Day: March 9, 2016

Floral Print Scarf 2019

The scarf is always a suitable accessory, especially when outside is cold and you need something to keep you warm. That does not mean, however, that you can not wear scarves during the spring and summer. Even if temperatures start to rise, a scarf may still be very handy. First of all, such a cute […]

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Floppy Sun Hats 2018

With the torid days comes also the fashion accessories which protect us from the sun’s rays and adds to our summer outfit a bit of style. This season, the most chic sun hats are recommended for special events both outdoors and leisure style. If in the old days women would put hats used at religious […]

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How To Dress When You Go Clubbing If You Are A Man

When you go out and decide to spend you night in a club you should have a proper look. The club is a place where people have fun with loud music and much darkness. It is important to consider these things to be able to choose clothes and accessories that works for you. List of […]

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