Day: May 5, 2015

Men’s Leather Jackets 2015-2016

The leather jacket has its origin in Great Britain from the pilot jackets. Obviously, over time, it suffered numerous modifications in order to be trendy. There are several types of leather jackets: Aviator jacket Bomber leather jacket Motorcycle leather jacket

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Men’s Shearling Jackets 2015-2016

The shearling jackets look very good, they are warm and perfect for the cold weather. They represent the ideal outerwear for even the hard winters. Indeed, they are perfect for winter chic casual attires. Very comfortable and especially very cozy, the shearling jackets are an excellent option. This type of jacket is made of sheep […]

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Women’s Poncho Fall 2019

The poncho is a highly appreciated clothing element by women from all over the world. It is, if you want, one of the most suitable pieces of outfit for a chilly fall day. Many specialists consider this piece of clothing as a transitory one, meaning it is situated somewhere between a sweater and a fall […]

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