Can you wear jeans in fall?

To answer this question from the beginning I have to say that the answer is no doubt yes. Of course you can.

jeans 2014-2015

Actually, one of the most important qualities of jeans is that you can wear them in any season. They can be worn without troubles with a large variety of outfits like:
– Checkered shirts
– T-shits
– Cardigans
– Any other combo, just be creative
So, versatile and good value for the money, jeans is a key element in your wardrobe.

I want to look thinner. What should I wear?

The society, the world we’re living in, forces you to struggle to look good. From New York to Tokyo, all over the world, everybody does their best to look better and better. If you don’t have the weight of your dreams, I have some tips which I believe you might find interesting.

jeans and blouse for fluffy women

Choose dark colors for your clothes
Well yes, this so well known rule is indeed applicable. It is actually a true myth that dark colors flatter chubby people.

Dress with fit clothes
Exactly, you’ve read it right: dress with clothes that really fits you. If they are larger than you need or smaller, then they are not good for you since either one will make you look chubbier than you are.

Make accessories your BFFs
Accessories are important and you already know that, but more important is for you to know that if you want to hide some extra ponds there are some accessories which can help you. Why? Because of the simple reason that they draw attention on the area you are wearing them. Therefore, everybody will miss the parts of your body which you’ll want to hide. For example, if you have a nice chest but you feel that you’ve put some extra pounds on your lower part of your body, all you have to do is to wear a statement necklace and everybody will focus on what you’re more proud of.

Use the same color for your entire outfit
Using this trick will make you look thinner than you really are and even taller.

How to match denim shorts and denim jeans

The most common fabric in a woman’s wardrobe from all over the world is denim. From a small child to the advanced maturity, the denim never leaves you, being your most faithful partner.

In this article, I’m trying to give you some ideas which I hope to be helpful in finding the best combo for your jeans or maybe for your denim shorts.

If you want to be “hot”

Choose bold colors, metallic fabrics and some short denim jeans with a hot cut and a pair of high heels.

denim shorts

Classy, but again… “hot”

Don’t hesitate to wear a denim overall since it looks so good matched with bold accessories, necklaces and earrings.

denim jumpsuit for ladies 2014

Are you young and it’s hot outside?

It’s very simple then, you should match a pair of denim shorts with a very well cut and tight undershirt. If you add a pair of high heel shoes you will have a perfect look.

denim shorts for women

You want to go shopping?

In this case, a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and eventually a light jacket over it and you’re all set for a very nice and comfortable casual outfit.

womens jeans 2014

All these combinations which imply denim fabric have a great importance to your outfit collection and the reasons are easy to understand. First of all I’m thinking about its versatility, at the comfort level they give and last, but not least, about the fact that it has a lot of trendy combinations. Generally, today you turn to denim because it’s handy, because you have it in your closet and it’s easy to match, while obtaining very chic outfits.

No matter your choice, the most important thing it’s to feel comfortable wearing this fabric.

How should I choose sunglasses?

It’s very important to wear sunglasses and we’ve already discussed about this issue here. Still, a legitimate question pops up: how should I choose my sunglasses?

best sunglasses for women

Sunglasses are a very important accessory so you should give them the proper attention. Well yes, you have to choose your sunglasses very well not only to be trendy but also they have to fit you.

womens sunglasses

Specialists are saying that it’s very important to buy sunglasses according to the shape of your face. In this respect I’ve identified 4 types of face shapes among which you may recognize yourself:
– Round
– Square
– Oval
– Heart
If your face is round this means you have non-angular face like Catherine Zeta Jones has.

Catherine Zeta Jones

In this case you should search mandatory for an angular pair of sunglasses to make you face look longer.

If your face has a square shape, this means you clearly have an angular face. And if you’re like Demi Moore, here is a tip for you: she has a square shaped face.

demi moore

The most appropriate sunglasses for such a face are aviator sunglasses.

If your face is oval you should be happy. Most specialists consider this kind of face the most pleasant. Check out Jessica Alba if you have any doubts left.

Jessica Alba

Choose a pair of sunglasses with rectangle frames and you will look amazing, I guarantee.

If your face is heart shaped you probably have a pointy chin. Relax, there’s no problem, Jennifer Lopez looks great, isn’t it?

Jennifer Lopez

You’d better choose a pair of sunglasses with a round frame and everything will be just perfect.
Buying tips when you shop for a pair of sunglasses:
– Watch out for your face shape as we’ve discussed above
– Be careful with the brand of the sunglasses you want to buy
– Avoid no-brand sunglasses because they can harm your eyes instead of protecting them
– If you wear sunglasses mostly for medical reasons choose those who cover also the sides of your eyes for an ample protection

best sunglasses for ladies

What shoes to wear in summer 2014

Summer is definitely most desirable and beautiful season. However, it involves a number of things to keep in mind when we dress or when we shod. And because today we are talking about shoes, there are some aspects that keep in mind when you choose shoes for summer.

With the high temperatures, your foot remains as vulnerable as you can suffer from the cold winter. Well, in the summer, the risk of injury, disease or irritation is higher than the rest of the year. Sandals provide extra leg support and that is why is an ideal choice during the hot months – skin properly vent and foot and ankle are much better supported.
It is extremely important to buy shoes as that suits you and to be as comfortable. Examine carefully toe shoes and make sure that the front of the shoe is wide enough and comfortable, so your fingers will not be crushed or crowded. Lightness must be the key word for shoes in summer – skin should not be “encased” and it is important to “breathe” freely.

Tips on how to choose the right pair of jeans

Jeans are not just a pair of pants, they are a symbol. They are perfect to hide the little aspects we’re not very proud of and to highlight the ones we like.
If you have chubby thighs – you should choose a pair of jeans with applications and vertical sewing. This way, your legs will seem longer.
If you have a generous bottom – you should choose a pair of larger jeans, slightly flared. Avoid horizontally stripes because they don’t flatter at all your figure.
If you have a small bottom – then choose a pair of white jeans with high waist. Eventually search for a pair of jeans with patches and metallic insertions.
It’s very important to don’t consider jeans as work pants (like they were when they were created) but a piece of outfit which can make you look chic.
No doubt jeans should be and in fact are capable to improve your look. Important is to be extremely creative when you choose your outfit.

How to dress at a date in spring

First date is very special and, as a woman, you want to make an excellent impression. Therefore, it’s important to choose what style you’ll have: sexy, maybe conservative or moderate?
Generally, the smartest solution is to choose the middle way but of course that depends as well on what impression you want to make.

Also, it matters a lot where you’re going to have the date. If the guy invites you to an elegant restaurant it’s obvious that you won’t be able to go wearing some jeans. Instead, a little black dress or a maxi skirt and a blazer seem to be the perfect solution.
If you will have the date outdoors or at a bar then you could wear a casual outfit.
About what perfume you should wear at a first date we’ve already discussed so here are some aspects to have in mind which I would like to stress out for you:
– Be careful at his height – if he’s short or you have the same height then you should avoid high heels
– Accessories are a very good option but be careful not to exaggerate
– Most men prefer women with a discreet make-up so don’t use too much

What shoes should you wear at a picnic?

About the way you should dress to a picnic we have already discussed. Today we will talk about the footwear for a picnic.
Considering that such an activity requires going out into the nature, it’s best you should wear a comfortable pair of shoes. Therefore, sport footwear like some running shoes will be perfect.

In conclusion, a pair of sport shoes will offer the necessary comfort required when going to a picnic so all you have left to do is to enjoy yourself.

Ballet shoes proper for job?

The answer is yes, definitely yes. And I’m saying that because they are very comfortable. Actually, if the company’s policy allows it, then you will surely be interested in feeling comfortable.

Don’t forget that ballet shoes can be extremely comfortable but also elegant at the same time.

How should you dress at shopping?

Well, yes, it doesn’t matter if you are going to the supermarket or shopping at the mall for a jacket or a pair of shoes; you have to be always fashionable.
The main piece of your outfit, the key element is the jeans. And I’m saying that because you can build around them your entire perfect outfit for shopping. Considering the weather, you can wear them with a T-shirt and a hoodie.
Also, if you want to be a very hot fashionista, you can try the following combination: a short dress and a cardigan on top.
What is essential and you must remember is that you have to dress as convenient and comfortable and if you manage to do it in style then it is perfect.

What perfume should wear a woman on her first date?

Yes, indeed, there is an interesting issue, what perfume should wear a girl on her first date… The first date is important, whether it is the right man or maybe not. The fragrance is undoubtedly a very important both for you and for him. Also is that defines your personality is what you characterize flavor , express your personality . The fragrance makes me feel good , attractive , sexy, exciting , mysterious , romantic . A wrong choice of fragrance creates confusion about the woman ‘s personality . Choosing the right perfume attracts attention to the woman and his personality …
Perfume is an advantage…yes , indeed. Each fragrance has a certain message . You need to know how to choose the fragrance that people around you know sometimes your intentions . For example , if you want to go out with someone and want to ” hang ” someone , you should give a sweet perfume for women, and something stronger for men . If you go out with friends, get out with a perfume that does not attract too much attention from those around you. Of course the situation is different when you’re on the first date . In fact when the more attention and your creativity is required to be at its peak .

It’s natural; every woman in this world had this question at some point. Should I use something subtle or something very sexy? Hmmm… tough decision, almost harder than the one about your clothes. It is definitely an amazing challenge and a lot of fragrances could meet your criteria.

If you’d ask me, it could be Channel Coco Mademoiselle, but I don’t know if it’s necessarily the best solution. Depends on the place where you are going too. Plus, it depends also about how you want to look at your first date, so:
– If you want to be sexy and naughty, then use Gucci – Guilty

– If you want to be a nice girl, then Romance by Ralph Laureen is more suited

– If you want to be classy but at the same time a little sexy, then use Prada by Prada

Perfume change mood and self-confidence can be a real aphrodisiac scent if well chosen , so your time dedicated to this issue and you will not regret it.

How to dress during the winter but to remain elegant and chic


It’s really hard to dress warmly during the winter but also to remain faithful to your fashionista principles.
Here are some rules that once you will respect them they will help you stay into the trends even during the winter:
– Use thick clothes, but in many layers
– Wear tight clothes, including a T-shirt next to your skin
– Go with natural fabrics when you choose your clothes because you will have to leave your skin to breathe
– Dress accordingly to your schedule for the day
– The cold will get you from your feet so wear a pair of warm and chic boots