Can you wear jeans at your job?

Of course the answer it is yes, but it’s more important to keep in mind some things. First of all, you have to be allowed to wear jeans at work. When I’m saying that, I mean that your employer didn’t impose a dress code. On the other hand, if he didn’t impose something, but it’s still a conventional work environment it isn’t recommended to wear jeans.
In the happy situation that your company and the environment there allows you then don’t hesitate wearing them.
Believe it or not, you can create a stylish and chic outfit with a pair of jeans. Important is to be creative and you will surely succeed.
Be very careful also what shoes you will wear because it is a very important aspect which can influence a lot the final look of your outfit.

5 fashion tips for gentlemen

One surprising thing you should know about men, or at least the majority of them, is that they are very preoccupied by fashion, almost just like ladies do. Gentlemen do care a lot about their look and they are always willing to improve it.
See below the 5 tips I thought you could find useful:
1. Always be elegant no matter if you are going to a business meeting or do some shopping at 7 eleven
2. When you arrive home from work or anywhere else, change your clothes with some specially for wearing them in the house
3. Buy correctly your clothes in order to have the right size
4. Watch out for your clothes and keep them in a clean closet, clean them too of course and be careful how you deposit them
5. Be always careful with your attitude goes hand in hand with your style.

Running shoes – do you like them?

About running shoes we’ve already discussed some time ago. Today I want to reopen a little this topic since I like them very much and I consider them extremely practical and versatile.

These types of shoes are very useful also in other occasions but the running times. One example would be if you have one of the standing up jobs.
Another example can be when you go to a picnic.
In the end, what is most important about these shoes is to represent you and to feel comfortable wearing them.

How to dress during the winter to look thinner?

No matter how careful you will be with your look, winter might confuse you. I’m talking about the fact that, wishing to be protected from cold, you can choose some outfits which will actually make you look fat.
Here are some tips which I hope will help you to dress so your clothes won’t alter your silhouette, but on the contrary to make you will look thinner:
– Wear only clothes that fits you perfect since it’s not true what usually people think that if you wear clothes with one-two size bigger you will hide your weight, on the contrary
– Wear thin fabrics that keeps you warm as cashmere for example
– Try to wear this winter darker colors like black, brown, dark blue because they will make you look thinner
– Wear high heels even if it’s winter, at least 2.5 inches will do the trick

Ladies – Sensual pajama or comfortable

The decision regarding which pajama should you wear may come when the evening arrives. Yes, of course, it depends by a series of aspects like: the circumstances, the status of the lady in discussion (married or not, single or not and so on), the mood and last but not least important, the season outside (the temperature).
Most ladies definitely prefer a cozy pajama. Of course that a sexy nightgown it’s highly attractive and boosts a lot your self confidence. In the case you would like a cozy pajama don’t stress too much since you’ll have a lot of advantages wearing one of them.

Don’t forget that a cozy pajama it’s still more appropriate for the cold season.

Are UGG boots proper for men?

Hmmm… hard to say but the answer it’s more likely no. This isn’t necessarily a bad news since men don’t really go for them.
UGG boots are very special because they are made of treated leather and they guarantee an excellent thermal comfort while assuring proper ventilation to your feet. Because they are extremely practical can be an argument for wearing them by men. But still, this isn’t a sufficient argument after all. In the end, this type of boots it’s more appropriate for ladies.

What fashion style should we adopt in winter?

The cold season requires much more care when it comes to dressing. Basically it’s about how to dress in order to protect us from cold and being elegant at the same time.
I know a lot of ladies who, for the sake of the fashion sacrifice their health by dressing inappropriate for the extremely cold temperatures there are outside. Obvious, it isn’t a healthy attitude and one of our major concerns during the winter it’s to protect us from cold.
Of course, on the other hand, as I’ve said it before, the cold season doesn’t have to be an obstacle in trying to still be within the fashion trends.
Another aspect which I’d like to stress out it’s the fact that during the cold season our dressing fashion style should be a comfortable one. This is a very important aspect during the winter because now it’s not a proper moment to wear uncomfortable clothes.
In conclusion, the fashion style we adopt in winter should represent us and make us feel good.

What type outfit you like – casual or elegant?

Hello ladies, today we will talk about outfits and your preferences.
Of course, one first aspect is that it depends on the moment of the day and also the place where we are. One thing it’s to be at the office and other it’s to be at a picnic for example.
Anyway, getting over the above aspects, I believe that your personality matters the most.
If you are an exigent person, careful to details and who likes to impose respect then you will surely adopt an elegant-office style.
If, the contrary, you are a relaxed person, who wants to always feel comfortable, then definitely you will wear a casual outfit.
In the end, it doesn’t really matter too much which style do you prefer as long as you are true to yourself and respect your own personality.

College Jacket 2015-2016

College jacket, also called Letterman jacket or Varsity jacket it’s a piece of clothing extremely versatile and fitted not only for boys, but girls also.
Yes girls, exactly, it’s a jacket very easy to match with a lot of things and extremely cool, which surely will pull you out of the crowd.
This type of jacket can be worn with a pair of jeans or even with a sport outfit. And, believe it or not, it works very well with an office outfit too. How come, you may wonder? Just picture it: a white shirt, a black leather skirt and a college jacket. Awesome, isn’t it?
A college jacket it’s an excellent investment which will give you a very trendy look.

2015-2016 college jackets

best 2015-2016 college jacket

2015 best college jacket

Is the 70-80’s fashion coming back?

Wonderful years, the 70-80’s, full of quality music, passion and special outfits are brought to life again.
Over the time fashion changes but can also come back, for example the returning of the flared jeans, denim overalls or high waist pants.
Also, vintage fashion passed the hardest test: the time passing.
Fashion trends from the 70-80’s are coming back and will probably come back again also in the future because they manage to win the fashion designers mind and heart and most of all the heart of ladies from all over the world.

The sweater – an essential piece of our outfit during the cold season

The sweaters were and will be a classic piece of clothing always in trends.
Worthy of note it’s the fact that the sweater is extremely versatile. No matter if we are talking about a cape type sweater, one in V cleavage or one with high collar; it is very easy to match them at a casual outfit or even with an office one. Well, yes, the sweater it’s very suitable for office too.
This year, the minimalist sweater is highly promoted so a minimalist cut in warm colors is really in the trends.
The sweater is very cozy, warm, and easy to match plus it gives you a chic look.

How to dress and what attitude you should have over 50’s

After they get over 50’s, a lot of women feel that things will never be the same again so many of them get into a major depression which shows also in their dressing behavior.
I believe that even after reaching 50 years old, a woman has to maintain her femininity and be very careful with her wardrobe. Obvious she has to be careful not to exaggerate, to be decent, but, as I’ve said before, to don’t lose her femininity.
Coco Chanel was saying: “A woman has the age she deserves”. If you have pasted your 50’s it doesn’t mean that you have to dress depressive, only in black and grey just because the majority of your friends and relatives are doing that. Try to maintain a classic style, but stylish with simple cuts but in trends. Obviously this doesn’t mean that you have to exaggerate so don’t dress like your daughter with a pair of jeans and a short skirt because, yes, this would be a huge mistake and you will look ridiculous. Also large clothes don’t do you any good.
You can still be in trends by creating yourself a classic and decent style.