Accessory of the week – Beach bags

Today we will talk about an absolutely necessarily accessory for this summer. It’s about beach bags of course.

beach bag

Beach bags are turning to be your best friends during the summer. And that’s because in the summer you go to the beach or to the swimming pool but you have to be trendy even there, right?

The summer is a wonderful season and, if you succeed to be creative and match your swimsuit to your beach bag then you will have a perfect look.

Accessory of the week – sunglasses

Sunglasses stopped long time ago to be just a whim. They are actually a necessity for each of us. It’s almost impossible to find another accessory so useful and versatile which can complete so well your outfit no matter the season or place.

Accessory of the week – Sunglasses

No matter if it’s summer or the middle of the winter, sunglasses are recommended to be worn.
If chosen well, they can be an absolutely fabulous accessory which can make your look to be very chic.
You may see below some very fashionable models of sunglasses.

Accessory of the week – oversized shawls

Oversized shawls no doubt represent an extremely important accessory, more over during this cold time of the year.

Usually, an accessory worn only when needed for protecting from cold, the shawl is a piece of clothing which can be made the key piece of an outfit. In this respect, be careful how you match the colors because this is a very important aspect.
Actually, you can get out of the crowd very easy wearing the oversized shawl.

Accessory of the week – Hand watch for men

The watch is no doubt a very important accessory both for men and women. No matter of your outfit, the watch is extremely important.

Do we have to match the watch with our outfit?  Well, yes, it seems you have to. Not only ladies should match their watch with their outfit, men have to do that too.

A lot of men wear a casual watch and this thing isn’t actually a bad one. With a watch like that, it will be perfect if you’ll wear a loose, casual outfit like jeans, a T-shirt and a casual jacket.

If we are talking about a man who has an elegant style, the most appropriate are of course the elegant watches with leather belt.

Remember that the hand watches are meant to show up the owner’s personality. The ones who know the true value of watches know that they represent some important investments in their own image because a quality watch can improve a lot your image.

Tips: Watches have to match your outfit, but most important, they have to match your belt and shoes.

Accessory of the week – Gloves for ladies

Once with the fall’s arrival and the approaching of winter I would like to pay an extra attention to fall-winter accessories. The cold season stands under the sign of visible accessories which are pulling you out of monotony and a great example for that are gloves.

Although the regular gloves until the wrist are also worn, the stars of this season are the gloves long enough to reach your elbow like your grand-grandmother used to wear.
Few years ago, if I would have seen on the street, or even worst, on catwalks this type of accessory, I would have been stunned. Nevertheless, this year I’m not since it’s the new trend. Even more, this accessory it’s one of the stars of cold season so here it is a vintage trend which has a lot of fans.
Gloves are a great match to the thick clothes we are wearing during the fall and winter, no matter if we are talking about the regular ones or the longer ones.

Accessory of the week – Hand fans, between fashion and utility

The origin of the hand fans dates back to the Antic Egypt being discovered in their tombs. They were used by slaves and servants to cool out their masters and protect them from insects. This is why the hand fans were considered a royal symbol, because only the royal ones benefit from them, a fact proved by the discovery of hand fans in the tomb of Tutankhamen, the famous Egyptian pharaoh. At that date, the hand fans weren’t foldable, but rigid and evolved through time from hand fans with slats made of bone, to wood and bamboo to plastic, while the thin material mounted on those slats was made of paper or fabrics like silk, lace or veil, having ornaments like peacock feathers, ostrich feathers, jewels and beads.

The hand fans are found in the history of many people like:  Aztecs, Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Japanese.

In China, hand fans were also considered a symbol of the social status, while their slats were made of bamboo.

The folded hand fan was invented in Japan in the VIIIth century and was also used by the aristocrats. It had cypress slats and their number indicated the rank of the one using it. Definitely, the hand fans are for Japanese people the eternal fashion accessory of the week since everyone its using it, from common workers to the royal family during the special ceremonies.

Indeed, the hand fans are known to be a cultural symbol for Asia and in Europe were brought by the crusaders in the XIII th century. The hand fans fashion had immediately grown and soon ladies and mademoiselle from the high society didn’t show themselves without this accessory.

Because of the increasing requests, the hand fans art evolved quickly and started to incorporate painstakingly paintings, jewels and precious metals, ivory slats and laces in different colors which could be matched with the dresses.

In 1797, not only women wore hand fans, but men also according to a guide published at London by William Cock, in which he presented a cod of conversation using the position and moves of the hand fans. Here are some examples:

–         if you held a hand fan open in your left hand meant “come and talk to me”

–         if you held a hand fan on your heart meant “I love you”

–         a hand fan held on the right cheek meant “yes”

–         a hand fan held on the left cheek meant “no”

–         if you held a hand fan near the eyes meant “I’m sorry”

–         a hand fan held closed near the right eye meant “when can I see you?”

–         if you are waving the hand fan slow meant “I’m married”

–         if you are waving the hand fan fast meant “I’m engaged”

Reading all this codes might make you laugh but in a restrictive society concerning the relationships between men and women they become necessary. Still, I can’t help to wonder, what if they really wanted to cool themselves and not sending any kind of secret message?

Today all those codes disappeared due to the evolution of the society and the rejection of men to wear hand fans so they are used mainly for refreshing. I’m saying “mainly” because they are used for other reasons too such as: in Spain for the flamenco dance with prints full of color, as a superstition to attract your soul mate if you are having one on the wall painted with the birds of happiness and peonies, or for advertising purposes.

Hand fans are not just practical and easy to store in your purse, but they can give to your outfit elegance and romance. Because of their delicate and feminine look, hand fans make a stylish accessory for brides and not only, being able to be used on any other special occasion.

No matter if you choose to use one as a regular basis during the summer or as a fancy accessory at a special event, hand fans are always useful and represent the perfect fashion accessory of the week.

Accessory of the week – Headband 2015-2016

 Origin of headband

The origin of the headbands it’s still under discussion: some believe that the beginning of the headbands were the hair wreaths worn by Greeks and Romans at around 400 BC for special occasions, others believe that they slowly taken shape from scarves worn around the head, while others affirm they were modified from the band of hats tied under the chin. No matter the historical opinions, headbands were popular for such a long time so there’s no chance to become obsolete.

They are clothing accessory worn in the hair or around the forehead not only for fashion purposes but also practical ones such as holding the hair away from face and eyes.

Headbands usually consist of a horse-shoe-shaped piece of flexible plastic and they are also called Alice bands or of a loop or elastic material.

There are many types of headbands depending on the fabrics used and their purposes:

–         plastic Alice headbands are the most common and can have different shapes (straight, wavy, angled) and colors for casual outfits

–         fabric headbands do not dig into the head which makes them very comfortable, having an elastic band

–         leather headbands are usually glued on a plastic Alice band or they are hand-stitched

–         toothed headband ensure that the hair remains in place by their comb-like teeth that are connected to the top part of the Alice band

–         metal headbands can be decorated even with precious stones or just plain and are considered quite elegant

–         winter headbands are deigned to be worn by covering the ears and are made of heavier and broader fabrics like micro fleece, neo fleece and polyester in order to protect from the snow and cold temperatures. They are very useful when doing winter activities along with UGG boots , mufflers and winter coats

–         sport headbands or sweatbands are worn during sport activities such as running or tennis (folded bandanas), around the forehead in order to absorb sweat and keep it from reaching the eyes

–         novelty headbands are mostly used for holidays and parties having funny decorations such as Santa Claus hats, bunny ears and so on

Headbands are easy to wear and can be declared a classic accessory which never grows old. No matter if they are wide or narrow, with prints or simple, retro or chic, headbands are extremely versatile and can be worn in different ways, with all types of hairstyles and all hair length. Due to all those things, matching them with all sorts of outfits isn’t a problem regardless if we are talking about going to gym or to the office.

If you don’t have the time to wonder which color will suit you best with your outfit, a headband in a neutral color will save your day: black, grey, beige, white. Anyway, there’s no need for the headband to match perfectly with your outfit in order to be visible so you can’t go wrong with them.

To get a different look every time, change your hairstyle and use the headbands accordingly. For example, if you have bang, you may wear the headband above it or under it by holding it back on the head especially when you want to let it grow long as the rest of your hair.

How to wear headbands according to your hairstyle

1. classic style

–         use the headbands on the natural style of the hair, regardless of its length

–         if you want a plus of femininity, make a few curls at the hair tips

2. casual style

–         wear a black textile headband to calm down rebel hair

–         if you have shorter hair in the front, leave some strands free to fall around your face and use a thin headband to hold the rest of the hair

–         for curly hair, wear the headband as a tiara as it will give you a very chic look

–         elastic headbands are perfect to hold up the hair no matter if you keep it tied up (for sport times) or free. Be careful on their elasticity in order to be comfortable and not to give you headaches if they are too tight

–         cheer up your outfit with a braided headband in bright colors or with atypical shapes

3. romantic style

–         use a very thin textile headband no matter your hair length

–         also, braided headbands are appropriate

–         Baby Doll headbands are very fashionable and will give your outfit a touch of femininity by their variety of colors and fabrics

4. elegant style

–         if you wear a loop hairstyle in the top of the head, then a simple black headband will be perfect or, if there is a special occasion, it may have attached some precious stones

–         for round or square faces, place the headbands to the half way between the forehead and the top of the head

–         for rectangular or heart shape face, place the headband exactly on the forehead line

–         for a dramatic look, tie up your hair in a pony tail or in a twisted loop and wear the headband by sliding it to the forehead in order to get some volume in the front or wear it like a tiara

In the end, it doesn’t matter your style because there are a lot of options of colors, shapes and fabrics to choose from and definitely there is at least one headband out there perfect for you. Hairstyles can change a lot your look and headbands are a unique option to add style and elegance to your outfit.

Accessory of the week – sunglasses for young ladies

Sunglasses should not miss anyone, especially in summer. Eyes should be protected from UV rays because they are very vulnerable. American scientists have recently demonstrated that prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to an increased risk of cataract, the leading cause of blindness. In fact we have detailed sometime ago,  the reasons why you should wear sunglasses.

Sunglasses were and are a must-have during summer. The different sizes and colors, frames and lenses that are more or less interesting, glasses are defining personality and personal style of each. We like to wear them because besides the fact that you require a certain attitude that still wear them when they fail to suddenly turn you into a mysterious and interesting person to others.

A short history of the sunglasses

At the beginning of their existence sunglasses do not even think it might have something to do with the fiery rays of the sun. True, something they were eager to do, namely arsonist Roman emperor Nero, who said the performance was the gladiatorial with polished emeralds. Nero use them as a mirror than solar filter.

There were, however, and some people used in ancient times, goggles to protect themselves from the sun reflected in the Snow: Inuit. But they were using any lenses and glasses: their glasses are made of ivory, and their carrier through a slot for limiting sun exposure.

In the mid 18th century, an English named James Ayschough, already dealing with various kinds of eyeglasses, concluded that blue or green colored lenses may help to correct eye problems. No they were not, yet, sunglasses.

It believes, however, that glasses with colored lenses, this time yellow or brown, and syphilis were prescribed during the peak of the disease in Europe, 19th century. That’s because light sensitivity is one of the symptoms.

Features that you should look at sunglasses

We have not proposed here to do some of the top sunglasses for young ladies, but I want to draw attention to the importance of this accessory. It is very important for all of us but especially for young women to choose and wear a sunglasses.

The three important features of this are: a frame highlighting features, its shape contrasting with the face, and be proportionate to the size of the image. A triangular face needs slightly elongated frames, like those of the pilot model sunglasses or geometric shapes. A rectangular face is great glasses round, oval or cat eye, which “softens” facial lines. The oval face is best evidenced by the contoured shaped glasses, angular and geometric. An oblong shaped face and glasses fit round or square but oval edges.

I explained above characteristics, perhaps to compensate for the lack of experience of young girls today, although I am sure that most are used to wear sunglasses and this accessory is a must have for any fashionista.

Accessory of the week – Cufflinks 2015-2016

What cufflinks represent?

Yes, what does cufflinks mean to you? A symbol of elegance one might say, others affirm that they are more than a necessity, while other will say they are a part of their everyday outfit. Well, they are all right; cufflinks are a very special accessory for men, one of the few jewels that a man can wear.


Cufflinks are actually two identical objects used on the sleeves of the shirt and they can be made of gold, silver, with gemstones or not, or simply from an ordinary metal.


Matching with the rest of the outfit

Yes, cufflinks are some special accessories, very stylish but they have to be matched with the rest of your outfit. There is a golden rule which I recommend not to forget – the color of the cufflinks has to be the same with your belt’s buckle.


Style and fabrics for cufflinks

If you want not to complicate your existence with huge cufflinks with big gems, choose simpler cufflinks from gold or silver. These will be much easier to match and will give a stylish aura.

Gold cufflinks:

Silver cufflinks:

Speaking of style, the offer it’s more than large. I was saying above that it’s very important to keep a classic and decent note by trying to avoid cufflinks with large gems or ridiculous.


Cufflinks – a special accessory for any season

Definitely cufflinks has to exist in any men’s wardrobe who respects itself. They represent a symbol of style, respect to oneself and sign of well-dressed

Advices if you have never worn cufflinks :

–         cufflinks can be worn very good at work if you have a job where the dress code it’s office so you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to wear them

–         if you have never worn cufflinks before, you can get used to them very easy by wearing them a day or two into the house

–         if you want to buy cufflinks, don’t forget to also buy some shirts to match with them because they are special for cufflinks, having double cuffs

Cufflinks are an excellent way to add class to evening attire. They have also a great ability and versatility to personalizing your tux.

Accessory of the week – Latest trends of beach bags in 2013

The warm season arrived and a new accessory it’s making space into our wardrobe – the beach bag.

Someone was saying once that an outfit isn’t complete if it’s not accessorized with a representative bag. Now of course we are talking about beach relaxation, cocktail so the bag must be chic, comfortable and useful accessory.

Here are some ideas I had which give you a clue about beach bag essentials in 2013:

The transparent beach bag

If you choose a transparent beach bag and if it has some bright colors too then you surely be very chic. This trend it’s not at all obsolete but much appreciated. It’s something bold with a lot of effect.






Zebra print beach bag

It is an exceptional combination which will pull you out of the crowd. You can use it even at shopping or at gym and people won’t know you used it also last week at the beach. So, this kind of beach has a great versatility and clearly it pull you out of the crowd.


Beach bag with stripes

The stripes are in trends, this is absolutely obvious. Be a real fashion woman and make yourself a present by buying a stripped beach bag. You will definitely love it, I guarantee. As a piece of advice, if you choose a beach bag with stripes then your bathing suit must be in only one color.




Most of the time the beach bag has the same importance as the Over-sized bag, beach bag also has exactly the same role and besides that you have to be interesting and versatile, it needs to be roomy enough for all the items that you can not break even on vacation.

Now that you have your beach bag ready imagine a sunny day at the beach, but wait, why you should just sit and imagine, you’ll better don’t hesitate and go out to the beach.



Surely each of us has found at some point in our mother or grandmother jewelry box at least one brooch. Maybe not as popular as they were in the past, brooches are still in trends.

Unlike other jewelries that are dating back to Stone Age, brooches are dating since Bronze Age as a decorative item designed to hold garments close or simply to be attached to them.

2015 brooches

At first, today’s brooches were called fibulae and they were some ornamental clasps worn by Greeks, Romans, Celts and some migratory tribes in Europe.
From the Celts, the Roman aristocrats adopted the brooches as an exotic fashion.
In the 18th century, during the Victorian era, it was fashionable to wear two sided swivel brooches which would contain a portrait in one side and a lock of hair in the other, at first for mourning reasons and later as keepsakes of the loved ones.
Coming back to today’s brooches, they are no longer used only for utility purposes as large safety-pins to hold clothing together while indicating ethnicity and class. Today’s brooches represent a great accessory for our outfit being very attractive while mostly inexpensive. Their versatility and low price make them perfect gifts so have them in mind if you want to make a pleasant surprise to a woman, no matter her age.
There is a large variety of brooches no matter if we are speaking about shapes or sizes, illustrating flowers, animals or geometrical shapes, in all colors and fabrics like wood, porcelain or metals such as steel, silver, bronze or gold. You can find one for everyone’s taste: for cute girls, crazy teenagers, chic young ladies or sophisticated mature women, for the bold ones, for the romantic, for every style or character.

2015 best brooches

If you were wondering where and when to wear a brooch, there is only one simple answer: everywhere. Yes, everywhere! If you are careful ad use the right brooch to your outfit, you can wear them during the day or in the evening because there are brooches for corporate outfit or for casual outfits as many as you like. Of course, on sport outfits you don’t use them because almost every accessory is forbidden as it will bother you while doing the exercises.

2015 2016 best brooches

The brooches to wear in a corporate attire will be more elegant and classy than the multi colored ones for casual outfits, but be careful not to be too dull as your purpose it’s to brighten up your already sober outfit.
The brooches for office outfits have to have some decent shapes and sizes, don’t exaggerate with the bright colors and definitely don’t use brooches made of wood or textile fabrics at office. Also, a brooch with precious stones is more suited for a dinner at a fancy restaurant or special event than for work.
The latest brooches promoted by fashion designers have feathers and crazy shapes so if you really want to be in trends and to use them you have to have some strong fashion knowledge as there is harder to find the right outfit for them.
A handmade brooch assures your individuality and if it represents butterflies, funny animals or cartoon characters it will transform your outfit completely.
The statement brooches are only for casual outfits as they are carrying a message and attract the attention with a short sentence or with the portrait of a famous person.

latest brooches 2015

There are several places on your outfit you could use a brooch:
– waistline – you can draw attention to your waist if you feel comfortable enough with a nice brooch attached on a pair of trousers, a skirt or even on a dress
– Scarves – a summer scarf for example it’s a perfect place for a large brooch to hold it in place. To complement the scarf if it’s patterned, choose an enameled brooch in one of the scarf’s colors
– hair – yes, you’ve read right, you can use your brooch with a hair pin or if the brooch is a big one then it will look perfect with long wavy hair
– handbags – as a handbag ornament placed on the bag strap it will add a more interesting note to your outfit
– chest – of course, the most common place for a brooch it’s on a blouse or shirt

best brooches 2015-2016

You can wear one of a time or you may choose to wear a cluster of three small brooches which can pop-up your sweater to everyone’s attention.
Although the brooches are easy to wear I thought to give you some recommendations:

– they look perfect on T-shirts, on the pocket of a simple shirt, on a vintage dress, on a sweater, on a classic suit or on a one color coat
– on a modern dress or a sober office suit, a brooch will bring a plus o femininity and glamor, sure thing that will not pass unobserved
– be careful that a special brooch will outrun the other accessories you might want to wear
– a youthful cute brooch will look extraordinary on a large T-shirt wit a pair of jeans
– rock brooches and dresses from the ‘40s give your outfit an interesting look
– usually they are attached to clothes thick enough like cardigans
– you can bring to life your straight one color coat with them
– a shiny brooch placed on the rolled collar of a sweater will help brighten up your outfit
– a nice brooch can bring a vintage dress very easy into the present days and fade away the nostalgic air that fabric has

Bottom of line, a brooch will always be fashionable because it can change your look entirely and it gives you a special elegance being really feminine.