How To Dress For The Office In Summer

Summer does not mean vacation altogether, so we do not want to, we need to get to the office. But what can we change? Obviously, the business outfit, which can be much lighter, lighter and relaxed, but without exceeding certain limits of elegance.

The office outfit should be elegant, comfortable, according to the office wardrobe policy. And, maybe more important than all, it’s important to feel very comfortable wearing it.

No matter how much mercury climbs in thermometers, light gowns and diaphanous materials will give you all the comfort you need, and you can focus on things really important in your career.

When the temperatures are very high, the task of choosing your office wardrobe seems to be a very difficult one. Especially if you have a stylish dress code. Here are some ideas to help you get an office like this:

Bodycon dresses

We have to admit that this kind of dresses looks great, they are extremely stylish, they give you a fresh look, they are stylish and if they are well chosen they can be very hot. (Although this last quality is not always very desirable at the office … or … maybe it is …)

The sleek, rosary office dress captures elegance and refinement. Thanks to the tapered crown, it shows your body. For added elegance, it can be matched with a thin belt at the waist.

An office dress must be stylish, practical and convenient to move freely without feeling uncomfortable. Among the most appreciated office dresses are certainly sleeveless. Their advantage is that they can be worn by both the higher and the minions.

2018 office dress

2017-2018 bodycon dress

Gathered skirt

Suitable for walking or events, dresses and cloth skirts are a good choice for work as well. Just be careful to choose more serious colors with simpler prints.

skirt 2018

Office dresses in linen or cotton

The satin cotton dress is an optimal choice for a hot day at the office. Her elegance and innovative design express femininity and tenderness. In addition, the material is cool and light, making it an excellent choice when temperatures increase.

2018 linen dress

Shoes That You Never Wear With Denim Skirts

The denim skirt is a piece that should not be missing from any wardrobe. Wearing jeans are made of thin, dark fabrics with different floral motifs and inserts, as well as cut-off, torn skirts. Although we think we can not fail to wear such a skirt, it seems that the shoe is the one that can spoil our outfit completely. Certain shoes do not have to be wearing a jeans skirt, and this advice comes directly from professionals.

2018 denim skirt

best skirt 2018

skirt 2018

So, let’s see which are shoes which will be better to be avoided.


Denim skirt should not be worn with ballet dancers. The ballerinas are no longer fashionable and make you look anyway, only like a stylish woman. The skirt should be the centerpiece of our outfit, which is highlighted by a pair of trendy shoes. It is true that a pair of flats are very comfortable and tempting, but it is better to be avoided.


Boots must be set aside in this combo. These are not allowed in the summer, not even in the rainy days. In combination with the denim blouse, these take your optic from the length of your legs and make you look terrible. Of course you should keep distance from any type of boots, including over the knee ones.

Marocan Slippers

Yes, try to stay away from marocan slippers and actually any kind of slippers. In combination with this skirt do not make a stylish outfit.

No doubt that denim skirts looks very nice and above all, it is very comfortable and for sure, have a certain level of versatility. But, despite of that amazing qualities, you should be aware that it is important how you combine it. And shoes must not be ignored. So, yes, you wear a comfortable and versatile skirt but try to be careful with the shoes.

How To Wear Denim Shorts If You Are A Woman In 2018

Wearing a pair of denim shorts could be very chic and comfortable. If you will have inspiration you can wear denim shorts in many circumstances. For a rebel look, combine denim shorts with a nice t-shirt, a pair of boots and a leather jacket.

If you want a casual and comfortable look, try to associate denim shorts with a simple t-shirt (maybe if you really want you can use a printed one), and a pair of sandals or a pair of sneakers.

You can be also very sexy and seductive wearing denim shorts. So, combine it with almost everything and feel good wearing it. Try combinations with t-shirts and sandals, with t-shirts and sneakers if you want. Actually, denim shorts are so hot, that you don’t have to bother thinking too much with what pieces to combine it. They are amazing in combo with almost anything. Worth to say that your attitude and self esteem counts very much. yes, truly does, they are more than important.

Denim shorts are also versatile enough to give you the possibilities to combine it. Well, versatile is indeed very important, not only for any denim shorts, but also for any piece. Actually you can combine denim shorts with a lot of other pieces, important is to find a very good balance in order to have a fantastic look. And a trendy image can be obtained being very creative.

As you can read in this article, denim shorts are truly amazing and it depends a lot of you for having an outstanding look.

If you are talking about versatility we can mention another thing. Denim shorts can be worn also no matter which is your body shape. So, be very inspired and try to find the best combination.

To resume, denim shorts looks very nice, they are very trendy, cool, and sensual. Also not to forget the fact that they are great in combo with almost anything. So, you have all the reason to have a few pair in your closet.

2018 denim shorts

ladies denim shorts 2018

denim shorts 2018

perfect shorts 2018

hot denim shorts 2018

womens denim shorts 2018

Tips To Wear When You Are Tall

No matter how it is your body shape, keep in mind that it is more than important to feel very confident. So yes, be very confident, it is an important aspect, no matter your look or silhouette. If you are a tall women, there is more than OK, you just have to wear a few pieces which will helps you a lot. One excellent example is to wear a belt. So yes, wear a belt , for sure it will cut a little the impression that you are very tall.

belts 2017

Another important tip if you are tall, is to wear a maxi dress or a maxi skirt. Indeed, those two pieces are absolutely amazing, and they are truly nice methods to look more than OK, and also to help you look much shorter.

maxi dress 2017

2017 maxi skirt

Over the knee boots, represent another interesting tip to help look taller, moreover you will look very chic.

over the knee boots 2017

Because you are a tall and beautiful women, try to avoid wearing high heels. Indeed, forget that, and try not to focus on that. You are a gorgeous women, trust me, you do not need those.
If you love to wear on a daily basis vertical stripes, well, then try not to do that anymore. Bear in mind that it is better to avoid it they are not working on your advantage.
A pair of capri pants, well, forget about those also, they are not fine. Yes, true, do not keep it in your wardrobe anymore. They are not capable to help you at all. So if love this kind of pants , try to wear something else, maybe a pair of trousers. Or if you just want to feel very comfy you may try to wear jeans. In this way for sure it is impossible to go wrong.
You may try any kind of combination, important is that you should keep your self confidence.

Tips To Wear Cat-Eye Sunglasses 2017

No matter the reason or the occasion it is important to be always chic. If the weather is hot, and sun rays is powerful then you can use a pair of sunglasses. From many available models you can choose a pair of cat eye sunglasses. They are looking nice and looks very fashionable. Those types of sunglasses are not only looking absolutely amazing, but also can be used by many women, no matter the shape of the face. So if your face is round, diamond, oval or even square, these sunglasses are looking great.

This sunglasses not only look very nice, sensational, but they are also versatile. This last feature is very important. Wearing a pair of eye sunglasses can be easily combined with any piece of clothing, no matter the style you usually prefer. Wear it, without fear any time.

If you love to be chic and to be also fashionable it is important to have a nice accessory. A pair of cat eye sunglasses are a very nice choice. perfect choice there is no doubt about that. Cat eye sunglasses have a nice retro touch. Looks absolutely amazing and in the right combination could represent a nice upgrade to your look. Of course it is also important to feel comfortable, wearing this type of sunglasses. This could be easily obtained if you will manage to obtain the proper combo. A proper combination is that when manage to have a nice look and if course when you feel also very comfortable.

A combination which includes a pair of cat eye sunglasses looks absolutely amazing if you ask me. Bear in mind that a nice outfit should always be fashionable. A perfectly matched accessories could be a nice move in searching the best possible look. A cat eye sunglasses could be used in any combination, wear it with casual, classic, elegant combination, in order to feel comfortable and of course to be very trendy.

cat eye sunglasses 2017

best cat eye sunglasses 2017

cat eye 2017

best sunglasses 2017

How You Dress When It Rains

When the weather is not very nice it is not a reason to lose your mood. So, it is perfect to know a few rules which could be very helpful:

– wear a trench, it is very chic, is perfect for rainy days. It looks great and if you are inspired could complete in a perfect way your look.

2017 trench

– wear a parka, if outside temperature is low. Looks more than nice, and will keep you very warm and dry. Parka is a fantastic choice , and it looks great, being also versatile enough to combine it in various situations.

2017 best parka for rainy days

– a leather jacket is a perfect idea also. First of all looks very chic and could be easily the main piece of your look. A leather jacket is always perfect, even if we talk about a rainy day.

best leather jacket 2017

– surprisingly for you, high heels helps a lot. So when it rains use it without fear.

high heels 2017

– wear a hat, well chosen could be also very fashionable.

2017 rainy hat

Bear in mind that a pair of UGG boots are not a good idea in rainy days.
Above we suggest that you may use high heels. Perfectly true, so try a high heel boots, or, anyhow, any kind of boots could be a very good idea. Be creative and inspired, even if we talk about a rainy day. Important is to keep a positive attitude and also, why not, to feel comfortable. And not to forget, of course to be very fashionable. Indeed, it is important not to forget to be fashionable and very chic, because the bad weather could take many days, so we do not need to be in a bad mood. A perfect weather is not always in our place, but we could be inspired to build a perfect and fashionable look, no matter the weather conditions.

Learn To Walk Better In High Heels

Walking in high heels could be difficult if you are not used to do that on a daily basis. So, in order that your life to be easier try to respect a few important aspects:
1. In the first place is trust in you. Ohhh, yes, try to have more self esteem. If you have the right attitude you will look great. It is very important for your image.
2. Another important issue is posture. Improve your posture all the time. You will look amazing if you will manage to do that.
3. Your style is also essential. Well, yes, the style is more than important. Of course, try to have a what is called a correct movement, from the hips, transfer the weight from heel to toe.

2016 high heel

perfect high heel

best high heel

Here are a few hints in order to help you:
– take care at your knees. At every step, you should straighten your knees.
– when you are on the stairs, for example, you should put on the stair the entire part of your soul. In this way you will not slip away.
– make small steps, if your heel is higher the length of your step should be smaller.
– take care also at your back, is directly connected with your posture. Straighten your shoulder also. You will look sexy and it will be easier to wear high heels.

Choose a correct shoe, make sure you have the proper size, avoid thin sole shoes, and, maybe the most important aspect try to be relaxed. Oh yes, is true, is very important to have style, but to be trustful and very relaxed is maybe even more important for your look. Remember that if we are talking about style is great if you create your personal touch.
Be very confident, it is essential, no doubt about that. Your attitude is very important.

“I don’t know who invented the high heel, but women owe him a lot”
Marilyn Monroe

Learn How To Properly Wear A Poncho 2016

Again one of the trends of the season, poncho, returns every year, especially in autumn. I know I can not wait to remove your wardrobe for fall clothing pieces from which to create the most original outfits and that you have already thought about a lot of combinations in tune with the season.

Although both current and easy to integrate into outfits everyday, poncho betray both in form and style, length: appeared more than 2,000 years, in a Peruvian community, winning even more more ground during wars. Cold and mountainous areas were those where poncho was spread in various forms, since it is the ideal piece of clothing for cold, wind or rain. With or without hood and sleeves, wide, easy to cut and easy to put on, poncho was “upgraded” during the war, adding to the outer layer of latex, for tightness.

Poncho’s popularity increased when he became …a movie star! Clint Eastwood known and has appeared in a lot of movies wearing poncho, which has become a statement piece for the star. Now poncho part of traditional South American clothes, instilling a Latin flair to any outfit that is matched.

Currently, though, poncho traditional preserved, fashion reinvented and used the fabric to cut him, and he became more than a way to protect us from cold, it has even become a fashion statement, or the colors chosen, or by item of clothing that is (can be both a coat, and a delicate blouse), or through an original cut.

Skinny jeans are, and will always be in fashion and wardrobe are part of each of us. Here you can remove anonymity as a common outfit consists of jeans and shirt or blouse, if you know like to add a special poncho. Choose poncho models distinguished by cut, color or material. It carries knitted and crocheted poncho sites, but also the very long or the fringed tassels.

A poncho can replace knitting a sweater-dress with much success, if longer. So do not keep it to match it to a pair of shorts worn with boots or high boots.

High boots allow you to meet a lot of outfits, from skirts and dresses of varying lengths, from tights or skinny jeans. Whatever you choose to wear on the bottom if you want to add a poncho, make sure it covers but does not cover skirt dress.

Pants that end above the ankle are another trend this cold season. Worn with shoes that do not cover the ankle: shoes or boots. You can opt for pants up, straight or skinny and the best part is you can choose any length or cut in terms poncho.

2016 poncho

bets poncho 2016

ladies poncho 2016-2017

ponchos 2016

womens poncho

Tips To Wear A Pencil Skirt With Style

Pencil skirt is one of the basic pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. Thinning want your waist, let me reveal about the forms, you look weak and be chic on any occasion? The solution is simpler than you think. All you need is a pencil skirt … or more, if all are so versatile.

Pencil skirt is in women’s wardrobe for decades, but now has returned in trends more chic than ever. The reason? No matter your figure, you’ll look fabulous in a pencil skirt. No wonder it’s a timeless piece. If in the past I watched strictly from the perspective of a wardrobe office, now accompanies us successfully cocktail in the park, and even on the red carpet. If you have a pear figure, you should choose a skirt in a solid color, preferably in a shade darker than the top. Cautions with the top opting for skirts in bright colors or bold prints. However, if you have a large bust you could use a few extra inches on your hips, proceed vice versa. Gate above solid colors and bold prints used on the skirt to create the impression of voluptuous forms.
A pencil skirt can be worn with a lot of blazers, jackets or blouses. However, if you want to create an hourglass silhouette and lengthens your silhouette to, wearing a top with ruffles or one with a deep V neckline (if you have a voluptuous chest) could be a solution.
Lace pencil skirt is very complex, being sexy, feminine and elegant at the same time. It will be the star of any outfit, so take care as other clothes and accessories that complements be as simple. We like the look of lace skirt and white shirt jacket and shoes in the same color shade.
The most simple and effective to match it with a pencil skirt vaporous top, veil or other material easily. You get an outfit feminine, sexy and good for both the office and for a cocktail.

Avoid: skirts too long. Choose a skirt that’ll come later than the knee. If it’s longer, your feet will seem shorter and may even look fuller.
As I said, the pencil skirt is a versatile piece that can be the basis of many outfit combo’s. You will look elegant enough with a skirt combined with a casual shirt with print. A longer can combine with a long top, either sweater, shirt or jacket over where to put a belt thin and delicate.

Pencil skirt is not just for the office held. It’s a classic piece, but very versatile and if you know how to wear can be the basis of many held very sexy chic and feminine and retro air due.
Every woman should have in her wardrobe black pencil skirt. With it you can quickly move from one office attire or casual party. Of course, that other colors are welcome. Let yourself be inspired by celebrities and create your own starting from a pencil skirt.

2016 pencil skirt

best pencil skirt

2016-2017 pencil skirt

pencil skirt

best womens pencil skirt

How Do You Choose Your Running Shoes If You’re A Woman

Even if today shoes are available in the market with latest technology and all the special qualities that every producer claims that it brings, choosing the right shoes can be a difficult task. How we choose running shoes? It’s one of the questions they receive increasingly more often, a sign that many are interested in Talk to your subject. Make the decision to invest in a good pair of running shoes. This is by far the most important advice I can offer a novice runner and, believe it or not, is just as important for a beginner to an experienced runner. As a beginner, you need the best protection you can offer a pair of shoes. Only a pair of good shoes can give enough shock absorption, motion control, flexibility and durability.

Choosing running shoes is not a fad but a decision that often makes the difference between a run beneficial for your body and one that will affect your health.

Running is a complex biomechanical process involving several muscle groups. Therefore footwear is very important especially for comfort and safety of your body. One of the criteria that need to be taken into account is the pronation, if the movement of rotation that describes your soles when running.

Your weight and time when running are important details. If you are a beginner runner most likely you will need support from slippers. Do not laugh! Their design is such as to absorb as much of the shock that your joints and musculature still can not do it.
For medium distances (~ 10-15km) about your foot anatomy any appropriate model is suitable, but if we are talking marathon or ultra marathon distances, things change. You’ll need special models built to be lightweight with minimal support.

running shoes  2016

best sneakers for running 2016

ladies running shoes 2016

running shoes for women 2016

womens running shoes 2016

running shoes

Do not forget:
– It is advisable to have two pairs of running shoes, one for training and one for which you prepare for the race. It would be good if both are from the same company and be the same model.
– Never wore a new pair of shoes during a competition.
– Try to develop a good running technique.

How To Wear A Hoodie If You Are A Women

Hoodie is one of the plays that funky casual attention back strong this season designers. Anorak with V neckline is the feminine version, leaving you to view either the neckline or another piece female wearing underneath that jacket. It is also a model that favor both big bust people and those with small bust. Sports hoodie is no longer a piece intended solely visits to the gym.
Hoodies can be integrated easily into stylish outfits. Ditch the classic zipper hoodie and choose the new sport shirts without hood, which unlike typical sports blouses, fits better on your body and emphasizes shapes instead of hiding them. Opt for the more powerful colors, prints messages or romantic fashion, that to dress with pencil skirts or pleated. Always remember to complete your look with a pair of elegant stiletto shoes.
Mass-market stores you bring to your attention new hoodies for women without hood, as vivid shades that gives a touch feminine clothing items such sport. Your favorite pair of jeans, worn with a sweatshirt with a floral print, more colorful, a pair of shoes, a blazer male (if hoodie is not very thick), are pieces that will help you draw up a dress smart-casual day.

There are many models of some zip hoodies, others without, some are even equipped with hood. Depending on your preference, you can choose any of these models that are fashionable and successfully complete any sport outfit.

Hoodie has evolved from being a sport to play is designed to supplement and give personality to an outfit chic. One of the hottest combinations of the moment is the combination of a leather jacket with a skirt, lace or sequins. You know the best part of wearing hoodie? It gives you that feeling forgotten and enjoyable childhood, when not matter what you wear. It can do this while they look so cool!

2016 hoodie

2017 hoodie

ladies hoodie

2016 best hoodie

2016 womens hoodie

How To Choose The Right Jewelry For Your Outfit

To have an unbeatable style, you should not put emphasis on clothing, but also accessories. Therefore you must be very careful when you choose, especially when it comes to jewelry.

They need to fit both your style and physique. Sizes, shapes and materials they are made are chosen carefully, depending on the shape of the face, neck, fingers, and depending on how you’ve arranged hair, and of course the occasion.

To choose the right jewelry, depending on the features that you have, and the opportunities that they wear it is important to be very inspired.

2016 necklace

best necklace

For example necklace draw attention to the neck and décolleté. A length and good shape I can make a longer neck and you can highlight the bust.

V collars are recommended for people with round faces, and oval or round collars persons triangular face.

The earrings are ideal for illuminating image and to distract from certain defects of the face you want to hide.

2016 best earring

earrings 2016

Women who have round faces should avoid wearing earrings of the same shape. It also should not wear earrings bulky or large stones.

Ladies who has a triangle face shape or square face should wear larger models to offset the face shape.

Like the clothes, it is important to choose the right size for the jewelry. If the size of the ring finger is already known, it is very important and the size of the ring itself. Sometimes stones are lost precisely because they are too heavy for their supportive device.

The rings must be proportional to the length of the phalanges and thicker than a finger, to stand out. The happiest women will be safe as long-fingered rings can wear big bulky.

Chains or necklaces should wear something longer just women who have a round face and short neck.

Long necklace brings a look vertically. It is ideal for those with broad shoulders and a small bust. Women who want to hide their belly should not wear a long necklace, it will draw attention to this area.