this way we can characterized this wonderful perfume. It is definitely a woody fragrance, but with strong accents of orange. It is a long lasting perfume, with strong oriental notes and with a really impressive scent.

Black Xs By Paco Rabanne

black xs paco

The second fragrance from Paco Rabanne house in our top and for a good reason because these are highly successful perfumes. Black XS is a fragrance launched 10 years ago, with a strong male character. Its notes are incredible fresh containing lemon, cinnamon, black amber and patchouli.

Winter fragrance for men 2015-2016

The cold season can be heated up with a quality perfume. Therefore girls would be more tempted to get close to you if you’ll wear a special fragrance.

1.Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

This is an exclusive perfume which gains more and more field within the men’s favorite fragrances. Even the shape of the bottle is very suggestive: it looks like a grenade indicating the scent explosion given by this perfume.
Is it a head turning perfume?
No doubt yes, it is an extremely special fragrance, a high quality one which will make a lot of ladies to turn their heads after you.

2. One million by Paco Rabanne

1 million by Paco Rabanne

One Million is already an extremely known fragrance by everybody. In a short period of time it has won a huge notoriety. It is an extraordinary hot perfume for winter evenings and nights. This is the type of fragrance which can leave an unmistakable scent.
Is it a head turning perfume?
Oh yes, definitely, has become overused if I may say so, as you enter a bar or a club everyone wear 1 Million.

3. Prada Amber pour home

prada amber

This is an extremely elegant winter perfume. It is specific to classic, elegant men who want to mesmerize the woman next to them. Amber pour home is a classic of winter fragrances.
Is it a head turning perfume?
If you love elegance, yes you will turn your head…

4. Mont Blanc Legend


This is a special perfume, perfect for the cold season even if it has a fruity apple note. If you are a man who respect himself, very elegant and keen to your image then Mont Blanc Legend is the perfect winter fragrance for you.
Is it a head turning perfume?
Classy but hot… and yes it will…for sure…

5. Caroline Herrera VIP men

vip 212 men

Caroline Herrera’s VIP Men is a winter perfume for the young and very active men who enjoy the night life. If you feel that you belong to this category then surely this is the perfect fragrance for you.
Is it a head turning perfume?
In the club you will meet this fragrance… and i guarantee that it will turn your head…

6. Valentino Uomo Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

Valentino Uomo – Valntino for men

Valentine Uomo is the latest fragrance of the Valentino house. Some specialists are saying that this perfume is a little traditionalist but I strongly maintain my opinion supported by many years of experience into the fragrance area (I actually worked into this industry and the perfumes are a part of me now) that this is not true. Valentine Uomo is on the contrary a revolutionary fragrance, seductive and full of mystery. Its amazing scent opens with a strong note of bergamot, then, the amazing coffee, leather and cedar notes are blowing your mind.
Is it a head turning perfume?
Ohhh, yes, for sure it is.

7. Angel Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

A Men Pure Malt thiery mugler

This fragrance is a limited edition from Thierry Mugler. Actually, the connoisseurs know that if I’ve said Thierry Mugler, I’ve also said extraordinary and high quality perfumes. It is very hard not to fall in love with the A men Pure Malt’s amazing scent. I identify a sensual mix of whiskey and caramel, but with a quite interesting coffee notes. All in one, this is a special fragrance, made for the winter nights of a seductive and mysterious man.
Is it a head turning perfume?
It definitely is and it’s doing it successfully.

Best selling aftershave 2015-2016

Men are concerned about looking good just as women are. And this isn’t a bad thing, on the opposite. Among the concerns about the self hygiene is included also a good, quality aftershave.
Nowadays there are plenty of brands and offers on the market one more attractive than the other.
But exactly how important is to use an aftershave after you’re done shaving? Well, very important I might say and below you may find a few of the many reasons why you should use one:
– You want to smell good and that matters a lot, right?
– A refreshing sensation, which is great because shaving puts pressure on your skin
– Gives a smooth touch to your skin
– A quality aftershave has antibacterial properties

Considering the above aspects, here are some of the best selling aftershaves in 2014:

Esencia by Loewe for Men After Shave

esencia loewe

Never over powering this fragrance lasts for a very long time. It is for sure a quality after shave which last long.


It is an after shave with a fresh fragrance with fruity and spicy which is inspired by the power of water energizing and hypnotic sound of the waves.

Christian Dior Homme Sport After Shave Lotion for Men

Dior is a famous fragrance brand with high quality products and this time they gave their best on this aftershave.

Jade East Aftershave

The 50’s are coming back and this cologne is one of the most popular American’s fragrances from those years.


pi neo

Pi is a mathematic constant often used in mathematics and physics, this fragrance is mathematically perfect and very much alike an equation – difficult to understand but rewardable.