How to Dress to Appear More Thinner

Not everyone has the body of a supermodel, but that does not mean that ladies can not resort to tricks to make them look better and thus increase their self-confidence. Combining several clothing items, some body feature you can turn a disadvantage into an advantage. Here is how you should dress, depending on your body shape so that you look thinner.

Here are interesting tips in order to look thinner :

– When the waist is not perfect, any blouse (too loose or too tight) puts you in an unfavorable light. The secret of a perfect look with a dress waist is imperfect. Opt for a dress and a dark-colored jacket or a dress with vertical seams. Whether wearing dress or jeans, jackets always get you out of the impasse that give the appearance of a harmonious silhouette. Choose tops with cut in the shape of A. Tunics can hide your tummy, but attention to size. In the wrong you risk even more plump look.

how to look thinner

– Wearing high heels because they will apply a few centimeters your height and will make you look skinny. Ideal is like to have color trousers or shoes repaired, if you want the legs seem longer. If you wear skirt or dress without tights, sandals and shoes nude, in a shade as close to your skin are a good fit. That’s not a rule supreme shoes can still sometimes splash of color to a neutral outfit.

2016 pumps

– Avoid pants with low waist. Here they will highlight imperfections and you will decrease morale and self confidence. Instead, skirts and pants with a high waist helps you look slimmer.

2016 high waist

– Black is always in trend, this magic color can make you look weak in almost any situation. However, do not believe that if you wear black clothes extra pounds will disappear like magic: texture, tone black clothing style and choice are equally important.

2016 little black dress

– Opt for maxi skirts, opaque tights, trousers or jeans straight. Avoid shorts that will draw attention to the lower half of the body.

2016 maxi skirt

How To Wear Jeans In The Winter

Love knows no boundaries for jeans so although the winter season is not just a favorite fashinistas season we can create amazing outfits with jeans as a base. I think until there is no longer a wardrobe, in which is not present even a pair of jeans. They are versatile, comfortable and everyone loves and accepts it any circumstances. You can wear this winter they will surely never go out of style.

2016 winter jeans for women

ladies winter jean 2016

winter jean 2016

jeans for winter 2016

winter jeans

2016-2017 winter jean

Almost every women wants to stay away from the cold. Best clothing to wear with your jeans in a cold weather depends a lot of your creativity of course. Of course you can choose any other type of pant but jeans as you already know is very comfortable and chic. So, indeed it’s one of the most comfortable styles to wear in your everyday life. It’s a timeless trend that never goes out of fashion.
Be confident try interesting combo’s with sweaters, shirts, even some sport or casual combination with hoodies. Of course you can play with layers, by adding tunics, big sweaters, fashionable and comfortable cardigans, ponchos, and chunky knits. Let your knits add a polished vibe to your overall outfit. You must be aware that you should be careful to feel comfortable and also to protect from wind and cold.

One simple approach is to get “winter” jeans. Indeed, this is a great solution without doubt. Also the most common cold-weather improvement on basic denim jeans is the addition of a lining.
Flannel lined jeans are a classic and they are very easy to combine it with other clothes pieces.
That works nicely as an added layer of insulation and warmth, but it’s still not particularly waterproof or windproofed. bear in mind that those kind of solution are probably not very trendy but they are very efficient.
Be inspired and have trust in jeans because they are very chic and you can wear it in various ways.

Tips to Wear Ripped Jeans

Jeans are much loved by everyone, this is a common fact. Today we will talk about the ripped jeans. They are one of the most chic jeans for women. First of all I would like to point out their versatility. This is a very important characteristic that can be really helpful. The ripped jeans can be worn on many various occasions and are very easy to be paired with other pieces of outfit which is a very important aspect, we have to admit that.
The ripped jeans can be worn for example in combo with a T-shirt and a blazer. This outfit is comfortable and very chic at the same time. You should try to be a little bold and to wear the T-shirt and trench combo. It is for sure a unique and interesting combo.
No matter your personal style, a pair of ripped jeans is a must-have into your wardrobe if you love to be trendy.

ripped jean

best 2016 ripped jean

ripped jeans 2016-2017

amazing ripped jean

Women’s Dress Code – How to dress Depending on the Circumstances

We build our outfit according to the event we have to attend, whether if it is during the day or evening. Of course, there are some boundaries within which we can express our preferences, tastes and personality.
If it is to talk about the dress code, it can be defined as a series of rules that demand a certain outfit according to the event.
The variety isn’t too wide when we are talking about the dress code but it still exists. It is about a detail of color, of cut.
Let’s analyze some dress code options.

Black Tie
This is a serious dress code, maybe a little strict but extremely vigorous. It is characteristic for the high class events, for the evening (balls, charity events). In this case it would be best to wear a long gown with minimalist and high quality accessories. The dress should better be in dark colors therefore you should avoid veering red, yellow and pink.
evening dress

White Tie
This style requires a long evening dress, delicate jewelries, a clutch and a pair of elegant sandals. You can try to wear brighter colors but be careful to the details.
evening red dress

Cocktail dress

For such an event, the best option is to choose a dress that stops immediately over your knees. Therefore we are talking about a midi-dress. You should avoid mini dresses or the ones with too deep cleavages.
midi dress

This style doesn’t necessarily means you have to wear a classic deux-piece. Also, it isn’t mandatory to have the blazer in the same color as the skirt or the trousers.
business suit

Smart casual
This is a dress code that requires simplicity and minimalism. Indeed, it’s all about these key concepts. Choose simple dresses, pants and casual blazers.

The comfort is the main quality of the casual style. Still, you should be careful not to cross the border and switch to the sport style.

How to Wear Loafers with Style

Men are equally preoccupied by fashion like women are. Among their preferences there is the fashionable footwear. If you need a casual pair of shoes, then the loafers can be a great option.
Indeed, loafers are great and do wonders for your back and feet health. They are very comfortable and chic.
Their versatility allows you to wear them on many occasions no matter your personal style. Yes, you read it right, it doesn’t matter your personal style. So, if you enjoy the relaxed style or the formal one, you should try a pair of loafers.

loafers 2016-2017

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2016-2017 loafers

mens loafer

How to Wear a Leather Jacket in Fall

So, how to wear a leather jacket during the fall if you are a woman? Well, you should wear it, in the first place, with style. Indeed, you must have your own style (it will be ideal). Remember that style means also attitude.

leather jacket 2016

womens bets leather jacket 2016

fall leather jacket 2016

best leather jacket


The advantage of wearing a leather jacket is actually that it can be worn on many various occasions and can be paired with many other pieces of outfit. Indeed, we are talking about an extremely versatile outerwear. This quality is extremely important and makes the leather jacket a highly appreciated piece of outfit.
It is really amazing how the leather jacket can be easily worn by any woman no matter her personal style. Moreover, depending on the outside temperature, you can wear a leather jacket during the fall because usually the temperature then is just perfect for such a jacket.
A leather jacket can be worn on many occasions whether we are talking about daytime or an evening outfit. Obviously, there are many models of leather jackets and depending on your outfit and the place you are going to wear it, you can choose the most suitable model for you. No matter if we are talking about a motor leather jacket, an aviator or a simple classic one.
The leather jacket can be paired with a lot of outfit pieces as I have already said. You can match it with casual pieces of outfit (all kind of jeans, corduroy pants, checkered shirts, sweaters, t-shirts) or you can get a chic and special look if you wear it in combo with a maxi dress for example.
No matter the combo you might choose, the leather jacket is also very comfortable. So, bear in mind that if you want a comfortable and chic look, a leather jacket can save your day.

How to Dress When you go Shopping

Going shopping is for every woman a very pleasant activity. And, in order to remain that way, you have to be dressed accordingly.
The most appropriate outfit is obviously a relaxed one. But because you like to be trendy, you have to enjoy wearing your outfit.

jeans 2016

casual cardigan

When you go shopping, you have to be dressed lightly in order to be able to try n clothes more easily. For example, you can wear a pair of jeans, a cardigan and a pair of sneakers. Avoid as much as possible wearing boots because you will have to stand and walk a lot. Because of that your feet will swallow therefore it would be best to wear a pair of comfortable sneakers. Also, avoid as much as possible skinny jean, a pair of larger ones would be better. Another choice, maybe even more comfortable can be a skirt.
It would be recommended to give up on accessories. Having in mind that you will try on many clothes, the accessories will make you feel uncomfortable.

Tips to Dress Trendy if you Have Voluptuous Shapes

If it were to talk about body shapes, I don’t think there is a woman out there completely satisfied by her body. The ones that are very skinny wish to be a little chubbier, while the chubby ones want to be skinnier. Today we will talk about the women with curves.

maxi dress

Here are some interesting tips:
– As much as possible, it is best to avoid the midi skirts. Basically, a midi skirt that is longer that the knee and stops half-way to the ankles can be hot, but doesn’t look that good if you have generous curves. This type of length does not do you any good. You should better wear skirts and dresses above the knee if you really want to wear short skirts.
– Avoid everything that adds volume because it will emphasize your existing curves more than necessary.
– Don’t forget about your waist. Even if you have voluptuous shapes do not forget to take the benefits for your waistline.
– High heels can be your best friends because when you are curvy, they are of great help in almost any circumstance.
If you are confident and bold, you can get a fabulous look working on those great shapes of your body, important is to choose the best outfit pieces for you.

How to Dress in Brazil if you are an Expat

Brazil is a special country. If you are an expat in this country you have to pay attention to many things besides sport, girls and… you job, especially if you are there with your work. Actually, we can say without worrying to be wrong that it is a real fight for survival in Brazil. And yes, your outfit as an expat or as a tourist is important. The most important tip is to dress correctly. Yes, indeed, unfortunately, being trendy comes second when you go to Brazil.


tank top

Try to blend-in and to dress like the other locals. They might seem to you that they are dressed dull, but you should follow their habits. A simple T-shirt or a tank top and a pair of slippers, this is enough.

Tips to Face Transition from Summer to Fall

Slowly, summer loses against fall. The temperatures are constantly dropping every day, the leaves are losing their green color and you know that it’s time to switch to the transition wardrobe from summer to fall.

fall dress

fall dress 7

This transition is characterized by layering outfits and conditioned by the correct accessories. See your outfit like a challenge. It is actually the time to show your creativity.
As you’ve probably already noticed, mornings are chillier now. You should be careful, along with being trendy to maintain your health. In this respect, it is important to wear dresses made of natural fabrics which let your skin breathe. During this period of time, the accessories are very important. You should still try to keep a balance so you would better wear discreet jewelries.
For sure, it helps a lot to be careful to the forecast. Obviously, the transition outfit from summer to fall depends on your daily activity. You can wear a dress in combo with a leather jacket or a pair of jeans with a cardigan.

Tips for Your Autumn Wardrobe 2015

The arrival of the fall brings several changes into your wardrobe.
As a fashion trend, try not to forget about the prints. Whether we are talking about the retro maxi skirts or the animal print sneakers, they will always be trendy.
Don’t forget about wearing layers. Try for example a thin dress over a pair of leather pants and over the dress you can wear a leather jacket. Your look will be stunning. The combos are endless and it only depends on your creativity.
Everything related to the vintage style is still very trendy therefore you can take into consideration this aspect when creating your outfits. Also, denim is worn a lot.

How to Match Cat-Eye Sunglasses for Women

A pair of sunglasses is not just an accessory for a long time now. They are a necessity from a medical point of view but also when it comes to being fashionable.
If you want to be trendy, a pair of cat-eye sunglasses is a great option. They look fabulous on oval, heart, round, diamond or square faces.

cat-eye sunglasses

cat-eye sunglasses 4

cat-eye sunglasses 5

Tom Ford Sunglasses TF303 Anastasia 90B Shiny Bluette 303

Cat-Eye sunglasses are very fashionable in the last three years and what is absolutely great is that they are very easy to be matched with other clothes and you can wear them with a lot of pieces of outfit. In addition, they are sensational due to their versatility. They can be worn when going to have a romantic dinner, when going shopping and if you are creative enough and create the right combo, they are perfect even for a night out in the club with your friends.

cat eye sunglasses 3

cat eye sunglasses