Chino Pants For Men 2017

Your wardrobe must become more versatile and for this you have to try another type of trousers and here I refer to chino pants, so called because of the fabric, are by far the most versatile pieces of clothing from the masculine wardrobe. More elegant and casual than slim pants, chino trousers can be worn both in casual situations, and to formal occasions. Here are confused often with khaki pants, because indeed, are quite alike, but unlike those khaki, available in one color, chino pants come in a variety of colors, are made from cotton 100 % and have no pleats. Pair them with shirts, sweaters, blazers, shoes, sneakers and sandals.

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Indeed comfort is very important, this pants are also very comfy and easy to wear in any situation. So, take advantage of this aspect and try to wear this piece as much as you can.

They first appeared in the mid-nineteenth century, when they were conceived for military uniforms of troops from France and Great Britain. They began to gain popularity among US civilians among war veterans when they returned from the Philippines wearing such pants and since then have remained on the market until today because they are simple, very comfortable and versatile. You can wear the shirt and jacket with a pair of shoes or, equally well. You could consider those pants as a casual pants but as I said above you can wear them even in special occasions.

Best Men’s Sport Blazers Spring 2016

The sport blazer is an extremely chic and versatile piece of outfit.
A sport blazer worn with a pair of jeans can pull you out of the crowd. Can you look chic wearing jeans? Well yes, for sure you can, especially if you pair them with a sport blazer. Choose the correct model of jeans and make sure they don’t look too worn out. The color should be best to be a dark one. The model and color of the blazer can be blue, black, brown or grey. Important is to keep it lighter than the jeans.
Whether you are going for a walk or at a romantic dinner with your girlfriend, a blazer is no doubt a perfect choice.

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Here are a few interest tips to help you choosing and wearing a sport blazer:

– be brave and try the combination of jacket with shorts quite unusual, but this trend is gaining a lot among trendy men
– blue jeans with a white or light blue shirt and a sport coat could be interesting. Male fashion is in constant change, but this merger between shirt and jacket from now could resist for long. It’s a playful style, brave and saves you in many social occasions.
– sweater, jumper or turtleneck under a sport coat with jeans is typical casual style

The difference between a well-dressed man and others is often in choosing its proper clothing. When you are looking for a sport blazer, think how chic and versatile it is. Works with most items from your wardrobe?

Polo Shirts For Men 2018

Polo shirts were created long time ago. Around 1926, the famous René Lacoste (former French tennis player), created a sport clothing company after retiring.

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Polo shirt is great when you’re invited to an event and do not feel comfortable wearing a shirt, polo shirt is the perfect choice.

It is neither too simple nor as too elegant classic shirt as shirt. Among the items of clothing, polo shirt is one of the greatest innovations as draw the line between casual and formal.

Before may purchase a Polo shirt it’s good to know a few lines of behavior that will ease your clothing choices and combinations:
The sleeves should reach you by the middle of elbow and shoulder, so the biceps length should not exceed shirt with long strap line.
Be sure circumference of the neck is the right one: if it’s too loose shirt creates a feeling of thin neck, and if you have a very thick neck moldings; so the goal is somewhere in the middle.

One of the most important advantages of the Polo Shirt is its versatility. This type of shirt it is not as simple as a regular T-shirt but also not as formal as an office shirt. It is actually at the border between formal and casual. It can be worn not only with sneakers, but also with casual and even formal shoes. Also, it can be worn in combo with a sport blazer or even with a hoodie. Therefore you can see that it is very easy to pair such a T-shirt with other pieces of outfit. It is important to know that the Polo Shirt is also very comfortable. This is a very important thing, there’s no doubt about it.

It’s worth mentioning that this type of T-shirt it is also very chic. It helps you create your personal style.
Bear in mind that you should never wear the Polo Shirt tucked in.

Men’s Office Winter Attire 2015-2016

Nowadays, men and women spend a lot of time at the office. This means we all have to pay an extra attention at the office attire.
For men, at least at first sight, things seem quite simple.

winter attire

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Obviously, it is mandatory to integrate your outfit into the environment you are working. But, anyway, this aspect is usually covered by the employer’s dress code.
For correct office attire, there are some key elements: the tie, suit and shoes. Speaking about accessories, only the watch is recommended.

Best Eisenhower Jacket 2015-2016

For the ones who don’t know (very few, indeed), an Eisenhower jacket is a good looking jacket developed by the US Army during the World War II.

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Eisenhower jacket is one of the most popular jackets during the latest years. It is proper for various seasons, depending on the outside temperatures. Indeed, it depends on that but it is still a lightweight jacket. It also has great adjustable tabs on the waistband. You will also find two great slash front pockets. I’ve mentioned earlier that it is lightweight, true, but at the same time it keeps you very warm during the cold winter evenings when you don’t want to dress something thicker ( like for example a shearling jacket ).
It’s worth mentioning that he Eisenhower jackets are very well insulated and you feel great wearing them. They also offer you a great motion freedom, because they are very lightweight.
This type of jacket is comfortable, chic an extremely versatile which is a very important aspect. You can pair it very easy with many outfit pieces no matter the occasion. Also, it can be worn not only during the evening but also during the day.
No matter your personal style, the Eisenhower jacket is always at your disposal in order to help you to create a relaxed and very chic look.

Men’s Latest Sport Jacket 2015-2016

The sport blazer can improve a lot the image of a stylish man.

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One of the most important characteristics of a sport blazer is its versatility. Indeed, this very important aspect is highly appreciated by all men. Few pieces of outfit from a man’s wardrobe can have this amazing quality. A sport blazer can be worn on many various occasions during the day and if you can find the appropriate combo, you can wear it even during the evening when you are going out with your friends or your girlfriend.

Checkered Shirt for Gents 2017-2018

The checkered shirt is a casual piece of outfit, perfect for all men who want to dress relaxed.

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This type of shirt is first of all extremely versatile, which is of course highly useful when you will start matching various pieces of outfit.
It is also important to bear in mind some aspects that will be for sure very helpful:
– Be careful to their size, it is important that they fit you well.
– The length of the unbuttoned sleeve should be a little longer than your wrist.
– Pay attention also to the colors since they have to be matched with the rest of your outfit.
– Beware of combinations alternating stripes should manifest itself on the principle of narrow, wide, narrow, wide. Joining narrow striped prints – as if the jacket and shirt, creates a feeling of congestion and blurred much of the preciousness outfit.

In the autumn-winter wearing plaid in shades neutral, but spring-summer light colors. Checkered shirt is beneficial for the thin men because the print coating serves to increase your body volume.
If you look for such a shirt, my suggestion is that it should have long sleeves. When the temperature allows you to run your sleeves recommend for a masculine look.
If you are ever in doubt about chromatic always choose blue and brown combination you will not ever fail. Depending on your personality I recommend you a light color. Do not forget the accessories that they can complement any outfit.

We said above that checkered shirt is beneficial for any man because the print coating serves to increase your body volume.
Well, this is an important feature, great in order to wear it no matter which is your body shape.
Another important aspect is it’s capacity to match with a lot of other pieces which will allows it to be weaqred in different situations.

The checkered shirt is very comfortable and easy-going therefore you should take benefit of these amazing qualities by including this type of shirt into your wardrobe. It will surely bring a huge plus to your look. Obviously, if you are a man who likes to dress according to the latest trends, you will surely find the necessary inspiration to create the most suited combos when using a checkered shirt.

Best Winter Coats for Men Latest Trends 2017-2018

Once with the arrival of the winter, both men and women are preoccupied by their winter wardrobe. From the winter wardrobe, the most crucial and important element is the winter coat.

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Here are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing a coat:
– Be careful at what colors you are going to pick. This is important depending where you are going to wear the winter coat
– It would be best to buy a quality one. See it as an investment since most probably you won’t buy such a coat on a daily basis
– It is possible to dress in layers therefore you should have that in mind when buying your winter coat. True, in this case your coat should have the proper size in order to be able to have different clothing layers
– A coat with hood is very useful (maybe a Parka coat) – hood will protect you from wind, rain and cold. Keeps your head warm and the throat
– Always keep in mind situations in which you want to wear respective outerwear so the length should be accordingly
– Versatility is important, not once I emphasize this aspect. It is very important to be able to wear and to match this coat in various situations and outfit combinations.

gents winter coat 2017-2018

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You should be aware of the winter’s 2015-2016 latest trends but don’t worry too much since, despite the fact that the fashion trends are changing quickly, there are still some aspects that remain the same.

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Speaking about the latest trends, there seem to be an extra care towards fasteners and zippers. Also, double jacket lining seems to be very trendy.
As I was saying earlier, a winter coat is definitely an important investment and there are many aspects that can influence your decision. If you are very well informed, the probability to take the best decision rises of course.

Best Parka Coats for Men 2017 Reviews

Often waterproof and always with a hood, a parka is a perfect long jacket for a difficult winter season. In fact, being created by the Eskimos is, if you’d like, a warranty of the destination for which it was created.
I was mentioning earlier that a Parka has always a hood. Indeed, it is a very important aspect and especially very useful.
There are many specialists who are saying, and for a good reason in my opinion, that nothing protects you better from the cold as a parka coat.
As a small piece of advice, it is very important to think where exactly you will wear your parka. It is best for you to know this aspect because according to this you will be able to choose the rest of your outfit’s piece.
Another highly important aspect is its versatility. Indeed, no matter your favorite style, such a coat can be really helpful. It doesn’t matter if you are going on a trip, at the office, shopping or you simply go for a walk, a Parka has been always ready to complete your look in a very stylish way.

Here are some useful reviews for best Parka’s for Men in 2015-2016 season:

English Hooded Parka with Bib

amazing parka 2017

That is a very stylish parka. It has useful drawstring hood with removable faux (some men does not love it) and of course a front zip closure. A very nice parka coat all in all.

Canada Goose Men’s Citadel parka Coat
2018 best gents parka

This is not a cheap parka, but you should be convinced that it has a fantastic quality. So the ratio price versus quality is positive.

Woolrich Men’s Arctic Parka Coat
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This is a great classic parka with high quality fabrics. Its lower filling is very warm and not too bulky. A couple of its most important features are:
– Machine wash
– Front multiple pockets
– 60% cotton and 40% nylon

Alpha Industries Men’s N-3B Slim-Fit Parka with Removable Faux Fur Hood Trim
gents parka 2017

Slim fit N-3B is a great cold-weather parka designed for extreme weather conditions. Nylon shell and long length offers superior protection against wind and cold weather.
Here are a couple of features of this great coat:
– Zipped utility pocket on the left sleeve
– Faux fur
– Front-zip slim-fit hooded c with toggle placket and removable faux fur hood lining
– Dry clean only

Helly Hansen Men’s Dubliner Parka

best reviews parka for men 2017

If you look for a warm, layered and waterproof jacket, Helly Hansen Men’s Dubliner Parka is a fantastic choice.
A few stunning and useful features:
– Fully seam sealed
– Waterproof
– Windproof
– Durable water repellency treatment
– 2 ply fabric construction

Canada Goose Men’s Citadel Parka

parka for men 2017

This another great Parka from Canada Goose. It was specially designed for urban street with three quarter length protection.
Here are a couple of features of this amazing parka:
– Removable Coyote fur ruff
– Removable and adjustable hood
– Dry clean only after removing ruff
– 85% Polyester, 15% cotton.

Alpha Industries Men’s Altitude Oxford Nylon N3-B Parka Jacket
best parka 2017

We are talking about a fantastic Parka from Alpha Industries. It is very warm, but light enough that it can be packed into a backpack. Love its nice features:

– Hooded parka with removable faux-fur trim and multiple front pockets
– Zip-and-button front placket
– Tonal elbow patches

Caterpillar Men’s Heavy Insulated Parka
great parka 2017

A sturdy, durable, versatile and perfect for a man, these are the perfect terms which defines this coat.

Carhartt Men’s Faux Shearling Lined Quick Duck Parka

2017 parka

It is a nice parka with the hood is insulated with berber type cloth and adjusts with a strip of cloth and velcro on the back of the head. There is a drawstring at the waist to keep the warmth in.
Enjoy their:

– Four front flap pockets with snap closures
– Faux shearling lining on hood and back panel
– Thinsulate insulation in body and sleeves

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Micro Twill Full-Length Hooded Parka Coat
best parka for men 2017

The construction is superb with leather accents and the overall durability and construction of this coat is superb. Nice features:

– Hooded parka with removable faux-fur ruff featuring four button-flap front pockets
– Snap placket with concealed zipper
– Ribbed cuffs

Quote: I’m 5-foot-5, and I’ll wear a big parka and put the hood up, and nobody gives me a second glance”. Daniel Radcliffe

Fall Trends for Men 2016-2017

Market studies conducted so far indicate a trend in the millennial generation to allocate more money to defining identity through clothing and accessories. Men of this millennium spend twice as much money on outlining its style than they did their predecessors, while women bring a third higher income market, compared to the budget for the same purpose squandered of their mothers.
For sure a balanced wardrobe for a man needs a good base among many other things. I mean exactly those necessary things that make a man’s outfit complete. Therefore, you should choose classic pieces of outfit, more conservative, without flashy colors, or you can try to wear some more bold colors and textures. Either way, try to always stick to quality brands.
Wool, cotton and even leather are basic fabrics that should be a part of any man’s wardrobe, perfect for any occasion.
Basically, it is recommended to go with simple combos. Simple is better in most of the cases so you should stick with that.

For example, a sport blazer can be an interesting solution.
2015-2016 sport blazer

sport blazer 2015-2016

2016-2017 sport blazer

And because we are talking about a season with many temperature variations, the fall, it would be best to use layers. You can wear several layers that allow you to mix different textures.
The low temperatures during the fall are for sure a reason enough to be concerned about the layering technique.
Do not forget about the accessories. A modern man who likes to be always trendy will choose to wear a scarf during the fall. The scarf represents a very chic and elegant way to protect yourself from the wind and the low temperatures.


2016 scarf for men

scarves 2015-2016

Gentlemen should add, though, coat with two rows of buttons. This classic style jacket belongs to favor any silhouette, giving an air original outfit. Regarding the colors, the shades of brown and copper gate. It carries the other colors such as beige, gray, black, but you must be careful how assorted colors.

Best Men’s Business Attire 2016

Many times in life, the clothes you are wearing represent a business card for you and make a good or less good impression towards the ones you interact to. This happens even more in the business environment where your look and the way you are dressed is highly important. A well-chosen suit with the proper accessories can be really helpful.

2015-2016 business suit

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Best Corduroy Pants for Men 2017-2018

Whether you enjoy wearing casual clothes or not, a pair of corduroy pants is actually a necessity.

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2015-2016 best corduroy pant

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What impresses the most about this type of pants is that they are very comfortable and very easy to be worn. Indeed, the corduroy is a light fabric which makes it easy to be worn. You can wear these pants for a long time without the fear that they will make you feel uncomfortable. This aspect is actually a fantastic quality for this type of pants. This happens even more as the corduroy pants are also very chic. Therefore the combo comfortable-chic makes them a mandatory option within any man’s wardrobe.
We must also mention other aspects at least equally important as the ones already states and I’m referring to their amazing versatility. Indeed, the corduroy pants can be easily worn on many various occasions. Obviously, it depends a lot on your inspiration when choosing the most suited pieces of outfit for every evet in particular.
Having in mind the qualities and the great features mentioned above, the corduroy pants are an exceptional alternative for a pair of jeans.