Do you like velvet?

What do you think about velvet? Is it a fabric for your taste? Personally I consider that velvet dresses have a certain prestige and a beauty rarely seen.

Velvet is a princely fabric we might say which situates itself between formal and casual. Therefore if we know how to match it correctly, we can benefit from the extraordinary versatility of a velvet dress.

Here some hot version of a velvet dress:

2016 hot velvet dress

Leather jackets – love it or hate it?

About leather jackets we’ve already discussed, but the important thing is that they are always in the center of everyone’s attention because some appreciate them a lot, while other just the opposite.
Created long time ago, the history of the leather jacket is very rich and full of accomplishments. Yes, I’m saying accomplishments because this piece of clothing is one extremely well stuck in our heads. Of course that is good that the opinions are shared, but my opinion is that the leather jacket is actually a legend which will last further on.

Why aviator sunglasses are so chic?

If I was to answer this question it will be that they look absolutely awesome.

Launched 75 years ago, they are extremely appreciated not only by women but also by men. This type of glasses was made at first for the American army. The concept belonged to the ones from the Bausch-Lomb and the Ray-Ban company produced them.
The model is much appreciated because it is classic but at the same time bold, because it is useful and versatile and because it gives you a very good protection against the sunlight.

You can wear short skirt during the cold season?

Definitely yes, of course you can.

The short skirt is a sensational piece of outfit and you should definitely not avoid it even during the cold season. You can be extremely sensual and hot wearing a mini skirt during this time of the year. Because outside it is very cold, wear a cardigan and over it a thick jacket.

The muffler – do you like it during the winter?

The muffler is a very special accessory used mostly during the winter.

I personally love mufflers a lot. This is why we are often wearing it not only because it is very chic but also because it is very versatile and useful.
The muffler is an extraordinary accessory for every fashionista, especially during the cold season.

Happy new year!

I wish you all a happy new year!

Dresses worn in winter?

A dress can be worn during the middle of the winter? Wow, but still, you will be surprised that the answer is yes. Of course if you are bold enough and want to be cool and “hot”, wear one even during the cold season.
Surely we can wear thick dresses like sweaters so your decision is easier.

You can wear even a short dress under a winter jacket or a long coat.
Definitely if you are bold and creative you will find solutions to protect you from cold. One way is to wear for example a dress over a pair of jeans or with some over the knee boots. You will look chic and absolutely awesome.
Don’t say no to dresses during the winter because you will refuse a bold outfit which will definitely get you out of the crowd.

Your closet tells me what kind of woman are you

Yes, there are actually a lot of studies regarding this aspect. Your personality, your fears and worries, your aspirations and desires can be found there if you carefully analyze your wardrobe.
It is said that if you have only new clothes in your closet, with your label on, you are a fearful woman who can’t take her destiny into her own hands. At least this is saying Tracy Di Nunzio. Hmmm, I don’t know… I wouldn’t be so sure, maybe you have so many new clothes that you haven’t managed to wear them yet.
Anyway, the same lady is saying that, on the opposite, if your closet is full of old clothes then you can’t get over the past. Honestly, it’s hard for me to believe 100% those things because I think they depend on the situation.

Tell me what’s your fragrance and I’ll tell you what kind of woman are you

The perfume it’s no doubt a personal choice and it doesn’t matter if it’s for evening, [for a specific season or you buy it only because it’s in trends, it is clearly the expression of your personal style.
Fresh perfumes are of course very much used during the summer. This is absolutely normal but they mostly characterize independent women, corporate women. I’m talking about the manager’s woman who carries a XXL bag in which you will surely find a fresh fragrance.
Heavy woody perfumes are for a strong woman. The ones who prefer this type of fragrance specific mostly to men are mysterious and sensual.
Floral perfumes are definitely loved by sensitive and very romantic women. A dreamer and a hopeless romantic will feel great with this type of fragrance in any time of the day and in any season.

Can you look thinner during the winter?

Wow, is it really possible? It’s hard to believe that you can look thinner during the winter when you put so thick clothes on you and so many layers in order to keep you warm.
Here are some tips which will help you to look thinner during the winter:

– Buy clothes only with the right size for you, a too tight coat with unsightly bulges makes you look fatter. A coat that fits well flatters your look

– Wear a cashmere shawl, keeps warm and it is very very chic , also makes you look elegant , much better than a necklace for example

– Don’t avoid black, it’s a color from which you’ll benefit

– Wear thermal underwear that fits you perfectly

– Choose natural fabrics for your clothes since they have only advantages, Wear wool or silk instead of thick layers of cotton

– Wear high heels even if it’s winter, don’t exaggerate with their height of course, but wear some because they will surely help you look thinner

The fragrance and how it smells like

Yes, the fragrance and its special smell make us all feel better. It’s very important how you smell and we’ve been over this already because not only women, but also men are giving a special care to what fragrance they use. This thing it’s stressed out mostly by the perfume industry which is continuously growing in the last years.

General style rules

Do you have a personal style? You don’t? Really? Even if you are saying that you don’t, I’m telling you it’s not possible since you have one but you don’t realize it. Review a little your wardrobe and notice what type of clothes you have the most. That’s your personal style. Now that you know your personal style it’s time to check if you’re respecting the 5 golden rules in order to have a chic and correct style:
1. Don’t be stingy on cash when it’s about quality things
2. Always change something in your clothes in order to bring something new and make your wardrobe interesting. Of course you don’t have to exaggerate and change something very good in your outfits.
3. Invest in classic things since you will be able to wear them more
4. Don’t throw out in investing too much on the passing trends since they will be just wasted money
5. Buy clothes that fit you perfectly. Forget about the general habit of “if I’ll buy a smaller size it will determine me to lose some weight”, we all know it doesn’t work and you’ll just end up looking ridiculous in a smaller size clothes.