Day: December 20, 2012

Belts for Ladies – Let’s Rediscover Them!

Several times in posts on this site, saying how important accessories for men and especially for women. Make a big mistake if you think that wearing a skirt if quality or quality trousers are trendy and ready you are a fashionable woman. Wrong, all wrong!.A scarf, a special jewel, a watch or even a quality […]

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Top 3 feathered accessories for this winter

Here’s the cold weather continues to torment us and penetrates us cold blood. It is important that during this period, wherever we go – at home, at work, in the countryside, shopping to be in trend and perhaps most important to be protected from the cold. We identified a personal top 3 of accessories that […]

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Accessory of the week

We open a new section in our site called Accessory of the week. It will be presented each week an accessory which we appreciate very much, of course it is about Fashion Week Accessories not other accessories. You will find what we say, what we think about that item, a complete review. This week, taking […]

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