Parka Coats for Men 2018

I don’t know if you know that parks were created created by the indigenous Inuit people of the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada and Alaska. Due to very cold temperature and icy weather they were forced to protect themselves from the harsh arctic conditions.

Parka coats are not only amazing pieces but also they are very in trend in the last years. This are beautiful and very comfortable outerwear’s. Bear in mind also their huge versatility. Indeed this coat is more than perfect in combination with any other pieces. You can wear it in various situation, you can wear it in fall, winter or spring, of course that is depending of the outside temperatures. Wear this coat without any problem when you to the office, to shopping, for a walk in the park or at the mall, for a evening at the bar, or if you want to in campus for courses.

We know that you are eager to always look trendy, and this coat will help you a lot. Comfortable, warm, fashionable and very chic, most of the parka designs come with nice and warm hood embellished with fur and, of course cozy pockets. Wear it all day, no matter we are talking about your job, a walk, a day spent it at a bar, a shopping session, running for some errands. So, yes, wear it because it is very comfortable protects you very nice against cold, wind, snow and rain.

The Parka is a versatile piece of outfit that can be worn with many other outfit pieces. No matter your personal style, you can include without problems a Parka coat into your outfit combos.
Waterproof like a trench, warmer than any other coat or jacket, more comfortable than any other outerwear and sportier than a coat, a parka seems to be the best solution.

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Men’s Duffle Coats 2017

Duffle coats are a great coat from special material. Name this layer of tissue obtained because of construction. The first was woven waterproof and windproof called Give. It is this fabric, and gave the name of the famous English film.
At first this garment was designed for sailors. To operate offshore need clothes more comfortable and functional. Clothes had to taste it both for its owners, that after a while he was dressed all Royal Navy. Steel duffle coat winter outfit British sailors.
Duffle coat has its own distinctive characteristics:
– Previous length convenient to work on the ship was a long coat in three quarters. It has a length duffle layer.
– Hood. In this model it is quite lengthy. It is well protected from wind, while quite comfortable and not impede the free.
– Large buttons. Perhaps the most important feature of this model range. They can be made of wood or a material similar to a bone. large loops, performed satisfactorily or leather cord. All this is done in order to make it convenient to unbutton the coat, even with gloves.

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Duffle coat is a nice and elegant piece in a men’s wardrobe. Generally it is made from wood, that is truly it keeps very warm.
Luckily the market offers to men a lot of coats option, so from so much to choose, we believe that a duffle coat is a fantastic choice.

Some specialists states that a duffle coat is actually a staple fir a gentleman’s wardrobe. It’s well know design, is not only a classic but also it is always in trend.

It is really impossible not to admit the fact that a duffle coat is always a perfect solution for a wardrobe. It is looking absolutely fantastic, you must admit it.
At the beginning of this article we stated that a duffle coat is elegant but it is also versatile.
So yes, versatility is more than important. You can wear it in various situations, that is no more doubt about it. Of course, if you are very inspiring, you can very easy to match with a lot of other pieces. Such an amazing piece, is really useful for you day to day outfit. It’s fantastic versatility could help you a lot, no matter the situation.

Fashionable Harrington Jacket 2017

Harrington jackets are looking great, it is a classic if you want, made from cotton, or polyester, these jackets are a very known and familiar design. A vintage and classic look, no doubt about that.

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Do not forget about its specific interior lining, it is very special and characteristic only to this type of jacket. It looks very interesting that is clear. Worth to mention that Harrington jacket has, in general , one single color.
These jackets, are in the opinion of some specialists, very restrictive regarding the age of the men who wears it. Well, yes, indeed, it is an interesting and nice subject. But anyhow, that is not a reason to say that only over 45 years men can wear it. No, this is not true. If you manage to find out the proper combination, your age doesn’t matter at all. This jacket can be worn at any age. The challenge is to manage to find the perfect look. Your very best look. It is not so hard because Harrington jacket is versatile enough to give you a lot of options to combine it in your advantage.
So, no matter your social status, or age as we mention above, or even your style a Harrington jacket could represent an interesting option for you, especially in transitional seasons. Give a chance to this jacket, because it will gives you a lot of satisfaction. It is a classic one, but that is not a bad thing, use that in your advantage. How? Well, it is not so hard, you just should be very smart, creative, inspired, and you should want, you should really want to find the best perfectly fit solution for your look.
Try to combine it with some clothing pieces which can put this jacket into light. The results will surely be amazing.

Men’s Winter Coats 2017

A winter coat is, in most of the cases the main piece of your look. Making a very good choice is very important because it will have a huge impact on you.

In cold season, protecting your body from winter effects is very important. A common behavior is to dress in layers. Well, yes, this is great, but you need a winter coat which must be able to allow you to do that. So, this a very important feature which you should take into consideration when you think of buying a winter coat.

Above we are talking about dressing in order to protect you from cold. Indeed, a very good winter coat is great when it is able to keep you warm in cold seasons.
Comfort is another great aspect, if you ask me. Having a very comfortable coat is more than desirable and in this way you will enjoy more your time spend it in cold seasons.

Do not forget about versatility. This is absolutely amazing and gives you the possibilities to enjoy it more a winter coat. A very good winter coat will allows you to wear it at the office. at a walk in the park or for a shopping at the mall. Indeed, versatility is more than important.

If it is well chosen a winter coat manage to be in many cases a very good investment. We stated that because some general trends does not change every year, and a very good outerwear piece manages to maintain its value in time. Of course you must be very careful when you make the choice. Obviously, the reasons and motives which guide you when you should make the decision are very much related to your style of life, your job, your desire to be or not to be with a more fashion approach or with a more practical approach.

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Parka For Men 2017

Parka has enjoyed a major comeback in recent years. Inspired by army style, this piece of clothing has managed to conquer the entire world.

Of course there are a lot of outerwear pieces in the market, which is . let’s face, great. Well, a parka is probably the best choice ever. It is so useful in many situations.

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Very warm and very chic, most of the parka designs come with nice and warm hood embellished with fur and, of course cozy pockets (which are very useful). Wear it all day, no matter we are talking about your job, a walk, a day spent it at a bar, a shopping session, running for some errands. So, yes, wear it because it is very comfortable, protects you very nice against cold, wind, snow and rain.
Parka jacket is perfect for outdoor clothing this time of year. It can be found in various colors and styles. The most common color for this type of coat is olive green.

This is because it is the color army, and this model of uniform jacket was inspired by the US Army pilots’ 50s. Apart from military green, another popular color is caramel, which has a perfect harmony with natural fur lining.
Also this year, parka can be found in some more intense colors such as blue, purple plum or cherry. Depending on your favorite color, you have a choice. There is something for everyone.

Parka jacket became a fashion trend a few years after being worn by soldiers. From the 60s on, it was considered synonymous with British fashion, culture, especially that began to be used by bikers, to withstand the cold.
Although it was always fashionable, became so beloved only recently, with the pieces shown on the catwalks of designers, the original colors used and so on. Considered without much shape parka jacket found its place male and female casual wardrobe, hidden next to classic jackets, leather jackets and trenches.

Leather Jackets For Guys 2018

A leather jacket is very chic and comfortable, a perfect piece for any season at any age.
I guess nobody does not have any kind of doubt that a leather jacket is a style statement. We are talking about a classic and fashion icon piece which transcend over decades. That is clear that a leather jacket must always be present in your wardrobe. It is a mandatory presence which should not have to be conditioned by your personal style. Indeed this cool jacket looks stunning on any man no matter its personal fashion style.

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A leather jacket is also very durable, a very interesting and important feature for any man. So taking this into consideration. That kind of jacket looks absolutly stunning which is amazing and could represent a big step in upgrading your image.
Wear this jacket in any kind of situation, Be brave and wear this wonderful piece no matter the or your age. A leather jacket is perfect for your wardrobe, important is to find out the best combination for you.

Shearling Jackets For Men 2017

A fantastic solution for men’s wardrobe is shearling jackets. First of all it looks absolutely amazing. Very chic, very cozy, stylish, and also very comfortable, shearling jacket is definitely a must.

This jacket is what we call as a very quality one. Indeed, it amazingly completes any kind of outfit combination. I want to emphasize that we are talking about a very chic and fine lined jacket. A truly splendid outerwear, which greatly protects you from the cold (no matter it is winter, fall or spring) and looks alright no matter your favorite style is.

The lining of the jacket is absolutely magic, and it’s versatility it is beyond your imagination. Yes, these are not only big words, it is pure truth. Shearling jackets could be easily combined with a lot of other outfit pieces. So, it is not so important the moment of the day, or even the environment where you want to go. Maybe except very formal business meetings, otherwise choose without fear to combine a shearling jacket with the rest of your outfit. Try combination with jeans, corduroy pants, shirts, t-shirts, sweaters or even with hoodies. So, as you’ve probably have notice, the personal preferred style is alright to be no matter what. Ohh, yes, this perfectly true, eve, if you have a more conservative style or courageous one, a casual, or a sloppy one, it is perfectly alright to have a shearling jacket.

Worth to say that your age is important when you think in the morning how to dress in that day. Yes, true, but with a shearling jacket this aspect is not so important anymore.
This jacket looks amazing in any combination and at any age. No matter that you have 20 or 50 years, you will have a fabulous look. Maybe because of its amazing versatility, about which we remembered above. And that because if you are very young you have a certain style of dressing, and if you are more mature, for sure your style will be totally different. It’s perfect lining is truly great and it helps you a lot to make various and fine combination no matter the event in which you should be present.

So, if you are going for a walk with your girlfriend, and the outside temperatures are pretty cold, then try a nice combination with a pair of casual shoes, a nice pair of jeans, a casual shirt and, of course a shearling jacket. If, for example, you should go on campus or for some classes, then try a combination with denims, T-shirt, a hoodie, maybe and for sure a nice shearling jacket.

Going to some nice terrace with your buddies? Then try a chic combination, with a T-shirt and a shearling jacket. The combinations are limitless, important is to be very creative, and for sure to feel good wearing a shearling jacket. By the way, this jacket is also very comfortable. Yes, if you are used to wear comfortable outerwear, then, a shearling jacket is a fantastic solution, because you will look absolutely amazing wearing that. It’s lines, as we mention before are great, and you will enjoy a lot if you decide to wear it.
It is not too much if we say that having a shearling jacket in your closet is a must. Indeed a men’s wardrobe should contain such a piece. If you love to be on trend, if you love to be chic and to have great, masculine and , why not a seductive image, choose to wear a shearling jacket. You will feel very nice I assure you about that.

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Gents Down Jackets 2017-2018

A down jacket is a mid to light weight jacket, perfect for cold weather. When you think to buy such jacket think about their warmth, weight, features, durability and why not, their style.

Arcteryx Thorium SV Hoody
Arcteryx Thorium SV Hoody 2016

Made 100% from Polyester, Arcteryx Thorium has a fantastic weather protection. Indeed, this is its main quality.Moreover it is also very durable.It is not cheap at all, but, for sure, its price worth it.

Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Hoody
Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Hoody 2017-2018

With magnificent insulated center front storm flap which extend over center front zipper (which is very useful), Canada Goose Hybrid is looking very nice. Also it’s versatility is amazing. This down jacket has also a great design and superb choice of the materials.

Jack Wolfskin Men’s Helium Down Jacket
down jacket 2018

Jack Wolfskin Helium is a great down jacket, a true all-rounder, if we can say so. Worth to mention, that, despite that Jack Wolfskin Helium weights a little it keeps maximum warmth you can obtian from a down jacket. Of course it is also water repellent and windproof.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Packable Down Jacket
Tommy Hilfiger Men's Packable Down Jacket 2016

If you want a stylish down jacket look no more. Tommy Hilfiger Packable Down Jacket is more than perfect. With such great features like standing color, draw string bag for packing the jacket or side entry nice pockets, this versatile down jacket is a marvelous choice.

Columbia Men’s Front Fighter Puffer Jacket
Columbia Men's Front Fighter Puffer Jacket

This down jacket, first of all is looking very good. Also, another important aspect is that it’s having a fantastic ratio quality versus price. So, yes , it is a fantastic deal.

Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Jacket
Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Jacket 2016

Very warm, very good looking, extremely light , hmmmm what do you want more from a down jacket? Indeed it is an amazing piece of clothingm, a great choice for any men.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Mixed-Media Puffer Jacket
Tommy Hilfiger Men's Mixed-Media Puffer Jacket 2016

Another amazing down jacket from Tommy Holfiger house is Mixed -Media jacket. With zip-up quilted design, and also a nice head, this is a great option, there is no doubt.

Dockers Men’s Packable Pillow Down Jacket

down mens jacket 2016

This is a wonderful down jacket with a fair price, which stops very well the wind, and it has elastic at the and of the sleeves. It is very comfortable and versatile, you will be able to combine it with many other outfit pieces.

Harrington Jacket 2016 Latest Trends

For sure, Harrington jacket are in trend, and this is not for a year or two, they are in trend for many years.
It is made of cotton, sometimes polyester with traditionally fraser tartan or check-patterned lining. A very interesting design, you must admit. It has a fantastic vintage look, which in the right combination could be magic. Another very important and special, specific characteristic of their design it is their interior lining. Actually this aspect defines a Harrington jacket. All models should have this features. This jacket is also extremely versatile, which is a very important aspect. Try to be aware about this aspect. This jacket looks very good, which is absolutely tremendous. Use it in any situation, without fear because it is an amazing jacket. Try to be very creative, choose the best you can do.
Regarding color, Harrington jacket has one single color. This is a specific feature, which is a characteristic to this kind of jacket.
Another aspect, which I want to emphasize is that Harrington jacket could be worn at any age. So, yes, in a proper combination it is perfect if you have 25 or 50.
Talking about combinations, you could try it various one. So, try combinations with t-shirts, shirts, jeans or corduroy pants.
Definitely a Harrington jacket is amazing, and try to match it in such various ways. No matter too much your personal style, because such a jacket is looking amazing in many situations. Wear it without fear, be brave and try this jacket.
Such a jacket could help you on a transitional season, as in a morning when you have in front a casual day, and , even men do not know how to dress.
This jacket is a waist length jacket. Notice that it has also two buttoned flap pockets on either side of the jacket.
Harrington jacket is looking amazing, it is simple, with a vintage touch, and maybe the most important, it is extremely versatile. This characteristic is amazing, and especially for the men it is important to have in the wardrobe this jacket.

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Oxford Shirts 2017-2018 Trends

A perfect choice for your style could be in any moment a Oxford shirt. But, actually what this is all about this kind of shirt. Originally made in the 19th century by Scottish fabric mills has as a main and principle characteristic a basic single stitched button down collar look. So, yes Oxford shirt name is unrelated to the place where it occurred. Their usual colors are light blue.
Thus the desire to experience, manufacturers have released four new types of materials calling them by the time most popular universities: Harvard, Cambridge, Yale and Oxford. Of the four only Oxford material was requested by the market and gaining popularity unrivaled. In fact, everything comes from Oxford fabric. A fabric made from two types of threads woven in length, with a thicker thread on the cross.

Oxford shirt today is known as the collar that comes in buttons. But there is also a version with a simple collar, less known. Eventually the name is not given the material and type collar.

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No matter your style this shirt can be worn in various outfit combinations. Combine it both in casual or even elegant situations. This shirt you can wear it at the office, or in business meetings, or in situations which requires to be very elegant and stylish. Also take into considerations that you can wear it in casual outfit combo’s. For example, if you think to look nice for a walk, or going out with friends, or even going to a job which not requires any mandatory office suits.

Oxford shirt is a must in any man’s wardrobe, you must be aware of that. Of course, after that it is important how to choose it and moreover to combine it inspired. This depends on you almost exclusively. You can try different ways of wearing it and after that to decide it which best fits to you.

Gents Sport Blazer 2016-2017

Sport blazer is a casual garment that comes around the nineteenth century, when men wore it in sports such as hunting and golf, to contrast blazer, found in colorful fabrics and also printed fabric, can be made of thicker materials for fall-winter or thinner for spring-summer.

The way to make a jacket to have a 100% casual look is to wear sleeves rolled up. We refer here particularly to the different sports jackets for those that already have their casual side, some being manufactured directly sleeves rolled up. But we must grant little attention and the material of the jacket manufactured and how they roll up, to not wrinkle too much material, that can no longer return to normal form and then siphoning off the trail to stay forever.

2016 sport blazer

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Sports jacket and jeans make up an outfit that rarely fail. Therefore, many men opt for this option in many occasions. Thus obtain a simple and relaxed look that captures the eye immediately reprezentatelor fair sex.

However, there are some recommendations about the right choices when it comes to sport jacket and jeans that can be associated smoothly. Business Insider has made a small guide that it would be better to consult before you leave the house.

First, remember that the jeans who choose to integers such outfit should not look worn or used. When will you look, people need to realize first that those pants are not for work or hiking in the mountains.

Regarding the characteristics of these jeans, they do not have to be skinny, especially below the knee, and have the advantage that aspect not seem like a simple piece of material.

The color would be the most suitable closed, such as indigo site. And shades of gray are good choices, and men concerned about trends in fashion can opt for something more daring colors.

Length is also important, pants should end just above the tip of the shoe when you stand straight.

Other important details, but not mandatory, is contrast stitching. They must come in relief, for example yellow or orange with dark jeans.

Jeans worn by hundreds of times, show times as cool with time, not what you look for in such a combination. What you are looking for a jacket to fit perfectly sober are those “dressy jeans.” I mean, jeans that fits perfectly on the legs, back and abdomen. Not necessarily skinny jeans but never rapper. What outfit combo to wear with jeans and blazer? Almost whatever makes you feel comfortable. From a single or a turtleneck shirt and a pair of sneakers for an exit in the club, to a fine-print shirt (stripes, plaid) and sport a tie for a meeting with business partners close.

Gents Leather Jackets 2017-2018

Regardless of your favorite look (casual or elegant) leather jacket is a must for every man’s wardrobe. The leather jacket is essential for a chic look. Besides its capacity to give life to an outfit, the leather jacket is an ideal ally against the cold. And the best part is you can wear a leather jacket with a casual attire, but also in a suit, smart-casual.
The leather jacket is not just a garment, it is a lifestyle and a style statement.

Two important aspects when it comes to choosing a jacket or its quality and construction.
It is of two kinds: useful or stylish. The useful is designed to protect you, like the biker, the stylish gives you a refined image. There is, however a difference between biker jackets and the one you can can wear on the street. Biker jackets are made of a material thick skin to protect the body from the wounds caused by the falls. They have many zippers, waterproof pockets, high collars, and the back longer than the front to prevent cold air.

Of course leather jacket can be found in many styles. To choose a classic style straight jacket could be an option. To choose a vintage look and casual brown jackets that match better in jeans. Business attire choose a black jacket that complements the elegant trousers, shirt and tie. If you’re not decided on color choose a shade that goes with most articles in wardrobe. If you open the wardrobe colors, black and white when the right choice is black jacket. Black models are very practical and can successfully complete both a casual outfit and one business. Leather jackets brown have a vintage air and offers an original look, especially if combined with jeans.

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Of course there are a lot of leather jacket styles for all the tastes and situations:

Bomber jacket

2016 leather bomber jacket

A short, hip-length jacket that’s gathered tight at the waist and cuffs by elasticated bands of material, typically with a zip front and a collar. Bomber leather jacket is very practical and cool jacket perfect if you are a cool and stylish man.

Biker jacket

2016 - 2017 biker leather jacket

The most classic shape, and arguably the sleekest for smarter occasions, this jacket is characterised by a more tailored shape with a poppered-down lapel collar and a zip at the front (which, on true biker jackets, will run asymmetrically). Very helpful and easy to match.

Baseball jacket

leather bomber jacket 2016

Baseball jacket is similar to a bomber, but with a baseball-style, elasticated crew collar and often with sleeves could be found in different shapes and colors. Also the type of leather could vary, you can find suede leather many times on this model.

Aviator jacket

best aviator leather jacket 2016

Can be either cut like the bomber (traditional) or the biker (more modern), but is padded with shearling on the inside and often on the collar as well – originally designed as a way to keep fighter pilots warm in their jets during the Second World War. Looks very elegant and chic in the very same time.