Day: June 22, 2015

Fall Trends for Men 2019

Market studies conducted so far indicate a trend in the millennial generation to allocate more money to defining identity through clothing and accessories. Men of this millennium spend twice as much money on outlining its style than they did their predecessors, while women bring a third higher income market, compared to the budget for the […]

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How to Dress During Spring 2016

Everybody is anxiously waiting for spring to come, even more if we are talking about women, of course. I’m saying this because they are the most fashion passionate and can hardly wait the weather to be fine enough so they could dress according to the latest trends. Unfortunately, sometimes during spring there are a lot […]

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Best Men’s Business Attire 2016

Many times in life, the clothes you are wearing represent a business card for you and make a good or less good impression towards the ones you interact to. This happens even more in the business environment where your look and the way you are dressed is highly important. A well-chosen suit with the proper […]

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