Tips to Look Fashionable After 50

Some specialists are strongly saying that nowadays, over 50 are the new 30. I don’t know if you agree with that or not, but for sure once you reach that age, keeping yourself trendy becomes harder. Still, you should remember that under any circumstance you should not lose your sense of style because of your age.

over 50 dress

Here are some tips that I hope you will find useful:
Jeans are great no matter the age. Indeed, they are pretty much accepted at any age and almost on any circumstance except of course the occasions when you need to wear a formal outfit.
– Avoid as much as you can elastic-waisted pants that make everyone look like a balloon.
– Keep prints to a minimum, try to focus on what makes you feel comfortable and it is good to know what looks best on your body.
– Simple is better. Indeed, even more when you’re over 50, simple is better.
– A monochromatic look could also be a nice idea because it makes you look slimmer.
– Try to avoid floral maxi dresses, they are a little too much actually…

A real fashionista is always careful with the latest trends no matter her age.

Best Tips for Wearing Over the Knee Boots

For a long time, over the knee boots are preferred by women from all over the world. Indeed, everyone loves them because they look extraordinarily, are very versatile and give you a very chic look.
Too sophisticated for some, for others vulgar, over the knee boots enroll definitely in the category of shoes that have no way go unnoticed. Ubiquitous years in fashion? 80, which, moreover, are often associated, over the knee boots returning, it seems, increasingly the attention of designers. However I think all of us agree to over the knee boots are among the sexiest shoes that you can wear.

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best over the knee boot 2015-2016

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The wearing rules ( if I can say it this way ) of over the knee boots are not many, but it is best to be able to follow them because they will definitely improve your look.
First of all, you should keep in mind that these boots help you highlight your strong points and hide the weaker ones. Basically, it is important to remember that they are also very suited for short persons.
The over the knee boots models without high heels work best with a pair of leggings, a shirt and a blazer. On the other hand, over the knee boots with high heels can be matched with a pair of shorts or midi-skirts.
It’s worth mentioning another very important tip when it comes to wearing a pair of over the knee boots. And I am referring to the fact that you should avoid very short skirts and dresses. Also, they should not be too tight so you won’t look vulgar since I imagine you would not want to.
Over the knee boots are very trendy and, if you love to be fashionable, this type of boots should definitely be among your favorite because they will get you out of the crows rapidly.

How to Rock Denim Shorts for Women

Even just by wearing a pair of denim shorts you would look great. Furthermore it only depends on you and your creativity when choosing the most inspired combos that will rock the world of everyone around you.
It is best to keep in mind that the denim shorts are not just sensual and easy to wear but also very versatile which is important, of course. True, if you have enough inspiration you can make stunning outfit combination which can not only to get you out of the crowd but also to make you feel more self confident.

2015-2016 best denim shorts

ladies denim shorts 2015-2016

2015-2016 denim shorts

No doubt that the denim shorts look lady like, very sexy and will get you out of the crowd with a speed of a rocket. There are endless combos that can be made with the help of the denim shorts. Important is to feel good and as I said it before to feel very comfortable. Denim shorts are comfortable and relaxed pieces so you should feel hot and sensual, you should feel that you are in trend, but also you definitely should feel comfortable.
Basically, as it is perfectly normal of course, the denim shorts match very well with sneakers. You can also try them with a pair of gladiator sandals, a non-formal color block shirt and some mirrored sunglasses. Well, that is for sure a truly great combo.
Do not avoid ripped denim shorts, they look very cool and rebel. You can try amazing combos with a pair of stilettos, a sensual top and, of course a statement necklace.
It’s also worth mentioning that the denim shorts are not only for beach walks, casual activities or indoor ones. Well no, for sure you can wear them more than that. Denim shorts are great also to be worn with many special and chic combos. It is only up to you to find the most inspired outfits for them.

How to Dress When you go Clubbing

Going out in a club is a relaxing moment when every woman wishes to look very good. Important is to feel very comfortable in order to be able to move freely.
You can choose for example a skirt in order to feel attractive but also chic at the same time.

You can even choose to wear a dress. The safest way to go is a little black dress.
If you have a wasp waist sexy pick to put it out with a backless dresses with a zipper very exciting, in this way you put men’s imagination to work!

clubbing dress 2015-2016

dress for clubbing 2015-2016

If you want to wear the club with your favorite pair of jeans, but you still want to stand out, choose a top with sexy backless and a urban hood to get you out from the crowd. Indeed even jeans can be a very comfortable option and, if you are a little creative, they can help create a very chic outfit. Bear in mind that you are going to club in order to feel good and to dance, and the jeans you are going to wear it should be perfectly fit.

denim jean 2015-2016

clubbing jean

A pair of denim shorts is actually a very hot option and you will for sure draw all the attention. Also wearing this you feel great, very comfortable and with proper matching could be a perfect look.

denim shorts 2015-2016

ladies denim shorts 2015-2016

Don’t forget about the shoes. Choose a high heel pair but you should be careful that the heels should not be too high because they will bother you when dancing.

So, no matter which is your favorite style and your favorite outfit remember that you are going to have fun. And this should be your top priority and the outfit should only be way to make you feel more comfortable and maybe to give you a little more self confidence.

Ways to Wear Ripped Jeans

A casual but also very chic outfit can be achieved if you start building it from a pair of ripped jeans.

womens ripped jeans 2015-2016

2015-2016 best ripped jean

ripped jean 2016

best ripped jean 2015-2016

Ripped jeans are versatile and look amazing on various occasions. They look very chic with grunge outfits, casual and even with more sophisticated ones. Important is to be very inspired when you are creating the combos.
Here are some outfit combos ideas that include a pair of ripped jeans:
– With a tailored shirt. You should wear it with a tuxedo blazer for a very chic look or with a formal shirt. As for the last combo, it is actually an unique combo with a great effect to be able to match a distressed pair of jean with a formal shirt.
– With a pullover. This idea is excellent if you want to look casual and very relaxed at the same time. Indeed, you can protect yourself from cold and it is a very handy solution this type of combo.
– With a hoodie. A hoodie is a versatile sporty piece of clothing. If you love relaxed outfits and wish to feel extremely comfortable, you should definitely try a combo made of a pair of ripped jeans and a hoodie.
– With a checkered shirt. The checkered shirt is a very chic piece of outfit ad if you are creative enough, you can build some amazing outfits using it. The checkered shirt and ripped jeans combo is absolutely perfect.
– With a T-shirt. It might seem a simple outfit but many times, simple is better. Therefore, if you choose them right, you will have a very inspired combo.
Bear in mind that a pair of ripped jeans should fit you perfectly. This aspect is highly important. Whether you match them with classic pieces of outfit, office or extremely feminine, the ripped jeans look great and they are very comfortable at the same time.

How to Dress During Spring 2016

Everybody is anxiously waiting for spring to come, even more if we are talking about women, of course. I’m saying this because they are the most fashion passionate and can hardly wait the weather to be fine enough so they could dress according to the latest trends.
Unfortunately, sometimes during spring there are a lot of changes of temperature so you should better try to dress in layers. Always bring with you a sweater or a cardigan. You never know when you might need one.

2016-2017 cardigan

best spring cardigan 2015-2016

Usually, try to choose light fabrics (like linen, hemp or chiffon). Floral pattern seem to never go out of style, especially during the spring so you should benefit the most from it.

best floral dress 2015-2016

best floral dress 2016-2017

You may also try a maxi dress but only if the weather allows it, of course. They are very comfortable, romantic and sensual if you know how to wear them.

2016-2017 best maxi dress

best maxi dress 2016-2017

The maxi dress is in addition very versatile and allows you to accomplish some amazing outfit combos.
The spring is a wonderful season therefore you should be creative, full of life and you will be able to benefit the most of this great season.

What to Wear if You are Tall

First of all, if you are tall and skinny you’re lucky, keep that in mind. Usually women with such a silhouette are greatly advantaged when we are talking about clothes and outfit combos. With small exceptions of course, they can wear almost everything they want.

Skinny jeans will flatter you and will look great on you if you are tall.
2015-2016 best skinny jeans

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Don’t forget to wear a belt, it is very important because it will emphasize your silhouette by creating the illusion of an hourglass silhouette.
womens belts 2015-2016

belts 2015-2016

ladies belts 2015-2016

Over the knee boots are another exceptional option that is very suited for tall women.
2015-2016 best over the knee boot

over the knee boot

bets over the knee boot

Maxi dresses are another excellent option, that’s for sure. They will give you a chic look but also a very romantic one.
2015-2016 maxi dress

maxi dress 2015-2016

latest maxi dress

If you are tall, as I have already said earlier, you should not be upset because of that, on the opposite I might say, you should feel lucky. And because you are passionate about fashion and strict with what you are wearing, try to highlight what you like best about your body and to hide the ones that you wish they would be different using different types of outfits of course.
It is important to like yourself as you are and to be satisfied with your body. If you can achieve that, everyone else will think the same way. If you feel good with your body, this feeling will be forwarded to everybody around you. Important is to be trendy and to always try to improve yourself as much as you can, to be always searching for the perfect look and attitude.
Trust yourself and don’t hide your height or length of your legs because there are a lot of short girls out there that would wish they would be as tall as you are.

Still, you should try as much as possible to avoid:
– Very high heels
– Capri pants
– Frills
– Vertical stripes

What Do You Wear When it Rains?

Rain does not hesitate to ruin our plans clothes so we decided to give you some ideas about how to dress it rains without completely renew your wardrobe.
For rainy days you can always get them by surprise, we give you some useful tips that you can follow. Check the weather in the coming days and be ready for any surprises … from weather.

– It is a must to have with you a nice umbrella that will protect you from rain. Search for something more colorful model that cheer you on.

2015 umbrella

– Be careful not to use suede shoes or UGG boot which, in contact with water, can damage skin or you can color. Do not wear boots or rain boots short ankle with laces. Choose a pair of shoes with soles as thick as not to get water and not get wet feet.

rain boot 2015-2016

– Take with you raincoat. We recommend that you have one or plastics, or one of a thin waterproof material.

2015-2016 raincoat for women

– In these gloomy days, if you go to the hairdresser, think to yourself to have a hooded jacket so you will not risk ruining your fresh loops arranged.

2015 - 2016 hooded jacket

– Wear a trench coat it is extremely practical and versatile in many outfit combinations.

womens trench coat 2015-2016

Most important is not to “match it” the ugly weather outside. Be bold and wear something very colorful and cheerful. Sometimes those kind of weather positively influence and inspire you to make the best choices. In addition, it is a time when you can demonstrate that you can adapt to the situation and can be creative despite of the rain, not just in the heat of summer or in the club with your best friends.

Bad weather should not keep you in the house, but to be an inspiration to you in building a glamor outfit worthy of admiration.

How not to Dress for the Office

Even when you don’t work directly with clients, it is important what you are wearing when you are at the office. You have to be decent, to look professional and it would be best if you can stick with the latest trends at the same time.
Here are some tips:
– Avoid trousers with a very low waist line. Indeed, for sure they are not proper for an office environment.
– Always use the so-called “third piece”. Over the shirt or dress, a cardigan or a blazer is often recommended.
– Avoid animal prints because it is totally wrong to wear such a print at the office.
– Too many accessories should also be avoided. You can wear accessories at the office, of course, but they should be carefully chosen and you should not exaggerate with their number, color and size.
– Don’t wear deep cleavages or too short skirts. Obviously, as your company’s dress code already states, very short skirts, deep cleavage and too tight clothes are not recommended.

business suit 2015-2016

best business attire 2015-2016

womens business attire 2015-2016

business attire 2015-2016

What to Wear to the Movie

Seeing a movie is a very relaxing time and your outfit should reflect that. First, you should be aware that a movie lasts on average an hour and a half, sometimes two, during which time you sit on a chair, which in some cinemas are not convenient. If you take this into account it is clear that your attire should be a comfortable one. Exaggerated heels and glitter clothes are not in tune with the environment. Opt for casual wear or smart casual, thus maintaining the necessary convenience. Remember that there are steps that cinema has to climb and brightness is low, so that you may endanger heels.

If your very first date is on the movie you can choose between a few options that reflect your style and personality, follow a couple of dressing rules and make the first impression you want to make on that important first date.

When your casual date night means a trip to the local cineplex, dressing requires something sexy but also you must feel comfy for two whole hours. We’ve rounded up slacks, sweaters, and frocks, all perfect for the weekend. remember that a maxi dress could be perfect also.

maxi dress2015-2016

Of course your outfit should take into consideration the weather. In this respect a leather jacket is a stunning option because is versatile enough to give possibilities to create a cosy and chic look.

2015-2016 leather jacket

A good option could also be a pleated skirt. Pleats are folds of fabric sewn from the top of the skirt. It hangs from the waist to different lengths showing the pleat’s over. It looks great and they are very comfortable.

pleated skirt 2015-2016

Remember that jeans are always a comfortable solution, of course if you want to be chic you can combine them with a sexy top, a ripped jeans with an inspired top and a snapback hat could be a stunning finding.

Women's Classic Basic and Distressed Denim Jeans 2015-2016

Bear in mind!
Choose a hairstyle that is attractive yet not too complicated and wear makeup that looks natural.

How to Wear a Leather Jacket in Fall

The leather jacket is an extremely versatile piece of outfit, perfect for any woman, no matter your personal style.
The leather jacket is considered the essence of a cool outfit, no matter the clothes with what you match them or the clothing style.
Here are some tips that I hope you will find helpful:
– When it comes to pants, for a combo with the leather jacket, you should consider a pair of skinny jeans.
– A long, oversized T-shirt or even a cardigan looks excellent in combo with a leather jacket.
– As for footwear, choose a pair of boots or even stilettos if you are wearing a maxi skirt.

best leather jacket for women 2015-2016

2015-2016 leather jackets for women

best leather jackets for women 2015-2016

2015-2016 best leather jacket

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Any combo you will make, if you will add a leather jacket, you will definitely get a trendy outfit.

Business Suit Tips 2015

The business suit represents for many women the daily uniform if I can say it this way. If you are a woman who enjoys being trendy, for sure you want to be always elegant.

2015-2016 business suits

business suits 2015

ladies business suits 2015-2016

best business suit 2015

In this respect, I have summarized some tips that I hope you will find useful:
1. Wear high heels without worries, but you should try to feel as comfortable as possible therefore you should be careful at their size. High heels can help you highlight the best parts of your body, but you should not exaggerate with their height.
2. Be careful about the colors. In the business environment, this aspect is very important. Avoid as much as possible strong green, pink or neon colors.
3. The cleavage is OK, but again used carefully. You don’t want that your business partners to keep looking into your cleavage instead of focusing on what they have to do.
4. The length of your skirt should be longer than the upper part of your knee.
5. Never wear a not ironed shirt, this is a very important aspect too.
A business suit is an elegant and decent piece of outfit that imposes a certain prestige. Therefore you should be careful at all the above aspects in order to have an impeccable look.